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No-nonsense mercenary turned no-nonsense government operative, this massively-built combat specialist has a complicated history with Cable and Domino. He often walked a fine line trying to enforce international law while retaining sympathy for his Six Pack comrades. The one-time successor to Nick Fury himself, today's Spotlight falls on... BRIDGE, G.W. !
Whilst she may be the daughter of one of the X-Men's greatest foes, this dangerous illusionist has taken up his mantle in more than just name. Betrayal, manipulation and a costume that would make Emma Frost blush are just some of the tricks of... LADY MASTERMIND!
Whilst she may not have the sass and style of her half-sister, this lady more than makes up for it in vindictiveness. As the daughter of a powerful illusionist she followed in her father's footsteps by joining the Brotherhood of mutants and even became a founding member of the Sisterhood. Take a peek through the illusion at our new character article on Martinique Jason, aka... MASTERMIND III!

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DC versus Marvel / Marvel versus DC

Two entities, effectively “brothers” who personify the Marvel and DC universe, become aware of each other. They immediately enter into open combat, forcing some of the 90s most popular characters from both companies into a battle royale in which only one reality was said to survive with the other ceasing to exist. This crossover event from 1996 was not only distinct in that it was a “canon” multi-company crossover but the reader decided the outcome of several of the fights by way of a public vote. Read about this unique crossover here

X-MEN ROSTER UPDATE - OZT and Old Faces Return!

It's been a while since we caught up with the core X-Men team and we are still working our way through the 90's. In the aftermath of Operation Zero Tolerance, the X-Men picked up a bunch of new recruits, a number of which had some truely horrifying mutations. In the months that followed the membership dwindled until only a handful remained. Thankfully, the break-up of Excalibur brought a number of former members back home. Read about the latest comings and goings in our updated...X-MEN ROSTER!

Spotlight on... G.W. BRIDGE!

G.W. Bridge was introduced in the pages of X-Force as a foil for Cable, an old mercenary buddy who joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and was tasked with hunting him down. He slowly assembled Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. over the first year of the series, adding another former Six Pack member named Garrison Kane -- the new Weapon X -- but they ultimately proved inadequate for the job. Bridge reappeared off-and-on for years as a familiar face in the S.H.I.E.L.D. hierarchy, alternately aiding and opposing Cable depending on his orders. After Onslaught, he briefly ascended to the rank of Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. after Nick Fury's death. In his final days, G.W. Bridge was given a new target, charged with hunting down Frank Castle. His complicated relationship with the Punisher led to his murder in a scheme by the Hood during Dark Reign. Garrison Kane, too, died in a final act of heroism after a long, dark term with the Weapon X Program. Although, perhaps both their deaths weren't what they seemed...

Update on... GLORIANA!

Meggan Puceanu has always been a powerful mutant, but her ability to both affect and BE affected by her environment has hampered her growth in the past. In recent years, she had become more centered and confident in the myriad uses of her powers, especially after the birth of her daughter Maggie. As Court Sorceress of Avalon, Meggan served with her family as a bridge between Krakoa and Otherworld. The current troubles brought about by Merlyn and King Arthur only make her more determined to prove herself and protect the people she loves.


This week we bring you a double update on two of the many villains who have resurfaced during the Krakoan era....the Mastermind sisters. Whilst Martinique has kept a relatively low profile, finding herself being kidnapped by Arcade, Regan has been a bit more active. After contracting M-Pox and surviving, she has recently moved to Krakoa and even came to the aid of the X-Men during a literal plants vs zombies attack. To find out more read our dual updates on LADY MASTERMIND and MASTERMIND III!


Mastermind was one of the first foes that the X-Men ever fought and quite frankly has always been considered somewhat of a lesser enemy by the Children of the Atom since then. Who would have foreseen then that from the 1990s we would meet three impressive women that allegedly sprung from the loins of this two-bit Lothario? From two international mercenaries to a Welsh fairy?