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12th August 2007


NMU Annual #6 childhood, befriends Franklin Richards, serves on the New Mutants of her timeline
EXC (1st series) #52 school attacked, captured and programmed into a Hound, eventually resists Ahab and is sent to a containment camp
UXM #141-142 sends Kate’s mind to her past body, in an attempt to prevent the DOFP future, all other X-Men and her lover Franklin die
EXC (1st series) #52 plan did not work, Rachel probes past, finds that it was an alternate timeline; is recognized by the Phoenix Force and followed by it; Kate makes a deal with the Force and it transports Rachel to the present with her memory scrambled
NMU #18, UXM #184 arrives at Xavier’s school, sees adult Illyana and panics; is almost killed when she encounters Selene
UXM #185, 188 taken in by the X-Men, shocked to hear of Jean Grey’s death
UXM #189 tries to kill Selene together with Magma of the New Mutants
UXM #199 touches the holo-empathic crystal of Jean Grey and taps into the Phoenix Force residing within her
UXM Annual #9 shocks Cyclops by adopting Phoenix as her codename and wearing a new costume to go along with the moniker
UXM #201 establishes psi-bond with baby brother, Nathan Christopher
UXM #203 encounters the Beyonder, almost destroys the entire universe to kill the powerful alien
UXM #207 once more assassinates Selene, Wolverine stops her from killing by using his claws on her
UXM #209 lured to Mojoverse by Spiral
EXC Sword is Drawn escapes from Mojoverse, founds Excalibur
EXC (1st series) #26 attacked by Mastermind, who creates the illusion of a happily DOFP future
EXC (1st series) #6-7 feels baby’s fear during Inferno, flies to New York, but is turned into a mannequin and nearly married to a demon
EXC (1st series) #12-24 Phoenix energies jumpstart Widget’s trans-dimensional portals, guiding Excalibur through the Cross-Time Caper
XFA Annual #5, UXM Annual #14 mental self of deceased DOFP Franklin appears, Ahab and his hounds follow and attack; Rachel meets Jean Grey for the first time, who is unable to accept her future daughter
EXC (1st series) #45 discovers that Phoenix Force is responsible for her scrambled memory, so wills it to dormant state
EXC (1st series) #50 has to activate the Phoenix Force again to fight Necrom, barely survives the battle
EXC (1st series) #52 Force nurtures Rachel’s body and departs with her to the stars
EXC (1st series) #61-64 body fully healed, Force gives full control back to Rachel
EXC (1st series) #66-67 travels to the DOFP future together with her teammates to set things right
EXC (1st series) #71 happy to learn of Jean’s proposal to Scott, makes up with her “mother”
EXC (1st series) #75 switches places with Captain Britain who was stuck in the timestream
X-Men Phoenix #1-3 emerges 2000 years in the future, battles Diamanda Nero and sends Force to the cosmos
Cable (1st series) #6-8 very old, now called Mother Askani, arranges that the baby is taken to the future
Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1 transports the minds of Jean and Scott to the future to raise the boy
Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #4 asks Jean to take on the name Phoenix and dies of old age
Cable (1st series) #84-86 Askani timeline erased as a potential future, Rachel finds herself transported to the end of time instead, pulled back to the present by Cable
Cable (1st series) #94-95 helps Cable to end the threat of the Sisterhood and the Dark Mother
off panel abducted by Bogan, turned into his pet telepath
XXM #22-23 confronts the X-Men, not recognized by them in her shadow form
XXM #44 freed from Bogan’s influence
UXM #444, 447 part of Storm’s X.S.E. group; has changed her surname from Summers to Grey; uses a costume and codename from her late mother, Jean Grey
XM #165 reunited with her grandparents, John and Elaine Grey
UXM #466-468 branded with the Phoenix mark, witnesses the massacre of the entire Grey family at the hands of the Shi’ar Death Commando
UXM #475 accompanies Xavier's X-Men team into space
UXM #479, 481 links her power with the Blade of the Phoenix, starts a romantic relationship with its wielder, Korvus
UXM #486 trapped in space, joins the Starjammers in their revolution against Emperor Vulcan and Deathbird