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1st July 2011


AF (1st series) #2 backstory origin, creates exo-suit, meets Heather MacNeil, recruited by Canadian Government
AF Minus 1 formation of Dept. H, discovers Logan, weds Heather Hudson
UXM #109 first appearance, tries to force Logan to return to Dept. H
UXM #120 becomes Vindicator, introduction of Alpha Flight
UXM #140 Department H disbands
AF (1st series) #1 gathers Alpha as a team independent from the government
AF (1st series) #2 renames himself Guardian
AF (1st series) #12 apparently killed battling Jerry Jaxon and Omega Flight
AF (1st series) #87-90 revealed alive, transformed into a cyborg aliens and now a prisoner of RoXXon
AF (1st series) #91 rejoined Alpha Flight as Vindicator
AF (1st series) #100 sacrificed his life once more in a conflict with Galactus
AF (1st series) #129-130 brought back to life once more and cyberneticly modified by the Master of the World
AF (2nd series) #1 vanished and reported missing to the police
AF (2nd series) #13 found near-dead in Antarctica
AF (2nd series) #20 returns to Department H and Alpha Flight
XMU (1st series) #45 cheats death once more, birth of his daughter
AF (3rd series) #6 travels to the Plodex homeworld to rebuild the species
New Avengers (1st series) #16 killed along with most of Alpha Flight while battling Michael Pointer AKA The Collective
Chaos War: Alpha Flight resurrected by the Great Beasts to fight during the Chaos War
Chaos War #5 permanently restored to life following the defeat of Amatsu-Mikaboshi