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25th February 2014

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1) The Vanisher premiered as a supervillain wearing a red shirt and pants made of scaled fabric with a matching, egg-shaped cowl of the same texture. Over this, he wore full-length purple cape with black gloves and boots, and a black burglar's mask over his eyes. The front of his shirt sported a black emblem resembling a serpent. [X-Men (1st series) #2]

2) Telford wore several variants of this outfit, most notably one in all green. Some of these outfits dropped the black serpent symbol on the chest, while others kept it. [X-Men (1st series) #37]

3) While experimenting with his Darkforce powers, the Vanisher created an all-black bodysuit for himself, reminiscent of a classic cat burglar's outfit. He later revisited this look when working with the Beat Street Gang and the New Enforcers. [Bizarre Adventures #27]

4) During his time as the leader of the Beat Street Gang, likely a reflection of his opulent lifestyle living off the labor of exploited teenagers, the Vanisher donned a loud, garish outfit: a purple sport coat with a teal geometric pattern print, a patterned pink button-up shirt with a popped collar, a skinny tie, blue jeans and sneakers. He topped off this flamboyant look with a pair of visor sunglasses. [Fallen Angels #2]

– When he took a trip to another dimension, the Vanisher reverted to an all-red variant of his classic first look.

5) While a compulsory member of X-Force, the Vanisher adopted a sleek, streamlined look similar to theirs. He wore a sleeveless bodysuit comprised of dark grey highlighted by a lighter shade of grey on the torso and inner thighs. Over this, he wore a black utility belt with a red X belt buckle. Most notable about this look, however, were the tribal tattoos the Vanisher now sported on his face and arms. Whereas he used to wear a cat burglar's mask over his eyes, he now had a dark band tattooed over them and around the back of his head, along with black tattoos resembling stylized flames on his face, head and arms. [X-Force (1st series) #9]

6) After his apparent return from the dead, the Vanisher wore another black bodysuit, only with a grey, V-shaped pattern over the chest and shoulders, and a series of three black, parallel slash marks longitudinally over each shoulder. A faint pattern of wispy swirls overlaid this costume's black fabric. While a member of this outfit, the Vanisher no longer had tattoos on his head, although he still covered his eyes with sunglasses. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #48]