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You name the power and this God-like mutant seems to have it. Having fought both the Avengers and X-Men to a standstill he has proved to be a deadly opponent over the years. Read our brand new spotlight on the mighty ... EXODUS!
From her early beginnings as Angel's girlfriend, to an ally of the X-Men, successful business woman, leader of the New Defenders and target of the anti-mutant group known as the Right, Candy has had a long and varied life as one of the greatest supporting characters in X-Men herstory! CANDY SOUTHERN!
As a Nazi-hunting mad scientist with a self-evolved intellect, James Bradley's life was never going to be ordinary. Shying away from superheroics for many years, he eventually joined the X-Men and showed them that you can be a badass in the lab whilst still rocking a fedora. Read about the surprisingly long history of X-Club's... DOCTOR NEMESIS!

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New World Order (Glossary Group)
ABSORBING MAN (Glossary Character)
MENTALLO (Glossary Character)
JUGGERNAUT (Glossary Character)
Demi-Men (Glossary Group)
WAGGONER, KURT (Glossary Character)
XAVIER HEAD (Glossary Character)
WISDOM, PETE (AoA) (Glossary Character)
X-TREME (Glossary Character)
MEME (Glossary Character)

Update on...EXODUS

Last time we saw this man, he was saving Magneto's life despite disagreeing with him on the direction that mutantkind should be going in. In the time that has passed, the mutant race's position in the world has changed significantly, So much so, that Exodus, along with many other mutants who were once sworn enemies of the X-Men, have been welcomed to the mutant nation of Krakoa. With Exodus now being forced to live and work alongside his former adversaries, time will tell how long it will be before his ideology gets the better of him once more. Read our updated spotlight on the X-Men's former enemy now turned unlikely ally.

Update on... KYLUN

Although technically not dead, Kylun has been significantly underused as a character ever since Excalibur ended. Nevertheless, he made several small appearances in recent years, including being tagged as an X-Man reservist and getting a supporting role in the Age of X-Man reality. Interested in seeing more of the lion-faced Scottish echomorph with the magic swords? Let Marvel know!

Update on... ST. CROIX TWINS

Our next Dawn of X update revisits the confusing tale of the original M, her sisters Nicole and Claudette St. Croix. When 16 year old Monet went missing, her 8 year old twin sisters were miraculously able to combine and pose as her. Serving on Generation X first as M and later as Penance, the twins faded into obscurity as that title was cancelled. If the baby Penances roaming the Akademos Habitat are any indication, however, the St. Croix siblings are reunited once again.

Spotlight on...CANDY SOUTHERN!

No, this isn't another update to Jean Grey's Spotlight... Today, we take a look at one of the X-Men's earliest and longest-serving supporting characters, the Southern Belle herself, Candy Southern! Back when the X-Men had a vast array of non-mutant lovers and allies, Candy proved her worth over and over as not only a great ally of the X-Men, but even served a stint as leader of the New Defenders. Candy was not among the supporting cast who seemingly vanished without a trace, she actually met a much more tragic and quite horrific fate which you can read all about in this Spotlight on (not Marvel Girl) Candy Southern!

Update on... SKIN

The dead walk! With the beginning of the Dawn of X era, many characters (and Spotlights) thought long dead have returned on the hills of Krakoa. Today's release is the first of several older character articles we will be updating with their sudden returns. First up is Angelo Espinosa, the Generation X member once crucified on the X-Men's front lawn but now returned and living with his friends in paradise... SKIN!


Russia's answer to the Avengers, The Winter Guard was formed by uniting members of the government's previous super team and a group of exiled heroic mutants. The team was later restructured to a core team of four iconic members - but who was really under their costumes? And did anyone even care? Times change, and the Winter Guard once again comprises a large team but with some dubious motives and methods.
One thing remains the same though, the Winter Guard always do as they are told...mostly. Read all about the complicated history of Зимняя гвардия!