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20th April 2001


Main Characters

Was Jean Grey of this reality too “replaced“ by the Phoenix Force ?
There are contradicting answers. Excalibur #52 says that the X-Men never encountered Phoenix, but in Uncanny X-Men #199, Rachel thinks about her timeline and reveals that there (like in the mainstream universe) Jean became Phoenix and saved the universe.
The Excalibur quote could be explained as the X-Men having never FOUGHT Phoenix.
Two scenarios are possible :
- In DOFP the Phoenix Force too impersonated Jean, but she never lost control and was never discovered. This would imply that the real Jean might still be at the bottom of Jamaica Bay.
- There is no Force in the DOFP. Jean merely received a power-up by passing cosmic radiation during the fateful spaceflight. Jean chose to rename herself to Phoenix, because of having survived the impossible odds.
Whatever the case, Rachel’s mother died when Mastermind detoned a nuclear device in Pittsburgh.

Who is Rachel’s father ?
Rachel herself believes to be the daughter of Cyclops, but there have been some hints that Logan might actually be her dad. The strongest hint that Scott is not blood-related to her was seen in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14. While Cyclops was turned into a hound he couldn’t locate her. Ahab thought that this was impossible considering a blood relative. Also it is clearly stated that even if she telepathically masqueraded her presence he should be able to locate her.
Wolverine being her father would explain Rachel’s success as a hound due to latent tracking abilities inherited from Logan. Recently the villain Tullamore Voge added more oil to the flame as he attacked Jean and Logan on the astral plane in Uncanny X-Men #384. Both were shown in hound costumes as Tullamore made a comment of mixing their genes just right and the offspring having limitless potential.

Isn’t there an incosisteny between the two Psylocke sightings ?
n Wolverine : DOFP she is portrayed as the Hellfire Club’s Red Queen. This storyline is set clearly before Uncanny X-Men #141-142. In Captain Britain’s dream sequence of Excalibur #94, which happens around the same time, she is among Excalibur.
There is no problem to get these appearances in order; in Wolverine DOFP #3, Betsy gets fried by Jubilee’s fireworks and Emma Frost states at the end of the issue that she has contacted Brian Braddock who will take Betsy to England once her rehabilitation is complete.

What has become of Ahab?
In Excalibur #67 he teleports away to an unknown location. Since the Sentinels core programming has been changed Ahab is stripped of all his resources, but such a good villain as he might pop up elsewhere again.