Merging Minds

Articles & Research

While the articles within "Cerebro Files" and "X-Universe" address what's in the comics on a factual basis, this sections main trait is to talk about comics. There is no regulated format here, and though the articles do contain lots of facts, they might be presented in a different form other than the chronological approach of the other section's. Also, kind of adding a second layer, the articles might contain an author's voice or some personal opinions and speculations. To make it short: "Merging Minds" is for everything that doesn't fit elsewhere.

Dangler Lists

This is a listing of all the plotlines and other information given to the reader, which, for one reason or another, have not been resolved. These plots are called danglers.

Event Months

An Event Month can center around specific characters (Summers), certain incidents (AoA) or a basic underlying theme (magic). In this section you can look up which features were released during the past Events, and how the concept improved with each take.