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Voght continued to help lead the Acolytes and rebuild Avalon following the X-Men’s attack. She increasingly found herself torn by the Acolytes’ more vicious and unscrupulous methods. When the Acolytes formed an unlikely alliance with Cable, she admitted to him that she did not wish to see humanity wiped out like her brethren but simply wanted them to be safely blocked from mutant’s affairs. [Cable (2nd series) #9-11]
Voght’s loyalty to the Acolytes was further tested when she was commanded by Exodus to serve as the prosecutor in the trial of the Acolyte called Neophyte, who had betrayed the Acolytes during their recent battle against the X-Men. Colossus was selected to speak in the lad’s defense. Amelia argued the Acolytes’ case against the boy with full competence, citing that his actions called their faith in both Magneto and each other into question. Nevertheless, she lacked Piotr’s conviction, as he questioned the Acolytes’ and Exodus’ right to interpret Magneto’s life and teachings, given his very complex life and sometimes contradictory actions. When the Neophyte testified to the hypocrisy and inhumanity he had witnessed during his time with the Acolytes and that he had found Xavier’s way to be a better alternative, he was viciously attacked by an incensed Unuscione. It was Amelia who pulled him out of harm’s way, provoking the wrath of her fellow Acolytes. The tentative bonds the group had formed quickly unraveled when they were challenged on their blind faith in Magneto and those who claimed to speak on his behalf. Several of the others accused Voght of betraying their beliefs. She was unfazed by their ranting and ire and concluded that perhaps Piotr and some of the others might be realizing what she had felt for some time, that neither Xavier’s dream nor Magneto’s vision were completely correct. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #315]

The tensions on Avalon were soon disrupted by the appearance of Holocaust, a refugee from an alternate reality known as the Age of Apocalypse. Exodus brought him aboard Avalon, where Holocaust soon went on a rampage which left two Acolytes dead and the space station ravaged. Amelia teleported to Earth to seek aid from the X-Men and inadvertently transported Cyclops and Jean Grey to Avalon when she arrived. They helped the majority of the Acolytes make it safely to Earth when Avalon fell apart completely. In the aftermath, Xavier and Jean were unable to locate Scott and the group of Acolytes who accompanied him planetside. In an attempt to find his lost X-Man, Xavier asked Amelia to join their powers in unison so that he might free himself fully from corporeal distractions. After Amelia reluctantly agreed, Charles truly risked his life in the attempt and Amelia chided him for it when Scott managed to contact them himself. Witnessing Charles’ selfless risk to save Scott reminded Voght of the very reason she had left him. He was willing to risk everything for his dream and his devotion to his students. She was just one of the many sacrifices he had willingly made in his life to achieve his dream. He asked if she had found anything herself that she would risk everything for. She replied that he and Magnus were both dreamers. When Xavier asked Amelia to stay with him, she refused, stating that she didn’t have the strength to make those kinds of sacrifices. Before teleporting away, she admits to Charles and herself that the initial appeal of life with the Acolytes was that it gave her the chance to run away like she always had. [ X-Men (2nd series) #42-44]

Amelia found her way back to the Acolytes and joined a faction under Exodus’ leadership, based in the Arctic. Exodus had gathered some of the remains of Avalon and constructed a new space-worthy home for the followers of Magneto. However, when Amelia learned that the launch of New Avalon would cause a fissure in the arctic crust that would lead to worldwide devastation and countless deaths, she openly opposed him. As a result, Exodus condemned her to death for her defiance. However, as Exodus was about to execute Amelia, she was saved by a flash of energy. She thought perhaps it was Charles come to her rescue but was surprised to find that her savior was Fabian Cortez. He had cheated death and came to swear his fealty to Exodus. He also pled for Voght’s life. Exodus stayed her execution to consider his request.
Desperate to stop Exodus’ plans for New Avalon’s ascension, Voght decided to trust Cortez’s change of heart and revealed to him the existence of Joseph, who appeared to be a rejuvenated Magneto. Voght hoped that his presence among the Acolytes might undermine Exodus’ leadership. After Cortez left to locate Joseph, Exodus tortured Amelia for information about his whereabouts. Amelia succumbed and revealed that she had sent Cortez to retrieve their reborn master Magneto. Unfortunately, Cortez realized immediately that Joseph was not Magneto and hatched a plan to use Joseph to eliminate Exodus. He told Joseph of Exodus’ plans for New Avalon and the X-Man readily agreed to pose as Magneto in an attempt to stop Exodus’ madness. Cortez told Joseph that Magneto and Voght had been lovers and to greet her accordingly, knowing that Exodus would recognize Joseph as a fraud when he did so. Amelia then found herself caught in the middle of the power struggle between Cortez and Exodus, with each determined to see her dead. Cortez offered to spare her life if she agreed to become his concubine. Amelia instead chose death but, before he could make good with his threats, she escaped and took Cortez out herself. The battle against Exodus had nearly convinced Joseph that he truly was Magneto. Amelia helped Joseph to understand the full tragedy of Magneto’s life, revealing Magnus’ origins and the early losses that shaped who he was. Together, Amelia and Joseph ended the threat posed by New Avalon. He invited her to return with him to the X-Men, having seen the compassion and nobility in her. She refused, stating once again that she was not ready to walk that path. [Magneto #1-4]

It was not long after this that the true Magneto resurfaced. He made contact with Amelia directly and tasked her with secretly preparing the Acolytes for his return. She accepted her lord’s instructions and returned to the now unified Acolytes, who were under Exodus’ leadership once more. She spent the next several weeks assessing the Acolytes so that, when the time came, she could invite the most worthy and loyal among them to join their true leader. During this period, the Acolytes clashed with Quicksilver and his allies. Unbeknownst to Exodus, Voght sought to protect Pietro and surreptitiously used her powers to turn the tide of battle so that he would survive against the Acolytes. [Quicksilver #11-12, Heroes for Hire & Quicksilver Annual ‘98]

Amelia successfully gathered Magneto’s devotees and delivered them to him on the eve of the Magneto War. He had a special task for her during the war itself – keep a watchful eye on his children, Wanda and Pietro. Amelia did as she was bid and continued to do so once Magneto’s war was concluded. To deter Magneto from devastating the planet with an electromagnetic pulse, the United Nations granted him sovereignty over the island nation Genosha. Magneto accepted and made Voght part of his new cabinet. She continued to watch Pietro and, when he caught her spying on him, she informed him of Magneto’s new claim on Genosha. Quicksilver insisted that Amelia transport him to Genosha, where he was soon embroiled in the revolt happening in response to his father’s rule. Amelia risked everything to save Pietro, believing that he was important to balancing Magnus’ plans to use Genosha as a springboard for further conquest. She convinced Pietro that he was needed there by showing him the camps established for the mutates suffering from the Legacy Virus and revealing Magneto’s plans to expand his political power through brute force. She also admitted to Quicksilver that she no longer had faith in Magneto’s ways. Due to Amelia’s efforts, Quicksilver chose to remain as a counterpoint to his father and a moral center in the new Genoshan Cabinet. Magneto congratulated Amelia for succeeding in securing Pietro’s involvement but she seemed deeply troubled by what her lord had planned for Pietro, Genosha, and the world. [Magneto War, Magneto Rex #1-3]

Amelia now found herself caught in a political minefield, working alongside her fellow cabinet members, each with questionable loyalties and personal agendas. She was competent in her contributions and Magneto clearly trusted her to a great degree but Amelia was not as certain of her faith in Genosha’s new lord and master. The nation continued to be filled with strife and rebellion. When the human resistance in Carrion Cove suddenly began utilizing superhuman agents, Voght went to investigate. What she found was startling. Carrion Cove had recruited assistance from the renegade Acolytes, who had not been invited to join Magneto prior to his latest campaign in order to help safeguard a deadly secret. Carrion Cove possessed the very technology that had led to Genosha’s prosperity and the enslavement of its mutant citizens – the advanced genetic manipulation tech responsible for the mutate bonding process. Amelia realized that, with this technology, Magneto could not only restore his own waning mutant power but use it to create an unstoppable army of enhanced mutants.

