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NMU (1st series) #49 his powers save him from being shot by the Nazis whereas his family is slaughtered; is imprisoned at the Auschwitz concentration camp
CXM #12 escapes from the concentration camp together with Magda; they travel, fall in love and start a family; Magnus watches as his daughter Anya perishes in a fire; he uses his powers to exact revenge against those who prevented him from saving her; scaring Magda who calls him a monster and runs away
XM #72 adopts the forged identity of “Erik Lehnsherr” and begins a quest to find Magda
UXM #161 settles in Israel where he befriends Charles Xavier; together they save Gabrielle Haller from Baron von Strucker; departs with a cache of Nazi gold to pursue his plans to lead mutantkind
CXM #19 uses the codename Magneto while working as a Nazi hunter; is eventually betrayed by his human employers who murder his lover, Isabelle, further deepening his mistrust and hatred of humanity
X-Men Forever #4 begins amassing scientific equipment and recruits mutants like Astra and the Toad to his cause
AVE (1st series) #47, UXM #4 saves the gypsy twins Wanda and Pietro from an angry mob; coerces them into serving in his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants unaware that they are his own children
XM #minus 1 has built Asteroid M, meets with Xavier but they cannot reconcile their philosophical differences; each prepares for their future roles as mutant leaders
UXM #1 first appearance; makes his public debut as he tries to take over Cape Citadel but is defeated by Xavier’s students, the original X-Men
UXM #4 leads the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the conquest of the small nation of Santo Marco; tries to establish a mutant nation but is opposed and driven away by the X-Men
UXM #11 attempts to recruit the alien Stranger to his cause but is captured by the Stranger and taken to his planet to serve as a mutant specimen
AVE (1st series) #47-49 escapes the Stranger’s world and returns to Earth; manipulates events to win Wanda and Pietro back to his side, re-unites the Brotherhood
UXM #43-45, AVE (1st series) #53 builds a machine to enslave the wills of humanity, but his base is tracked down by the X-Men and the Avengers; mentally controls the team into fighting each other but eventually they overcome his influence; is betrayed by the Toad (who has finally enough of Magneto’s humiliation) and apparently drowns in the Atlantic ocean
UXN #62-63 caves underneath the ocean floor led him to the Savage Land in Antarctica, powers diminished; assumes the alias of “The Creator” and evolves some of the natives into the Savage Land Mutates; his attempts to conquer the Savage Land are stopped by the X-Men
XHY #20-22, FF (1st series) #102-104 assumes control of the Atlantean army and conquers New York, kidnaps Sue Richards and Lady Dorma to blackmail the Fantastic Four and Namor into service but underestimates the inventive genius of Mr. Fantastic and is defeated
AVE (1st series) #110-111 powers fully restored due to a costume that slowly absorbed the Angel’s mutagenic aura, takes on both the X-Men and the Avengers with his new power to control his victims’ blood flow to the brain
Defenders (1st series) #15-16 re-assembles the Brotherhood, artificially creates Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant, who grows too powerful and rebels against Magneto’s orders; is reduced to infancy upon being considered unworthy by Alpha
XM #2 is entrusted to the care of Moira MacTaggert who slightly alters his DNA to compensate for a genetic flaw that may have been affecting his sanity
UXM #11 is restored to his prime by the Shi’ar agent Davan Shakari, aka Eric the Red, and immediately takes on the X-Men
Captain America Annual #4 forms a new incarnation of the Brotherhood but abandons them when they are perform badly in battle against Captain America
XM #76 helps the South African mutant and future X-Man Maggott deal with his emerging mutation
UXM #111-113 defeats the X-Men and imprisons them in his Antarctic base underneath an active volcano; they eventually escape and he is seriously injured when their subsequent battle damages the base with molten lava seeping in
UXM #148-150 raises an ancient city from the ocean ground in the Bermuda Triangle to serve as his new headquarters, demands that world leaders disarm their nuclear weapons and cede political power to him; when the Soviets attack his new island, he sinks the submarine Leningrad; battles the X-Men and is emotionally and philosophical rattled when he almost kills the young Kitty Pryde
Vision & Scarlet Witch (1st series) #4 learns that he is the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch; informs them of these news and attempts to make peace with them; begins his reformation
Marvel Graphic Novel #5 allies himself with the X-Men to stop a string of mutant lynchings by the religious fanatic Reverend William Stryker
Secret Wars #1 in a cosmic battle staged by the Beyonder he is placed on the heroes’ side alongside the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men
NMU (1st series) #21, UXM #188, NMU (1st series) #23-24, 26, 28 nearly drowns after Asteroid M crashes down to Earth, is saved by Lee Forrester, changes his view about average humans and starts a romance with her
NMU (1st series), Secret Wars II #1, UXM #196 responds to Xavier’s telepathic cry for help against the Beyonder and begins a long-term alliance with the X-Men
UXM #199 participates in a meeting of Holocaust survivors; lets himself be arrested by Freedom Force
