Alien Races

Even before the first issue of the X-Men was released in 1963, alien races had appeared in Marvel Comics with the arrival of the Skrulls in Fantastic Four #2 and it was inevitable that the X-Men would also encounter their share of extraterrestrials, both on earth trying to invade the planet in outer space or even joining the ranks such as the technarch Warlock who initially joined the New Mutants and so this sections focus is on those Alien Races that have interacted with the X-Men in some way

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Title Last Updated
ACANTI 12th Oct 2009
BROOD 14th Oct 2009
D'BARI 5th Sep 2016
DEMON BEAR 6th Jan 2018
GOLGOTHA 9th Nov 2018
MEPHISTOIDS 29th Aug 2016
MUMMUDRAI 29th Jun 2018
N'GARAI 11th Dec 2014
P!NDYR 5th Sep 2016
PHALANX 22nd May 2007
PREDATOR X 4th Nov 2016
RU'TAI 11th Dec 2014
SCY'AR TAL / M'KRAAN 3rd Aug 2015
SHI'AR 15th Aug 2016
SIDRI 12th Sep 2016
STRONTIANS 16th Oct 2015
TECHNARCHY 22nd May 2007
TIMEBREAKERS 19th May 2015
TIMORIANS 29th Aug 2016
UNCREATED 12th Sep 2016
WARWOLVES 19th Jan 2023
Z'NOX 14th Sep 2017