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A new era of Alpha Flight called for new members... Again! This young mutant, a very reluctant hero, proved himself dedicated and true as he helped defend the people and the land of the Great White North. It's... FLEX!
Israel's only known super-agent, Ruth bat-Seraph plays the double role of covert agent and public icon for her nation. Powerful and dedicated, today's spotlight covers the woman warrior known as... SABRA!
Eric Gitter receives symbolic powers based on the design of different tattoos. Flight, strength, explosions, healing...he's a walking canvas of power sets. Despite this, he's actually NOT a mutant, and you can learn how in today's Spotlight on... INK!

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Update on... DRAGONESS!

The Mutant Liberation Front made a surprise return during the X-Men: Disassembled era. Among the returning members was fan-favorite member, the feisty Dragoness!  But since we debuted her spotlight many years ago, she's actually been up to a few other things, too - like challenging the Five Lights on Utopia, and getting caught up in the Mothervine debacle. Just don't think about what happened to her when she returned to Madripoor - and definitely don't call her a MILF!

Spotlight on... FLEX!

Back in the late 90s, several classic but canceled Marvel titles got a new lease on life, with a new set of characters. Alpha Flight was among that resurgence of new titles, and the biggest scardey-cat of all time was reluctantly forced onto the team. Adrian Corbo, a teenage mutant who could flex his limbs into razor sharp metal blades. He formed friendships with classics team members, developed a crush on a girl who can walk through walls and was blamed for the apparent death of a villain. Oh, he also grew up in an orphanage and, when he started to investigate who his father is... we'll, you're not gonna believe it. Read all about the history of FLEX... The son of Wolverine! (Maybe.)

Spotlight on... SABRA!

The Contest of Champions was an early attempt by Marvel Comics to create a more representative universe, introducing new international heroes from France, Argentina, China, Ireland, Saudi Arabia... and Israel. Sabra was a super-agent for her home country who fought on behalf of the state. In the 90's, her character became more complicated as it was revealed she also worked as part of Charles Xavier's mutant underground, balancing her commitments to the Jewish people of Israel and Homo superior from around the world. She worked briefly with the X-Corporation and remains an ally of the X-Men. With the establishment of a mutant nation-state, however, Sabra's ultimate loyalties between Krakoa and Israel have yet to be tested.


The Third Summers Brother revealed!! Again! Almost 30 years ago, Fabian Nicieza started a plotline in the X-Titles involving a mysterious additional brother for Cyclops and Havok. The intended character, Adam-X the X-Treme, was never quite revealed as the answer to this mystery before Nicieza left the titles. In the decades since, other answers such as Gambit and Vulcan have expanded upon and complicated the Third Summers Brother plotline. Recently, however, Nicieza was given a chance to fulfill his original concept in the pages of X-Men Legends. To commemorate this, today we are releasing a pair of articles, with an update to X-Treme's Character entry and converting our Third Summers Brothers dangler article into a completed storyline article. Enjoy!


In our continued article on the comings and goings of the various X-Men we come to possibly one of the most iconic eras for the team. For the first time since the X-Men's inception there were so many members that two seperate squads were required. Splitting into the infamous Blue and Gold teams, veterans like Storm and Cyclops led them whilst a few new additions added some drama. Read about the Blue and Gold squads in our updated...X-MEN ROSTER!!!


Some of the greatest houses of the Roman Empire survived to the modern nights in the Amazon jungle of all places. Read here about the pedigreed mutant Magma and her connections to some of the greatest families of ancient antiquity and her debated connection to the ancient sorceress Selene.