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Shortly thereafter, Generation X met up with Gaia again, and she was invited to join Xavier's School while getting used to our world. [Generation X #42] Without even meaning to, Everett became the unwitting center of a number of crushes among the students. He had quickly become smitten with the mysterious Gaia during their time trapped at the citadel, cooling whatever feelings he might have been developing for Jubilee over the past few months. Everett's change of heart did nothing to change Jubilee's feelings, though. While Jubilee chose to be rather uncharacteristically quiet about her affections, the new Monet was not. Shortly after the Universal Amalgamator business, Penance was revealed to be the real Monet St. Croix, and the young St. Croix twins took over the Penance body to allow Monet to regain her real form. For whatever reason, she quickly gravitated towards Everett while remaining haughty and aloof to the rest of her teammates. After Gaia left suddenly, Monet became even more forward with Everett. [Generation X #51]

In the meantime, Emma Frost took a hit on the stock market and was forced to turn to her older sister Adrienne for money to keep the academy up and running. Adrienne agreed only if she could be granted a position as co-headmistress, and if the Massachusetts Academy was reopened as a full-time private school. And so, a few hundred new students, completely human and completely unaware of the school's true purpose, arrived for the spring semester. This unfortunate measure forced Everett and the others to keep their true nature and powers secret in their very own homes. [Generation X #52] Even worse, Adrienne had her own sinister agenda, and attempted to kill Synch and the rest of Generation X in a Danger Room scenario based on the death of Emma's original students, the Hellions. The team barely survived and Adrienne fled the school to threaten them again another day. [Generation X #55-56]
After a battle where Emplate was finally captured by the team, Monet's father came to collect his son and daughters and take them away from the Academy. Before she left, Monet asked Everett if he would miss her. He was hesitant to respond, unsure of what she wanted from him, but Monet made it very clear when she kissed him passionately as her limo was driving away. [Generation X Annual 1999] When her new school in Switzerland turned out to be a bust, Monet came back to the Massachusetts Academy, and she and Everett began dating officially. [Generation X #67]

Things took a dark turn at the academy around that time, however, when Adrienne returned and began stirring up anti-mutant fears among the student body. She subtly manipulated the students into aggressively acting out their anti-mutant prejudices while also reporting to the parents at home that the academy was being used as a training ground for mutant terrorists. Everett was assaulted by several larger boys who threatened him just for being friends with the more obvious “freaks,” Skin and Chamber. With the school on the verge of a riot as parents stormed the academy to retrieve their kids, Adrienne also set a series of bombs around campus.

Everett separated from Monet to help Banshee search for and disable the bombs, but they were moving too slow. Everett suggested he and Sean split up to cover more ground, but Sean told him to stay close, as running off on his own would leave Everett without any borrowed powers to protect himself. Nevertheless, Synch ditched Banshee and began hunting the bombs on his own. When Monet heard this, she attempted to locate Everett so that he would not be unprotected. Unfortunately, Everett was not so lucky – he uncovered one of the bombs with less than a minute left on the timer, just as the bullies from earlier crossed his path. Despite his pleas, Everett could not get the other boys to listen to his warnings about the bomb. Desperate and out of time, Synch threw himself on the bomb to protect the other boys from the blast. He tried reaching out with his powers to sync with Monet, but she was too far away for him to get a successful lock on her. Everett succeeded in smothering the bomb blast with his body, saving the students in the area, but the blast was too much for his quasi-invulnerability to withstand.
Everett Thomas died a hero in the halls of the Massachusetts Academy, giving his life to protect those who hated and feared him. [Generation X #69-70]