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The idle rich terrorist offspring of a Nazi supremacist turned swashbuckling super-hero and morbidly kinky sword. Find out how they got from 'A' to 'B' in this week's Spotlight on... FENRIS / SWORDSMAN III!
Happy Australia Day! To celebrate, we're puttting the spotlight on one our most well-known Australian mutants. He's as Aussie as sweat at Christmas and snags on barbies. Please read our Spotlight On... PYRO!

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As we expand our character articles section to merge Spotlights and Bring on the Bad Guys, here's a couple who crossed that line in a most unexpected way. Andreas and Andrea von Strucker were as villainous as they come until she was killed and he was forcibly manipulated into becoming a super-hero. Their history is horrible and their relationship is questionable but their article is fantastic! Today's release covers the lives of Swordsman III and the Fenris twins!

Spotlight On.. LEGION!

The X-Men come to the airwaves as Legion debuts on the FX channel. The often-sidelined son of Charles Xavier, David is potentially the most powerful mutant of them all, able to recode his X-gene to produce an endless variety of new and potent mutant powers, even manipulating reality itself. Unfortunately, a childhood trauma caused his mind to fragment into countless splinter personalities. Now each personality commands a different power Legion can manifest. Today's update to the Legion Spotlight covers his ongoing series, X-Men Legacy, bringing the character up to date just in time for his television debut!


Today we bring you can update to one of our older team entry articles. Whilst this group may have started out as villains and loyal followers of Magneto, they eventually left their master's path to follow a new leader in Exodus. Unfortunately, after many deaths and the Decimation their ranks dwindled until even Exodus saw no reason to keep them going. Read our updated entry on one of the X-Men's most notable adversary teams...the Acolytes!

Spotlight On.. PYRO!

Strewth! It's the Ozziest day of the year! To make it a screamer of a day, check out this profile on a bonza Aussie mutant bloke. So kick back, crack a tinnie, grab a snag off the barbie and enjoy our Spotlight On... Pyro!

Translation: Wow! Its Australia Day! To celebrate, here's a profile on one our most well-known Australian mutant gentleman. So relax, open a cold beer, take a sausage from the barbecue and enjoy our Spotlight On... Pyro!

Spotlight On.. PIXIE!

The X-Men's student body sure got the short-end of the stick and this young girl seemed to suffer more than most. Yet despite having a part of her soul removed, being savagely beaten and finding out her family are all villains she remained an upbeat and dependable teammate. We invite you to read our first spotlight of the year on the colourful, yet goth as Hell...Pixie!


Wow, what an Extraordinary year we have had at the UXN. The Uncanny Staff around here worked around the clock to dust off some very old Spotlights, as well as bring you lots of All-New articles. We had our third Unusual Suspects competition, our 100th profile, 7000th issue summary and even an Event Month. In case you missed any of it, please feel free to read our UXM 2016 Year in Review.