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11th September 2014
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XFO #minus 1 idolizes his older brother John, helps him expose Dr. Martynec’s illegal genetic experiments on Camp Verde residents
CXM #3 buries his brother after he was killed during a mission with the X-Men
NMU (1st series) #16-17 first appearance, leader of the Hellions
UXM #193 wants to exact revenge on Xavier, but makes up with him instead
NMU (1st series) #54 attraction to Dani Moonstar
NMU (1st series) #99-100 massacre at Camp Verde, thinks the Hellfire Club responsible, joins New Mutants under Cable’s leadership
NMU Annual #7 first use of “Warpath” as codename
XFO (1st series) #14-15 suggests using Camp Verde as X-Force’s base
XME #17 learns of the attack on Emma Frost and the Hellions
XFO (1st series) #19 steals Xavier’s computer files
XFO (1st series) #29 admits his feelings for Siryn
XFO (1st series) #31 helps Siryn overcome her excessive drinking by organizing a meeting with Black Tom
XFO (1st series) #39 allows Prosh to absorb the remains of Camp Verde into his mass so that he can leave Earth
XFO (1st series) #42 visits Emma Frost, leans that the Hellfire Club was not responsible for the Camp Verde massacre
CAB (2nd series) #29, XFO (1st series) #44 new haircut, new costume, begins practicing with bo staff
XFO (1st series) #51 begins using increased speed and heightened senses, first meets Risque
XFO (1st series) #55-56 lives in South Beach with Risque, gets himself a huge bird tattoo
XFO (1st series) #57-58 returns to X-Force, Risque disappears during a battle with Sinister
XFO (1st series) #65-66 reunited with and drugged by Risque, brought to Sledge who informs him of Michael Whitecloud being alive
XFO (1st series) #68-71 tracks down the Vanisher for Sledge, gains Whitecloud’s whereabouts in exchange
XFO (1st series) #72-73 tracks down Whitecloud and Dr. Martynec, uncovers the truth behind Camp Verde, gets killed by Martynec
XFO (1st series) #74 confronts Stryfe in the afterlife, returns with the help of Moonstar’s Valkyrie status and Siryn keeping his body alive
XFO (1st series) #107 powers pushed to the max by Wisdom’s training, manifests the ability to fly
XFO (1st series) #113, 115, 117 X-Force fakes their own deaths twice, disbands after losing the teamname to new “media” X-Force
NXM #133 member of X-Corporation Mumbai
XFO (2nd series) #2-3 joins Cable’s quest against the Skornn
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #475 joins the X-Men and travels into space
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #488 grows closer to Hepzibah
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #491 thwarts Masque’s plan and enters into a relationship with Hepzibah
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #493 joins X-Force to track down Cable
New X-Men (2nd series) #45 Caliban dies saving his life
X-Force (3rd series) #1 buries Caliban and joins Wolverine’s X-Force
X-Force (3rd series) #6 saves X-23 from Eli Bard
X-Force: Ain’t No Dog wrestles with his conscience over the X-Force exploits
X-Force (3rd series) #7 takes some time off X-Force
X-Force (3rd series) #8-10 attacked by Demon Bear and discovers his tribe was resurrected by Eli Bard
X-Force (3rd series) #11 rejoins with X-force and recounts his tale
Utopia Crossover moves to the island of Utopia and joins the X-Men’s security detail
Messiah War crossover travels to the future to find Cable and Hope
Necrosha Crossover defeats Selene and her undead army and then quits X-Force