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5th January 2005

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1) As White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma wore the outfit she had when hired as a dancer; a white corset and panties, thigh-high white boots, opera gloves and a fur-trimmed cape. While other women chafed against the Hellfire club’s dress code, Emma actually relished using her sexuality as a weapon. [Uncanny X-Men #129]

2) When Emma became a teacher for Generation X, she wore a more street clothes-like outfit, though it was by no means demure. White tight pants, a zipped-up bodice, a choker with an x-symbol and a white blazer. [Uncanny X-Men #318]

3) Later, she switched to a body-suit, similar to the ones worn by the Generation X kids with a yellow X-belt and clunky golden gloves and boots, though Emma’s outfit was naturally white and, Emma being Emma, it was zipped down far enough to show quite a bit of skin. [Generation X #43]

4) Having joined Xavier’s teaching staff, Emma is wearing one of the X-Men’s uniform, though hers is considerably scantier and, of course, white. Alternately, long leatherpants or hotpants, combined with some strategically placed scraps of clothing on her breasts and neck leave enough of her chest and stomach free to form an X. In addition, she wears platform boots and a long white trenchcoat. [New X-Men #115]

5) In an attempt to appeal to the public and the media, this team of X-Men have returned to more traditional superhero outfits. Emma opted for a slightly more conservative look than her previous costumes. Her costume consists of long white opera gloves, white leather pants that disappear seamlessly into white boots, a white belt and choker (both of which sometimes include an X symbol) and a white leather bodice that leaves her midriff exposed and has a long white cape that emerges from the bustline. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #1]

6) After re-opening the Xavier Institute and installing herself as headmistress (alongside Scott Summers), Emma took to wearing this toned down version of her previous costume while functioning as the school's administrator. It consists of a daring criss-crossed X top, white pants and boots, a white belt with squared X buckle, a choker with a dangling X symbol and a sleeveless vest/trenchcoat. She uses this outfit for school functions reserving her "superhero" costume for missions alongside the X-Men. [New X-Men: Academy X #1]