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31st January 2007


GEX #1/2 origin, involved in a gang war, manifests his powers, fakes his death after assuming that his girlfriend, Tores, killed the rival gang members
Phalanx Covenant crossover captured by the Phalanx along some other new mutants, rescued by Banshee, Emma Frost and Sabretooth
UXM #318, GEX #1 convinced by Hank McCoy to join Generation X and enroll at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
GEX #1 recognized by someone from L.A., threatens to kill him
GEX #12 briefly manages to retract his extra skin, making him look almost entirely human
GEX #16-17 confronted by the X-Cutioner over the apparent murder of “Angelo Espinosa”
GEX #20-21 returns to Los Angeles on the anniversary of his “death,” observes his mother and Tores as they visit his grave
GEX #28 confuses Glorian the Dreamer when he prefers his real life, no matter how miserable it is over some fake reality based on his secret desires
GEX #29-31 meets Tores in Los Angeles, has to work together with her when they are hunted by Prime Sentinels, learns that she is a mutant too
GEX #33-34 a gun he kept as a reminder of the night in which he had to fake his death is stolen by Tracy Authier, though she returns it to him after learning the story behind it
GEX #1/2 wants to sort things out with Tores, turns out that she wasn’t the killer of the rival gang members, wants to reveal himself to his mother but decides not to after learning of her radical views of mutants
GEX #50 has to pretended that he has a rare pigmentation disorder when the Massachusetts Academy starts accepting human students
GEX #57 is envied by all male students on the campus when he attends the school dance with Monet St. Croix
GEX #67 is discovered to be a mutant by one of the human students
GEX #70, 63 Generation X redefines their purpose after a school riot, starts training to use his powers more effectively
GEX #73 has come up with several new ways to use his powers, rescues Banshee from four kidnappers
GEX #75 following Generation X’s disbanding he moves to L.A. together with Jubilee
XMU (1st series) #34 is working in a fast food restaurant
UXM #423 is captured by the Church of Humanity and crucified on Xavier’s front lawn