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Genesis, Tolliver, the Other...a man of many names and many enemies. Twisted by outside forces beyond recovery, this time traveler could only lash out at the world that wronged him. Read about the prodigal son of the Summers clan... TYLER DAYSPRING!
A mutant with a past, a man without a future, read the story of the forgotten son of Alamogordo and his quest to expose what was done to him... HAZARD!

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BOB, AGENT OF HYDRA (Glossary Character)
HYDRA (Glossary Group)
Agency X (Glossary Group)
DOOP (Glossary Character)
EVIL DEADPOOL (Glossary Character)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Glossary Group)
DEADPOOL (Glossary Character)
ROSSI, MICHAEL (Glossary Character)
CIA (Glossary Group)
BLOODSTORM II (Glossary Character)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR (a relationship map) Update!

A lot can happen in 4 years of comics and when it comes to the love lives of the X-Men, a lot has happened (and we're not just talking about Iceman!).  Here at UXN, we are proud to release our valentines treat just for you with our updated Relationship map for 2018! Just don't question What Wolverine is really the best at, the evidence is clear!

Character Profile...TYLER DAYSPRING

The son of Cable and grandson of Cyclops would seem destined for great things. But TYLER DAYSPRING was twisted by forces beyond his control, brainwashed and driven mad by several parties, leaving him with only a deep sense of betrayal. Often hiding in plain sight, Tyler assumed several identities to strike at his father figures without them even recognizing him in the present. His quest for personal power and revenge caused him to reach too high, and this pretender to the throne of Apocalypse suffered a grim fate. Read today about one of the greatest losses in the life of Nathan Dayspring


Spotlight Update On...SKIDS!

This long-forgotten New Mutant may not have appeared much in recent years, but she remains a favorite character of one of UXN's staff, and she was recently featured in a story by X-Men scribe Cullen Bunn, so we have updated her Spotlight with crisper images and new text chronicling her most recent appearances. All two of them. Fresh!

Spotlight On... HAZARD!

Carter Ryking was a man defined by his connection to others: his childhood with Charles Xavier and Cain Marko, a test subject of Mister Sinister, a father with ties to Black Womb and the Weapon X Program. Unable to escape the weight of his past, Ryking's quest for independence was destined to fail. Read the story of a man whose star never rose as high as it could have...HAZARD!


A topically relevant super-team, these Iraqi mercenaries were introduced during 1991 and the First Gulf War. Their confrontation with Freedom Force led to the dissolution of that government team, and ultimately its replacement by the government-sponsored X-Factor. Today's Villain Team entry deals with the history of...Desert Sword!


Honor bound rogue or psychopathic killer? Black Tom Cassidy straddles the line between being a good-natured criminal and something far worse. Twisted over the loss of a true love and a cousin's betrayal, Black Tom fell from gambler to criminal to terrorist to child murderer. His mind has been warped by outside forces in the past, but Tom's own pettiness is to blame for many of his actions as well. There will be no redemption for Black Tom Cassidy...not until he believes he deserves it himself