Trading Card Sets

Our Trading Card section is aimed at bringing you full listings and pictures of all X-Men trading card sets as well as any other set that has featured the X-Men characters in such as the Marvel Masterpieces and Marvel Universe Sets.

If you find any errors that need correcting, or if you would like to contribute to this section get in touch.

Title Last Updated
JIM LEE I 1990 24th Aug 2015
Marvel Masterpieces (1993) 24th Jun 2015
X-Cutioners Song Cards 21st Jun 2013
X-Men Fleer Ultra 94 20th Nov 2013
X-Men Series 1 (1992) 20th Mar 2013
X-Men Series 2 (1993) 6th Jun 2013
X-Men Timelines 97 25th Jan 2013
X-Men: 1991 27th Feb 2013