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20th April 2011


UXM #129 first appearance, discovers mutant powers, contacted by the X-Men
UXM #131 parents convinced by Phoenix to let her join the school
UXM #139 receives codename, meets Stevie Hunter
UXM #141-142 passes first Danger Room test, body taken over by future version Kate Pryde
UXM #143 alone at the mansion when N’Garai demon attacks, uses her brains to defeat it
UXM #149 desings herself a new costume
UXM #165 offers herself to Colossus
UXM #166 meets Lockheed
UXM #169 renounces the name Sprite
UXM #170 promises Caliban to stay with him if he helps her against the Morlocks
UXM #179 Callisto wants her to fulfill her promise by forcing her into marrying Caliban, but he lets her go
UXM #180 befriends Douglas Ramsey
UXM #183 Colossus breaks up with her, temporarily leaves the X-Men
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1-6 encounters Ogun in Japan, receives ninja training overcomes brainwashing with Wolverine’s help, takes on the name Shadowcat
NMU (1st series) #30 first manifests Illyana’s armor and soulsword
UXM #211 hit by one of Harpoon’s energy spears, locked in phased form
UXM #227 learns that the X-Men “died” in Dallas
EXC The Sword is Drawn helps to found Excalibur
EXC (1st series) #11 after Illyana’s sacrifice during Inferno the Soulsword appears at Excalibur’s headquarter, refuses to take the sword and it’s power
EXC (1st series) #19 separated from the team during the Cross-Time Caper, returns to earth alone
EXC (1st series) #24 manipulated by Opal Lun Sat-yr-9
EXC (1st series) #32-34 sent to St. Searle's, a girl school, starts a cheerleading team to earn some money to help the school with it’s financial problems, learns that Excalibur is back too and rejoins
UXM #303 stays at Illyana’s side as she dies of the Legacy Virus
EXC (1st series) #78 meets Douglock
EXC (1st series) #83-85 almost corrupted by the soulsword, gives it to Amanda Sefton for safekeeping, who in turn gives it to Margali Szardos
EXC (1st series) #86 meets Pete Wisdom, constantly argues with him
EXC (1st series) #90 falls in love with Pete Wisdom
EXC (1st series) #104-105 determined to prove that Douglock is Doug Ramsey, phases into the grave and finds Doug’s corpse
Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD #1-3 offered internship by SHIELD
EXC (1st series) #120 breaks up with Pete Wisdom
EXC (1st series) #125 Excalibur disbands
UXM #360, XM #80 rejoins the X-Men
XM #94 finds Destiny’s diary
six month gap takes a leave of absence, goes to Genosha where something bad happens, becomes more rebellious and gives herself a short haircut
XM #100 saves the X-Men’s shuttle but gets separated from the team
XM #110 decided to quit the X-Men, comes one last time to Westchester to pick up Colossus’ ashes
XMU #36 attends university, faces the challenges of daily life and prejudice against mutants
XXM #25-30 kidnapped by Lady Deathstrike and Stryker, happens upon strange community called Haven, led by a fanatic artificial intelligence/mutant hybrid, makes Stryker see the error of his ways, freed by the X-Men
XXM #43-45 helps the X-Men against Bogan, rescues Rachel Summers who was forced to work as the villain’s pet telepath
XXU #46, AXM #1 returns to the mansion, accepts teaching position and an active spot on the X-Men team led by Cyclops
AXM #4-6 finds Colossus alive and a captive of Ord
AXM #13-14 finally has sex with Piotr
AXM #15-18 deals with Emma and her possession by Cassandra Nova
AXM #24 trapped inside the Breakworld bullet heading for Earth
Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men phases the Breakworld bullet to save the Earth, merges her form with it and is believed lost forever
UXM #522 returned to Earth and freed from the bullet by Magneto, stuck in her phased form