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From school riots to international psychic terrorist attacks, this young omega-level mutant used to cause all kinds of problems for the X-Men. Over the years, he's warmed up to the idea of being a hero and while his trademark snark is as present as ever, he may just have what it takes to be an X-Man after all... Decide for yourself by reading all about the troublesome history of KID OMEGA!
Reborn as her own daughter after being assaulted by Nightmare, the demoness known as the Dreamqueen led a miserable existence, taking pleasure only in the torment of others. Trapped in a desolate dimension until a chance encounter with Alpha Flight freed her, the Dreamqueen created a living nightmare for Canada's Premiere Super Heroes in an attempt to take over the world. How did she do it? Read all about it right here! DREAMQUEEN!
Many of the X-Men's allies started out fighting against them and this lady is no exception. After nearly wiping out the mutant race with her so-called "cure", she saw the error of her ways and joined forces with the mutants to protect them when they needed help the most. Read all the shameful and heroic actions of the one and only RAO, DR. KAVITA!

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Update on... CYCLOPS

The fourth of the O5 updates, this month we turn to Cyclops. Scott Summers was brought into the future to stop himself from committing mutant genocide, and struggled with living up (or living down) to his older self's reputation throughout his time in the modern era. The adult Cyclops died and lived again, coming to regret his more militant actions in the months before his death. When the X-Men vanished fighting Nathaniel Grey, Cyclops held the line and assembled the remaining mutants he could find as an ad hoc X-Men until they returned. Read about the redemption(?) of the one-eyed man in today's Cyclops Spotlight Update.

Spotlight on... KID OMEGA

He’s been a host for the Phoenix Force, he was buddies with a Krakoa before it was cool and he’s a certified omega-level mutant! Yup, Quentin Quire really has it all. If only he would stop instigating school riots, causing international incidents, ditching his friends for the Hellfire Club, and being a grade-A jerk to everyone he meets, he’d probably be one of the X-Men by now. Not that that’s something he would want… See all the trouble he’s caused over the years in our spotlight on KID OMEGA!

Spotlight on...the DREAMQUEEN

Alpha Flight had their fair share of horrific enemies and, as Halloween approaches, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spotlight the waking nightmare herself: the Dreamqueen! A demoness obsessed with turning Earth into her own playground, the Dreamqueen launched several attacks on Canada's Premiere Super-Heroes - and almost won. Learn everything there is to know about her, in this Spotlight On one of Alpha Flight's deadliest enemies!

Spotlight Update on... BEAST

Our third Spotlight Update in the Original Five is the man who started it all, Henry P. McCoy, the Beast! Hank made the desperate and dangerous decision to travel into the past and drag the O5 X-Men from mere weeks after the team formed into the present. Young Beast arguably had the most trouble finding his way in the future. He was forced into admitted his unrequited feelings for Jean Grey, fell hopelessly behind the curve of modern science, and almost lost himself trying vainly to master magic. It remains to be seen whether old Beast retains any connection to magical forces after regaining the memories of his time-looped younger self.

Spotlight on...DR. KAVITA RAO

As one of the X-Men's more loyal human allies, this lady wasn't always on their side, in fact she almost caused their extinction. With the best of misguided intentions, she developed a cure for the x-gene but soon regretted it once she saw how it could become a weapon in the wrong hands. Joining up with the X-Men, she chose to redeem herself in their eyes by helping them when they needed it the most. Read our fascinating insight into the X-men resident physician...Dr. Kavita Rao!

Update on... ARCHANGEL

Number 2 in our countdown for the Original Five X-Men Spotlight Updates, we have Warren Worthington III, the Angel and the Archangel. Young Warren arrived in the present to find his older self traumatized and amnesiac, not even answering to the name Warren anymore. Angel tried to distance himself from his future mistakes by accepting and keeping the power of the Black Vortex, giving him fiery energy wings. Kid Cable solved this problem...apparently...by cutting off Angel's cosmic wings and grafting Mimic's mimicked feathered wings onto his back in their place. (It's best not to think about that too closely.) In the present, Warren returned to struggling with his Archangel side, and likely will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Today, we present the Archangel Spotlight update in full!