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7th May 2007


GEX #40 merge together into a simulacrum of her sister, Monet, after the real Monet has been either kidnapped or killed by their brother, Emplate
Phalanx Covenant crossover captured by the Phalanx along some other new mutants, rescued by Banshee, Emma Frost and Sabretooth
UXM #318, GEX #1 enrolls at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and joins Generation X, displays a snobbish attitude towards her teammates, alerted by Gateway to Emplate’s imminent return
GEX #2 surprises her teachers with a detailed analysis proving a connection between Emplate and Penance (of which she actually knew before)
GEX #5, 9 worries her teachers and teammates with recurring spells of a catatonic stupor
GEX #12-13 Emplate attacks the school, revealing that “Monet” is his sister
GEX #18-19 enters the mind of Emma Frost, her astral form being that of Nicole St. Croix rather than “Monet”
GEX #21 catatonic spells revealed to be autism
GEX #23-24 tells her teachers different stories about her origin
GEX #28 a fantasy based on her desires reveals that she prefers her merged state over the twins’ natural form
GEX #31 teammates are shocked when an explosion causes “Monet” to split and revert back to the twins
GEX #34-35 merge with each other and with Emplate when he attacks the school another time, becoming a new entity by the name of M-Plate
GEX #36-39 M-Plate’s plan to use the universal amalgamator to merge every sentient being into a single consciousness is thwarted when they are consumed by the villain Dirtnap, unable to fully digest M-Plate, Dirtnap explodes, releasing Emplate and the twins separate from each other
GEX #40 due to the merger with Emplate, the twins know what happened to the real Monet – she was transformed into Penance, feeling guilty for “stealing” her life, the twins trade places with the real Monet and are now trapped inside Penance
GEX #53 forced to move into the basement when the Massachusetts Academy opens their doors to a large human student body
GEX #57 Emplate tries to kidnap penance, but being caught in yet another explosion, the twins are freed
GEX #58, Annual ‘99 reunited with their father, the twins return home