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22nd July 2003

The dimension known currently as the Mojoverse is home to a group of spineless humanoids known as the Spineless Ones. Their society wasn't very advanced until a mutant Spineless One was born: Arize. He created artificial spines for his fellows, but a small group refused to use these spines. For unknown reasons, it was this group that became the ruler of this dimension. They ordered Arize to create a race of slaves for them. Arize obeyed, but gave the slaves self-awareness and created a leader for them: the slave who later became known as Longshot. The society of the Spineless Ones became television-addicts and turned into a mediacracy, governed by the one director who had the best ratings. This person was known as Mojo, a megalomaniac, who named the entire universe after him. Longshot was Mojo's slave and worked as a stuntman, till he rebelled and escaped to earth. Longshot has fought various battles with Mojo, winning some and losing some. On Earth, as a member of the X-Men, Longshot fell in love with his teammate Dazzler, who eventually returned with him to his native dimension where she married him, and together they have been leading several rebellions.