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Growing up in a gun cartel...being used as a weapon of mass destruction...losing his powers...dating Wolfsbane...things just seem to go from bad to worse for this guy. But he has always survived and through it all found love with his best friend. Read the Earth-shattering story of... RICTOR!
The X-Men have fought many psychic entities over the years but few have had such a personal toll on the team than this lady. Taking over their minds and lives, she twisted, manipulated and killed her way to the top. So take a moment to read the history of a woman called MALICE IV!

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Spotlight on... RICTOR

Today's spotlight has been a long time coming. This character completes the New Mutants and ticks off another big name from the X-Force and X-Factor roster. Thanks to being a mainstay of X-Factor Investigations and his relationship with Shatterstar he became one of the more requested characters for a UXN Spotlight. So without further ado we present our Spotlight on...Rictor.


After the active Alpha Flight was killed by the Collective, the remaining members scattered to the winds. However, the Chaos War brought an unexpected result when almost all of the classic Alphans return to life. Though Alpha Flight reformed, they were soon branded outlaws by their own government. The Alpha Flight Hero Team entry has been updated to chronicle the latest adventures of Canada's premiere super heroes!


The X-Men have seen many beautiful locations on their travels around the MU but this certainly isn't one of them. What was once an idyllic beach has now become a graveyard for spaceships and is listed as one of the top five most dangerous places on Earth (and that's no mean feat). Take a trip, if you dare, to the toxic wasteland that is Chaparanga Beach

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We hoped you enjoyed our little April Fools day shenanigans yesterday, and didn't get annoyed with flooding you with fake news articles. We're giving you a breather for a few days and our regular main updates will return next week


What a whirlwind inaugural day for the new UncannycomiXNews.Net! However, it's not over yet, as we have one last bit of news to report!

BREAKING: Sole X-Men title emerging from Secret Wars revealed to be animated-exclusive series, X-Men ‘92 Forever!


When Secret Wars was first announced, many worried that their beloved continuity would no longer be acknowledged. This latest preview is for a Secret Wars series specifically designed to allay all of those fears, as it involves time travel into Marvel's rich history.