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Obsessed with the struggle between good and evil, this psychiatrist became the victim of his own illusion ability and became convinced he was a supernaturally powerful entity. Once manipulated by Norman Osborn and the Brotherhood of Scrier, he has resurfaced in connection with Orchis. Today's Spotlight shows the confusing history of... TRAVELLER!
Will they or Won’t they? The rumors swirling around school of the steamy romance building between team captains is palpable. Does Sofia get the boy and a happy ending in her tragedy filled life? Tune in to the live stream of... WIND DANCER!
No-nonsense mercenary turned no-nonsense government operative, this massively-built combat specialist has a complicated history with Cable and Domino. He often walked a fine line trying to enforce international law while retaining sympathy for his Six Pack comrades. The one-time successor to Nick Fury himself, today's Spotlight falls on... BRIDGE, G.W. !

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Update on... FORGE

Next in our ongoing run of Spotlight Updates is Forge. Last touched upon during the Decimation at the annihilation of Mount Wundagore, Forge is feeling better these days. Cable helped the Maker "fix" his own mind, and he spent time with X-Force before reconnecting with the X-Men during the M-Pox crisis. Although he had trouble at first accepting his relationship with Storm was permanently in the past, Forge and Ororo have since made amends and become good friends again. Currently, Forge is expanding his mind to apply his power to the untested limits of Krakoan bio-technology, running a Skunkworks and Armory for X-Force and building "green" tech for the mutant race's island paradise. He has rejoined the X-Men as the active heroes of Krakoa, but his loyalties to Cyclops and to the Quiet Council's secret projects may end up conflicting with each other.


Hailing from Spider-Man's legendary Clone Saga, Judas Traveller was introduced as a mysterious god-like being fixated on discovering the true nature of good and evil. Through his interaction with the inmates at Ravencroft, Traveller became interested in Spider-Man and his clone, the Scarlet Spider. Only as the two year event came to a close was it revealed that Traveller was actually a delusional mutant able to alter perceptions, and his powers helped convince others (and himself) that his self-aggrandized persona was real. Him becoming involved with the anti-mutant organization Orchis raises many questions, but that's typically what happens when Traveller is involved.

Spotlight on... WIND DANCER!

A ray of sunlight in a storm of tragedy that begins with a mother’s death and a father’s rejection. Attending Xavier’s Academy, Sofia’s optimism and loyalty to her friends made her ideal for dealing with the teenage drama that permeated her training squad the New Mutants. However, her strategy often faltered, especially when that irritating yet handsome boy Julian was involved. Even Sofia found it difficult to find the bright side in losing her powers, yet still she managed to find another drama filled team that needed her peacekeeping nature to pull through. A positive nature must have also been a large draw on the internet, as her live streaming days saw her gain a sizable audience... before they voted that she should be murdered on camera. Despite all the tragedy, her optimism has paid off with herself and all her friends alive and thriving on Krakoa. Nothing can blow this girl down for long. Listen closely to the story of… Wind Dancer!


Arguably mutantkind's first father, Charles Xavier's literal foray into fatherhood has unquestionably been a failure. But what chance did he really have? A possible science experiment by Mr. Sinister, with a weak willed mother, dead and implied morally unscrupulous biological father and abusive stepfather, young Charles saw no healthy parental figures in his childhood. Unfortunately, it does not stop there. From a genocidal twin sister to a criminal brother, the Xaviers and the Markos have really made their mark on the world and, collectively, not in a good way. Read here about the fraught history of the Xavier / Marko family.

Update on... DOMINO

Today's Spotlight Update covers the lady of luck herself, DOMINO. Following up on Neena's activities since AvX, we of course cover her working with many different versions of X-Force, alongside other mercenary endeavors like the Posse and the Mercs for Money. Domino tried to find love several times, such as her fling with Warpath, her complicated passion for Colossus, and making a pass at Shang-Chi. Presently, Neena is operating in service of Krakoa's "Force Protocols", running with Wolverine and Kid Omega performing black ops missions for the mutant nation. As an added bonus, today we're also doing a format update for Domino's former doppelganger, Copycat. Although Vanessa is still dead since last we checked, her introduction in the Deadpool movies and the Krakoan resurrection queue may change that at any time! 

UXN 22nd Birthday! Update On...SELENE

Whilst UncannyXMen.net celebrates its 22nd birthday it doesn't compare to the subject of our latest spotlight update who clocks in at over 17,000 years old. The website was only a few years old when we first debuted her Bring on the Bad Guys entry and in that time she brought a lot of pain and heartache to the X-Men on her path to becoming a goddess. Recently, she overplayed her hand by angering the leaders of Krakoa and paid the ultimate price, having been pushed far down the resurrection queue as punishment. So grab some birthday cake and read our updated entry on the Black Queen herself...SELENE