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5th January 2005


Like every other telepath on the planet, Emma was affected by the Psi-War between Psylocke and the Shadow King and she temporarily lost her powers. Banshee decided to teach the kids a lesson by showing that one should not solely rely on his/her powers and, to better demonstrate his point, he attempted to punch Emma. However, the White Queen surprised him and the students with her excellent hand to hand fighting skills and easily defeated Banshee. Yet, after a while without her telepathy, she began to give in to feelings of despair. Sean comforted her and, after he convinced her that her telepathy did not define her, the mutant abilities returned. [Generation X #42-43]

Emma did not have the time to run both the school and her company, so she left much of her fortune in the hands of her bankers; a bad decision, since some wrong investments cost her a lot of money and she no longer could properly fund the Academy. She easily could have again used her mental powers to gain inside knowledge, but Banshee asked her not to, since it would have set a bad example for the kids. Surprisingly, Emma followed his request and, instead, asked her older sister, Adrienne, for help. The sisters hadn’t seen each other for years and Adrienne at first turned Emma down. Yet, touching her sister’s purse, Adrienne learned of the real purpose of the school, since she had the mutant power of psychometry, meaning she could “read” objects. Adrienne found that she could benefit from having a group of mutant operatives at her disposal, so she agreed to provide the needed money, in exchange she demanded to become the new headmistress. [Generation X #49]
Not before long, another person from Emma’s past came back to haunt her in the form of the Dark Beast. Needing new subjects for his cruel experiments, he had his team, Gene Nation, kidnap the members of Generation X and Emma had to team up with X-Man Nate Grey to go after him. In her mind, Nate found that she had a history with McCoy, but she tried to avoid talking about it. While X-Man and Gaia freed the team, Emma tried to take on the Dark Beast. From the way they talked, it seemed like they didn’t part on best terms years ago and, even now, he tricked her, as Emma had been fighting a hard-light hologram of McCoy, who had long escaped. [Generation X #50, X-Man #50]

Mere weeks later, Adrienne revealed her true colors and her reason for joining the school. She wanted to hurt Emma in every possible way, so she designed a Danger Room hologram modeled after the day the Hellions died at the hands of Trevor Fitzroy and the Sentinels. In the session, the Generation X kids had to act the parts of the Hellions and Emma played her old self. Adrienne had disengaged the Room’s security protocols, meaning they all could die while the program was running. Together, the team and Emma found a way out but then faced Adrienne who was now wearing a White Queen costume. She claimed the name for herself and departed to return with a better plan when least expected. [Generation X #55-56]

During a day off, Emma took some of the kids to New York, where they ran into the Avengers, who were by then having Firestar on their active roster. Emma apologized to Angelica for her former behavior and explained how the Hellions’ death affected her and that Xavier had given her this second chance. Firestar forgave her, but also reminded her to never again fall back to old habits or she would personally come after her. [Generation X #59]

Adrienne kept her promise and indeed did return. She outed the school’s secret of harboring mutants and, during a riot caused by concerned parents that wanted to pick up their human children that were attending the Academy as well, she hid many bombs in the building. Banshee did his best to find and disarm them, but Synch was killed when the final bomb exploded in front of him. Emma became very angry that she again had somebody get so close that she could kill one of her charges. Since her telepathic powers did not work on Adrienne, she killed her with a gun and, afterwards, even inherited her older sister’s fortune, solving the problem of funding Generation X at the same time. [Generation X #70]

Emma avoided the police’s questions by mindwiping the interrogating detective. Upon finding out about the murder, Generation X disbanded, as they did no longer want to be taught by her. Learning of the group’s demise, Emma was contacted by Xavier to take over teaching a class of telepaths in Genosha. [Generation X #75]

However, before she followed Xavier’s request, Emma went on a short vacation, during which she came to terms with the murder of her sister. At first, she was haunted by her deed but, when her telepathy began playing tricks on her and she started talking to a mental illusion of Adrienne, she realized that she did not regret killing Adrienne. Quite the opposite: she only regretted not having killed her before she endangered her students. [X-Men Unlimited #34]

Emma was present when Genosha was attacked by a new breed of Sentinels and although over 16 million people died, Emma survived. The experience triggered a so-called secondary mutation; she is now able to transform into living, organic diamond – however, a genetic flaw prevents her from accessing her telepathy while in this form. [New X-Men #115-116]