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5th January 2008


AF (1st series) #1 Department H closed down, Gamma Flight disbanded
AF (1st series) #11-12 first appearance, recruited for Omega Flight, battles Alpha Flight
AF (1st series) #26-28 second battle with Alpha Flight, defeated by former lover Madison Jeffries and sent to prison
AF (1st series) #71 pardoned to join new governmental team, visits Madison and tries to seduce him back
AF (1st series) #72-73 taken to alternate dimensions along with Alpha Flight, fights and eventually makes up with Heather Hudson during the long way back home
AF (1st series) #78 remains with Alpha Flight, re-starts romance with Madison
AF (1st series) #87-90 helps rescue James Hudson from Roxxon
AF (1st series) #95 reveals to have a lump in her breast, proper diagnosis impossible due to her impenetrable skin, nominated for Alpha Flight’s current official roster
AF (1st series) #97-99 encounters an alien with a weapon that can cut her skin, steals the weapon in order to have the tumor examined
AF (1st series) #101 biopsy reveals that she doesn’t have cancer
AF (1st series) #103-105 Madison proposes after being seriously injured during a mission, he and Lil retire from Alpha Flight to get married
AF (1st series) #122, 125 concerned about her husband’s apparent addiction to life as a super-hero
AF (2nd series) #5-6 furios over Madison’s rejoining Alpha Flights, comes to Department H to talk to him, but is captured by and subjected to experiments by Dr. Huxley instead
AF (2nd series) #18 rescued by Alpha Flight
Weapon X (2nd series) #5 captured by Weapon X Program, taken to mutant concentration camp that was designed by her brainwashed husband
off panel the Weapon X Program comes to an end because of the M-Day
X-Men: The 198 #4 revealed to have retained her powers, lives in the “198” camp on the Xavier estate