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6th December 2012


In the future reality shown in What If? (2nd series) #85, Xavier and Magneto set their differences aside peacefully and Avalon was left undisturbed in Earth’s orbit. However, Magneto’s dream of a peaceful haven for mutants did not come true. No more than ten years later, his Acolytes were at each other’s throats. One faction wanted to move Avalon to another galaxy, thinking that they were still too close to humanity’s influence. Another faction believed that they should kill humanity and take Earth for themselves. The conflict came to a tragic conclusion shortly after Hank McCoy delivered Avalon’s first baby. Sean, the newborn son of Skids and Rusty Collins, was apparently the next step in human evolution – Homo Ultima – capable of choosing and altering his mutation at will. As word spread, the two Acolyte factions put their differences aside as both recognized the threat that a new and more evolved race presented. They teamed up to attack Rusty and Skids and kill their baby. It was Amelia Voght who murdered the baby by dissipating the air around it. Though remorseful, Amelia believed that it was "self-defense", as she feared that a new race would seek to destroy mutantkind just as they had tried to wipe out humanity. In actuality, the boy was a normal mutant. Magneto had faked the test results, knowing that his Acolytes needed a common enemy to unite against.