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From runaways to protectors of the night, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen won't rest until the children of the streets are safe from drugs, sexual trafficking, and other predators. They are... CLOAK & DAGGER!
He lived as an outsider amongst proud Wakandans due to his mixed heritage, a mutant whose gift of superhuman strength that rivals the Hulk, is also a curse that takes considerable toll on his bosy that could kill him at any moment, read all about.. GENTLE!
Empowered by the alien Kree, Carol Danvers became a stellar hero with the powers of the cosmos. No longer Ms. Marvel, read about the exciting adventures of the mighty... CAPTAIN MARVEL VI!

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Spotlight On... CLOAK & DAGGER

In honor of their new drama series on Freeform, UXN proudly presents a Spotlight on Cloak & Dagger! Although their mutant status continues to be questioned, Tandy and Tyrone finally joined the X-Men during their time on Utopia. While the membership didn't last, the Angel of Light and the Demon of Darkness forged lasting bonds with the mutant community, and will surely return to help the X-Men in brightest day or blackest night!

Character Spotlight On.. GENTLE

To celebrate Black Panther’s success, here’s a spotlight on the only Wakandan X-Men character, Gentle!

Hank McCoy's Medical Entry: Gentle's mutant gift of superhuman strength could rival the Hulk himself if the strain on his body didn't almost kill him every time he used it. Vibranium tattoos and meditation techniques seem to be our only answers to alleviate the terrible symptoms of his powers. Still, I'm glad Storm sent the boy to us when she became Queen of Wakanda for I'm told, he lived as an outsider amongst the proud Wakandans, due to his mixed heritage. I can only hope that Jean can succeed where I've failed and find a way for him to control his powers before the X-Men's incessant struggles take an unrecoverable toll on his body.


Today's release of the Avengers Membership Glossary completes our two month introduction of the Avengers to our site(s). Styled after UXN's popular Character Glossary, the Membership Glossary currently covers every Avenger ever from the main Marvel Universe. Should we expand to cover even more Avengers characters in the future? That all depends on the response of YOU, our fans and future contributors. As uncannyxmen.net and mightyavengers.net continue forward, expect our regular weekly release of new content, with 1-2 releases a month geared towards the new Avengers site. More contributors mean more releases, so if YOU have a section of Avengers (or X-Men) lore you'd like to work on, contact us and help expand the UXN and MightyA resource!

Mighty Marvel May: CAPTAIN MARVEL VI

Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman, reporting: I met Carol Danvers on the worst day of her life. She had been beaten, her powers and memories stripped away, her body left for dead. She became my best friend. Over the years, I've seen her struggle to rebuild the life she lost and the things that were taken from her. She has stumbled and faltered, but now she has reclaimed her confidence, reclaimed the stars, and taken on the mantle of the hero who first inspired her to become CAPTAIN MARVEL.


Edwin Jarvis, recording: I have had the honor of serving the Avengers throughout their history in many venues, from Manhattan, to Hydrobase and the Infinite Mansion, to *sigh* New Jersey. The roster of heroes who have heeded the call is numerous and varied, and quite a difficult group to keep track of. The early days of exclusive membership have expanded to share the good name of Avenger with nearly all willing to raise their banners. Enclosed is a brief history of how the Avengers qualified their membership from the beginning to the current days of franchise teams and all-inclusive rosters.