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4th January 2013


GEX #12, WX (2nd series) #16 manifestation of power blew off half his face and crippled his girlfriend Gayle
GEX #1 first appearance, invitation from Xavier to join Generation X
GEX #6 Paige attracted to him, approaches for a kiss, causing Jono to lose control and blow up part of the academy
GEX #11 defeats Omega Red single handedly
GEX #12 Gayle wants revenge, sets him up, eventually both captured by Emplate
GEX #14 makes up with Gayle and forgives her
XM #49, GEX #16 brief contact to Onslaught screws up his powers
GEX #23 an attempt to fix their relationship fails, as Jono believes Paige is looking for someone “normal,“ like her father
GEX #30 Jono apologizes and makes up with Paige
GEX #42 temporarily loses his telepathic power and therefore his only way to communicate
GEX #44 expresses his love for Paige when she is forced to leave
GEX #45 power returns
Generation X Annual ‘98 bitten by Dracula
GEX #48 Paige returns, Jono acts rather cold towards her
GEX #52 Synch uses his power better than Jono himself
GEX #59 Paige and Jono jealous towards each other
GEX #71 meets deaf goth girl, who seems like a perfect match, but Jono doesn’t want to expose her to the world he lives in
GEX #75 Generation X disbands, Chamber invited to join the X-Men
UXM #395 back in London, begin dating pop singer Sugar Kane
UXM #398 Sugar Kane dumps him when he is a threat to her career, Jono accepts membership in the X-Men
UXM #403 mets his old teammates, including Paige, who are part of Banshee’s X-Corps
UXM #407 reminds Nightcrawler why it’s important to be an X-Man
Chamber #1 thinks the X-Men are too secluded, enrolls at ESU to solve a cause of mutant murders
Chamber #4 learns that he too judges people by their looks, returns to Xavier’s but only to teach
UXM #422-423 learns that in his absence Paige joined the X-Men and started a relationship with Archangel
WX (2nd series) #18, 15 jealous of Paige and Warren, decides to go undercover to investigate the revamped Weapon X program for the X-Men, lashes out with his powers in a local bar, brought into custody, receives an offer from Weapon X
WX (2nd series) #16 chest and face restored by the Weapon X scientists
WX (2nd series) #17-18 doesn’t like being forced to kill John Sublime as part of his cover
WX (2nd series) #20-21 disappears right after locating Neverland
New Excalibur #9 brainwashed to be loyal to Weapon X, caught by the Decimation effect, chest explodes once more as he loses his powers
Generation M #1 found by the X-Men, brought to a hospital and put on life support
New Exalibur #9 kidnapped and revitalized by Clan Akkaba
New Warriors (4th series) #3 has joined a new New Warriors team, given sonic technology as powers, goes by the code-name Decibel
New Warriors (4th series) #20 team disbands
Age of X returned to his original appearance during the reality warp. Retains original appearance and is re-powered when reality warp ends
X-Men Legacy (1st series) #264 teaching at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning