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10th September 2013


The question of Daken's personality being one of nature vs. nurture was answered in the reality depicted in What If? Wolverine: Father. In this timeline, though Logan still returned home too late to prevent the death of his wife, he did manage to save his as yet unborn son. Wishing to keep him away from those who wished them harm, Logan retreated to a secluded part of Japan to raise his son, whom he named John. Despite his best attempt to teach him kindness, Logan saw signs in John's personality which troubled him. Everything changed when Sabretooth finally located Logan and the ten year-old John learned the truth behind his lies. Running off to the city, John changed his name to Daken and became an enforcer for the Yakuza and then later the organization's head. Seeing him only as a monster, Logan used the Muramasa blade on his own son, ending his reign of terror.