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Emma Frost's first telepathic tutor turned out to have quite a dark and predatory nature. Find out the levels Astrid Bloom was willing to go to keep the future White Queen all to herself. BLOOM, ASTRID!
This somewhat reluctant mutant used his "hard air" mutant power to serve Canada and its people as a member of Alpha Flight. But despite his best attempts, he never thrived as a super-hero - so he opened a shop. But has a more recent return to adventuring changed his outlook on life? Find out in the Spotlight On... WINDSHEAR!
A caustic personality whose short time on X-Force caused friction in the team. His competition to be "more black" than his teammate Anarchist lead to an untimely fate. Read about the poor decisions of... SPIKE!

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Profile on... ASTRID BLOOM

This British born telepath was one of a number of minor characters introduced in the early 2000s during a boom of X-Men solo titles. These characters generally served the same purpose in that they were key in the formative years of our heroes only to be taken off the board relatively quickly. This mutant for example was pivotal in Emma Frost's road to be becoming the White Queen and arguably more importantly the source of Emma's infamous wit and (alleged) fake British accent. Read our profile on the obsessive Astrid Bloom!


One of the X-Men's most maligned human associates, Nurse Annie has a complicated history with the X-Men including controversial moments with Havok, Polaris and Iceman. Although she hasn't been seen in some years, she did make a surprise return... in a very unpopular story arc spotlighting Iceman. But where's her little brat, Carter? Find out all about Annie's most recent run-in with the X-Men in our updated Spotlight on NURSE ANNIE!


As we continue through our chronology of the X-Men we come to the best period for the team...the mid-90's. The classic blue and gold teams started to merge together until they became a muddled mess of characters coming and going. Plus Joseph!!! Read our updated article on the X-Men Roster


Spotlight on... WINDSHEAR!

Colin Hume's ability to generate "hard air" manifested when he was the victim of a mugging, and as a result of injuring his attackers, he made a vow to hide his mutant powers. Years later, working security for the malevolent Roxxon, the now cynical Hume used his abilities for Roxxon's gain. He was present when several members of Alpha Flight paid Roxxon a visit, and joined them on an adventure which saw the return of their long-thought dead leader. Hume soon joined Alpha Flight, his brash personality often putting himself at odds with his teammates, and in particular younger mutants who had been in the business of heroics for much longer than him. He later retired from heroics and...opened a shop? Learn about all this and more in our brand new Spotlight on Alpha Flight's Windshear!


Tragedy has followed the Pryde family (formerly Prydeman) from World War 2 Poland, to Genosha to even alternate timelines. However despite the horrors that have befallen them they have shown the best in humanity by reacting to their difficult circumstances with durability, bravery and kindness. Read the inspirational story of the Pryde’s here.

Spotlight on... SPIKE!

When Spike was auditioning to be the newest member of X-Force, Anarchist didn't want him on the team out of fear that when a new black man came onto a show, the older black man got killed off. When Spike joined despite this, his tenure was filled with constant fighting and accusations of racism. Ultimately, these arguments got turned against him and lead to an ironic and tragic fate.