Voght decided that Magneto could not be allowed to possess this much power and secretly allied herself with the Carrion Cove rebellion. She shared this information with Quicksilver and, together with some timely support from the Avengers, tried to prevent Magneto from securing this technology. Their efforts partially succeeded but at a very high cost. Magneto used the machines to restore and enhance his own power but it was then destroyed by Pietro and Polaris, who had both abandoned Genosha and Magneto, condemning his actions and his myopic belief in mutant domination. However, in the heat of the final battle, Pietro subdued Voght to make it seem as if she was still loyal to Magneto. He knew that he would need someone he trusted inside Genosha. His actions left Amelia in a very precarious position as a member of Magneto’s cabinet but without the balance and perspective that both Lorna and Pietro had provided. [Magneto: Dark Seduction #1-4]
Magneto’s plans to wage war against humanity came to fruition sooner than even Amelia had feared. Once the Legacy Virus was cured, Magneto found himself the ruler of a nation filled with healthy mutates and mutants. His first move was to capture Charles Xavier, to use his long-time foe as a rallying point for his mutant army. Voght spied on Magneto, seeing how he had practically crucified Xavier and planned to wage a relentless war on humanity. After a lifetime of indecision and trying to avoid the mutant conflict, Amelia was forced to make a choice. When Jean Grey arrived with an inexperienced team of X-Men to free Xavier and stop Magneto’s madness, Voght joined them. While the novice X-Men distracted Magneto in direct combat, Amelia freed Charles. Charles managed to stop Magneto but was unable to do what was required to end him once and for all. Wolverine had no such hesitation and nearly killed Magneto. With war averted, Amelia disappeared once more. [Eve of Destruction crossover]

Amelia relocated to Santa Cruz, California and went to work in a local hospital. She was one of the few mutants to retain their powers following M-Day but chose to remain apart from her fellow mutants when the majority took refuge at the Xavier Institute. Her latest attempt to lead a normal life was soon interrupted by the X-Men, who were tracking the remaining Acolytes. Voght tried to flee but was detained by the X-Men. She reluctantly gave them the information they were seeking, which they hoped would lead them to the first mutant child born since the Decimation. Amelia chose not get involved in the conflict. During the final battle between the X-Men, Acolytes and Marauders, Charles was fatally wounded by the traitorous X-Man Bishop. In the instant he died, Exodus had the Acolyte Tempo slow time to a standstill and mentally summoned Voght with the image of the fallen Xavier. Realizing that she still loved Xavier, he asked for her aid in saving him. She complied and helped the Acolytes to escape with Charles’ body, after which Exodus did what he could to save Charles life and mind. This involved absorbing Xavier’s memories and shattering his psionic shields so that his damaged psyche could be rebuilt. Once done, Amelia attempted to cajole him from the catatonic state he was in but failed. Interaction with Magneto proved more successful. Voght was thrilled to see Charles alive and well, but his memories of her were incomplete and he did not recall the full nature of their relationship. [X-Factor (3rd series) #25, X-Men Legacy #208-210]

Amelia remained with these new Acolytes for a time. Their world came to an end when Charles Xavier returned with the sole intent of shutting them down. He did so with surprising ease, revealing to them how the dreams and conflicts of mutantkind in the past were of little relevance in the world as it was following the Decimation. As a result, Exodus renounced his leadership to go on a pilgrimage to find a new purpose for himself. The majority of Acolytes, including Voght decided to join the mutants gathering under Cyclops’ banner in San Francisco. Since they had last met, Xavier had recovered his memories of his time with Voght. He addressed her with a tenderness, concern and remorse for his past treatment of her with a heartfelt directness and candor that surprised and moved her. She admitted for the first time that it was not entirely his fault and that she had been afraid to face the truth about who and what she was those many years ago. Charles intimated that he would like to try again but Amelia cut him off saying “Today is a day for endings.” Sadly, Amelia and Charles never had the opportunity to rekindle their romance as he was killed by a Phoenix-possessed Cyclops a short time later. [X-Men Legacy #225]