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23rd July 2013

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1) The Silver Samurai's original armor was an unusual look. The armor was silver but did not cover his entire body, particularly leaving his lower legs bare. Blue fabric extended from beneath the armor like a robe worn underneath. His buccaneer style boots were in the same shade of blue. He wore silver gloves and gauntlets, one of which was equipped with a hooked blade. The Samurai's helmet had an elaborate crest resembling a mohawk, or bits of a cog. [Daredevil (1st series) #111]

2) Harada's second and classic samurai armor provided him with full coverage from the neck down. The silver armor protected his entire body, while also including additional shielded plates over his thighs, his groin, and his shoulders. The chestplate had a stylized representation of Japan's red rising sun emblem. His helmet changed designed several times over the years. It typically provided extra protection for his neck, and some form of horn-like ornamentation extending from his brow. His face was covered by one of several different kinds of masks, varying in size. [Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #57]