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Although she has used her formidable psionic power as a member of almost every team of Acolytes, loyally serving Magneto and his cause, she has never just blindly followed. When push comes to shove, she'll hit back hard. Find out how hard in the detailed spotlight on... UNUSCIONE!
La inspiración puede impulsar a un individuo a la acción, pero la inspiración de un pueblo puede provocar una revolución. Aliada de Wolverine, esta joven tuvo el poder de inspirar a otros y convertir esa inspiración en explosiones de fuerza. Lea hoy de su historia. Viva la revolución. ¡Viva LA BANDERA!
From school riots to international psychic terrorist attacks, this young omega-level mutant used to cause all kinds of problems for the X-Men. Over the years, he's warmed up to the idea of being a hero and while his trademark snark is as present as ever, he may just have what it takes to be an X-Man after all... Decide for yourself by reading all about the troublesome history of KID OMEGA!

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X-Men Roster (Part 1)

When Professor X set up the X-Men in 1963 he only had five students. Now 57 years laters and I doubt even he would have believed the team now has members numbering in the hundreds. It has long been a dream project for some of the contributors to chart the comings and goings of the various members and we finally bit the bullet and gave it our best attempt. This article isn't intended to be a team entry in the classic sense as no-one is crazy enough to attempt that. Instead, this article will break down the various line-ups throughout time and detail when the particular characters joined and left. We intend on this being a long-running series of releases, adding a few more line-ups every time we update it. So, without further ado we release our first part of the X-Men Roster, detailing he line-ups from the start up to the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga. Stay tuned for more in the coming months...


Welcome to the year 2020!!! Sounds rather science fiction-ey when we say it that way. As we begin a brand new year (and new decade) we like to look back at our previous one and summarise all the releases we put on to the site. However, last year we didn't get round to doing one for 2018, which is a bit surprising since it was a huge year for the site. So, in case you missed anything from two years ago here is our UXN 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW! Let us know what your favourite was.

(Stay tuned in the very very near future for our slightly more up-to-date one on 2019)

Update on... JEAN GREY

She's back! Dead this time for over twice as long as after the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean Grey finally returned to the X-Men. Her O5 counterpart wrestled with her destiny as the Phoenix and as Mrs. Scott Summers, but came into her own as a powerful mutant and team leader in her own right. The adult Jean also cast off the legacy of the Phoenix and forged her own X-Men during a time when both Charles and Scott were believed dead. Today, read the long overdue update on Jean Grey's Spotlight!

Spotlight on...UNUSCIONE

Today we present a brand-new Spotlight on one of the most loyal members of the Acolytes. She hates flatscans, is okay with mass murder, despises traitors and follows the preachings of Magneto - but she will also defend innocent mutants when the need arises. We bring you the Italian diva herself... Carmella Unuscione!

SCHISM crossover

Like most superhero teams, the X-Men are no strangers to infighting, but this crossover took that to an all new level. Cyclops and Wolverine had been teammates and rivals for many years, but the differences between them both would come to a bloody head when their home of Utopia was faced with an unbeatable enemy. Divided over what to do, the two men battled it out until they were forced to go their separate ways. The aftermath saw the X-Men split in two for a number of years, but here you can read where it all began in our crossover entry on...SCHISM!

Spotlight on... LA BANDERA

La Bandera es un personaje oscuro que apareció por primera vez en la serie de Wolverine durante la historia de Actos de Venganza. Una luchadora por la libertad criada en Miami, descubrió su poder mutante para inspirar y lo llevó a la narco nación centroamericana de Tierra Verde para detener la propagación de drogas a Florida. La vida de un verdadero revolucionario empañó su inocencia, pero no sus convicciones. Con su ayuda, la gente de Tierra Verde derrocó al dictador Caridad y instaló una nueva democracia. Aunque se convirtió en un X-Man en otras realidades, no fue en esta. Trágicamente fue asesinada años después por un asesino en serie de héroes sudamericanos. ¡Lee el Spotlight de hoy en la inspiradora La Bandera!