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13th July 2012
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1) Originally, Layla’s favorite look as a young girl was a blue or plaid skirt, striped purple and black stockings, and a tank top with the number 46664 on it- a tribute to Nelson Mandela whose prisoner number was 46664. She also wore tennis shoes and a studded collar. [House of M #4]

2) As an adult in the future, Layla wore a simple outfit: blue jeans, a tight sleeveless shirt, and a brown jacket. She also kept her signature purple and black stockings, worn under the jeans. [X-Factor (3rd series) #41]

3) Once she rejoined X-Factor in the present, Layla assumed a simple costume in the same basic style as the rest of the team. She wore black leather pants and leather gloves, along with a belt with an ‘X’ buckle on it. Layla also wore a black jacket with an orange lining underneath her arms, running from her wrists up to her armpits and then down to her sides. Beneath the jacket, Layla wore a low-cut and skintight black shirt that accented her, y’know, things. Occasionally, her signature striped socks could be seen under this outfit. [X-Factor (1st series) #208]