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5th January 2005


Emma Frost #1-5 family background, Emma manifests telepathic powers, learns her brother is gay, has a crush on her teacher Ian Kendall, which is why her father has him fired
NXM #139, Emma Frost #6 family background, Emma chosen as family heir over manipulative sister Adrienne, but surprisingly refuses and turns her back on the Frost fortune
Emma Frost #7-12 tries to make a life on her own, gets caught up in her friend’s plan to pretend being kidnapped in order to get money from her family
Emma Frost #13-18 enrolls at Empire State University, first encounter with another mutant – fellow telepath Astrid Bloom, grows bitter and cold when her boyfriend, Ian Kendall, dumps her for being a mutant
GEX #minus 1 uses telepathy to gain inside knowledge of Wallstreet stock, meets the Dark Beast and they decided to help each other, first meets Harry Leland
CXM #7 after being attacked by a Sentinel, Emma and Shaw kill the entire Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club and take over as new White Queen and Black King
UXM #129 first appearance, tries to recruit Kitty Pryde
UXM #130-131 kidnapped half of the X-Men, defeated in telepathic battle against Phoenix
UXM #151-152 switches minds with Storm, infiltrates the X-Men, but gets defeated by Ororo who uses the telepathic powers of the White Queen body she is stuck in, the process is reversed
Firestar #1 manages to recruit Firestar before Xavier can get to her
UXM #169 in a coma after being attacked by Mastermind
UXM #180, NM (1st series) #15-17 captures Kitty Pryde and the New Mutants who try to rescue her, they only barely escape
Firestar #2-4 plans to use Firestar to kill her rival Selene, the new Black Queen, Firestar sees through the deception and makes Frost promise to never interfere with her again
NM (1st series) #38-40 after the New Mutants are left traumatized by being killed and resurrected by the Beyonder, Magneto transfers them to the Massachusetts Academy, however she can only partially restore them and in the end the kids go back to Xavier’s school, though Emma leaves her invitation open
UXM #210 invites Magneto into the Inner Circle
NM (1st series) #57 Magma transfers to Massachusetts Academy
NM (1st series) #75 Emma, Magneto and Selene vote Sebastian Shaw out of the Inner Circle
New Warriors (1st series) #9-10 tries to get Firestar back, Hellions duel the New Warriors but lose
UXM #281 shot by Sentinels
UXM #282 Jean Grey transferred her consciousness into Emma’s body to avoid being killed
UXM #284 Jean Grey’s mind removed, Emma remains comatose
UXM #311-314 wakes up, exchanges consciousness with Iceman, uses his ice powers in ways never imagined and escapes from the mansion, gives up upon learning of the fate of her Hellions
UXM #316-317, XM #36-37 X-Men captured by the Phalanx, Banshee, Emma and Sabretooth try to save a group of new mutants from getting absorbed by the Phalanx
UXM #318, GEX #1 becomes headmistress of Generation X
GEX Annual ‘95 Cordelia asks for help
UXM #331 helps Iceman to access his potential
GEX #30 nearly barters away Penance’s freedom to find the missing students
GEX #49 loses money because of bad investments, turns to Adrienne who becomes new headmistress
GEX #50, X-Man #50 Dark Beast wants her students for lab experiments, frees them with help of X-Man
GEX #55-56 Adrienne tries to kill her and the students in a Danger Room scenario modeled after the Hellions death, claims to be the new White Queen and escapes
GEX #59 makes up with Firestar
GEX #70, 75 Adrienne exposes the school’s secret and causes the death of Synch, Emma kills her with a gun
GEX #75 uses telepathy on interrogating police officers, Generation X discover the truth of her having killed and disband
NXM #115-116 teaches a telepath class in Genosha until the island gets attacked by the Sentinels, the death of 16 million people all around her trigger her secondary mutation and she transforms into diamond form in which she has no telepathy
NXM Annual #2001 tries to seduce Cyclops while in Hong Kong
NXM #123 teaches the Stepford Cuckoos
NXM #128, 131 starts therapy with Cyclops, which turns into psychic affair
NXM #137-138 one of the Cuckoos dies, the others blame Emma for it
NXM #139 psychic affair discovered by Jean, Emma admits that she loves Cyclops, though nothing physical happened between them, Emma’s diamond form shattered by a diamond bullet
NXM #141 fused back together by Phoenix, one of the Stepford Cuckoos, Esme, revealed to have been behind the murder attempt
NXM #150 Esme killed by „Magneto“, just like Jean Grey
NXM #154 she and Scott Summers openly start a relationship, take over as co-headmasters of the Xavier Institute
AXM #1 placed among media-friendly superhero X-Men team, organized Kitty Pryde to be part of the group to be her “moral conscience“