UXM #200 appears in front of the International Court in Paris; but the trial is interrupted by a terrorist attack; the dying Xavier asks Magnus to become the school’s new headmaster
NMU (1st series) #35 starts training the New Mutants
NMU (1st series) #38-40 unable to get the New Mutants out of their apathic state as a result of the traumatic experience of being killed and resurrected by the Beyonder, sends them to Emma Frost’s Massachusetts Academy; reclaims his students after realizing that he was manipulated by Empath
UXM #210 is offered to join the Hellfire Club on behalf of the X-Men, forming an alliance between the two groups
NMU (1st series) #51 is inducted into the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle as the new White King (jointly with Storm)
X-Men vs. Avengers #1-3 uncovers the remains of Asteroid M which brings him in direct conflict with the Avengers and the Soviet Super-Soldiers, retrieves a piece of technology that would enable him to erase prejudice towards mutants
X-Men vs. Avengers #4 sees the error of his ways; appear in front of the International Court again; is accorded all the rights of a warring state and as such found not guilty
NMU (1st series) #55-61 New Mutants keep disobeying his orders, leading to the death of one of them; learns of the X-Men’s death
NMU (1st series) #73-75 power struggle in the Inner Circle leads to a duel with Sebastian Shaw; becomes the Grey King after Shaw is voted out of the Club; New Mutants abandon him
AWC #54-56 participates in the Acts of Vengeance to get close to his catatonic daughter, the Scarlet Witch (after the Vision was dissected and her children turned out to be fake); snaps her out of her stupor and triggers her transformation into the “dark“ Scarlet Witch
AWC #57, 60 attempts to restart the Brotherhood with both his children but is betrayed by Quicksilver and has to flee
UXM #269, 274-275 returns to the Savage Land, helps Rogue get rid of the Carol Danvers persona; a mutual attraction between them ends when he shows no mercy to Zaladane brutally killing her after she tried to absorb all of his magnetic powers; departs to Asteroid M
XM #1-3 is sought out by the Acolytes, declares Asteroid M a safe refuge for all mutants; seeks revenge on Xavier and Moira MacTaggert after learning of her attempt to change his DNA; is betrayed by Fabian Cortez and apparently perishes in the destruction of Asteroid M
XFO #24-25 fully revealed to be alive; builds Avalon from the remains of Graymalkin; has a new loyal follower in Exodus
UXM #304 takes over the Acolytes from Fabian Cortez; approaches the X-Men during Illyana Rasputin’s funeral and offer them to join him; Colossus accepts
XM #25 theatens the world with a global EMP pulse wave; is attacked by the X-Men and Quicksilver; extracts Wolverine’s adamantium nearly killing him; Xavier shuts off his mind in response; is left in the care of Colossus
XM #43 is put in an escape pod when Avalon is destroyed
XM #86 is found by Astra, who brings him back to health, but only to have him fight against Joseph, a younger clone of himself; manages to render the Joseph amnesiac and escapes
UXM #350 lets the X-Men believe that Joseph is a de-aged Magneto, assumes the guise of Eric the Red to stage the trial of Gambit, causing dissention among the X-Men’s ranks
Magneto War manipulates Earth’s magnetic field in order to blackmail the United Nations into giving him the means to create a mutant sanctuary on Earth; is fought by Joseph who sacrifices his life in order to stabilize the planet’s magnetic field; loses nearly all his powers; is given Genosha to rule
Magneto Rex #1-3 manipulates Quicksilver into becoming a member of his Genoshan cabinet; has to rely on Fabian Cortez to boost his powers in regular intervals
The Twelve is revealed as one of the Twelve, who are kidnapped by Apocalypse; once the break free he discovers that he can use Polaris to tap into Earth’s magnetic field and asks her to accompany him to Genosha
Magneto: Dark Seduction #1-4 has effectively dealt with all of Genosha’s problems in the course of a few months; restores himself to full power with the Sugar Man’s technology; kills Fabian Cortez and exiles Polaris and Quicksilver when they oppose him
XM #111, Eve of Destruction the Legacy Virus being cured overnight, he now has access to an entire army of mutants and mutates; kidnaps Xavier and plans to start World War III; Is nearly killed by Wolverine when the X-Men rescue their mentor
NXM #115 dies among millions of other mutants when a new breed of Sentinels are released on Genosha
EXC (2rd series) #1-2 is revealed to be miraculously alive, even though he himself has no idea how that is possible; learn that in his absence an imposter has made use of his name and identity, slaughtering thousands of humans in his name; works together with Xavier towards rebuilding Genosha
EXC (3rd series) #8 receives a psychic distress call from his deranged daughter, the Scarlet Witch, who apparently boosts his power to such a degree that he can establish a wormhole from Genosha to New York and rescue her
EXC (3rd series) #14, House of M #1 has come to accept that Wanda can’t be helped and blames himself for her state; finds himself unable to do anything about the Avengers and the X-Men pondering whether to kill his daughter
House of M #7-8 confronts Quicksilver after learning that he coaxed the Scarlet Witch into transforming reality into the House of M; angers Wanda so much that she changed reality back to what is was before, though de-powering 90-95% of Earth’s mutant population, including Magneto
New Avengers #20 is briefly taken over by the Collective, but doesn’t want to have his powers restored this way, disappears in an explosion