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This mutant will play with your emotions. Literally. With his power over the emotions of others, one can never know if their feelings toward him are genuine. Read now the turbulent history of the Hellion known as... EMPATH!

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Update on... SCARLET WITCH

The last time we checked in on the Scarlet Witch, she was a mutant, the daughter of Magneto and both amnesic and on the run after Decimating the mutant population. Amazing what can happen in fifteen years! Wanda has undergone so many revisions since the House of M... she has learned Magneto is not her father and met her real mother. No longer a mutant, she has adjusted to the High Evolutionary's artificially-engineered powers by devoting herself more fully to witchcraft than ever before. She has also made amends to the mutant race, first by aiding the Messiah Hope in undoing the Decimation spell, and more recently by creating the Eldritch Orchard to aid mutant resurrection on Krakoa throughout time and space. Perhaps somewhere in this Marvel Multiverse of Madness, there's even a Wanda who is still a mutant...


We wrap up Hellions Month and our season of Dawn of X Events with an update on the oldest outstanding character article on UXN. Literally 20 years have passed since the Bring on the Bad Guys' article for Mister Sinister was published. In that time, Nathaniel Essex has reinvented himself several times. The mad geneticist finally moved on from his fears of Apocalypse's ascension and focused entirely on his own pursuits. He has harnessed the power of the Celestials, sought to tame the Phoenix Force, and played god with humans, mutants and Inhumans, among others. A grim necessity for Krakoa's resurrection protocols due to his vast database of genetic material, Mister Sinister was a reluctant inclusion to the Quiet Council. Since the founding of the mutant nation, Sinister has proven himself brazenly untrustworthy and heedless of consequences as he trusts his position in the Council is irreplaceable. Only time will tell if his arrogance will prove his undoing.

Spotlight on... EMPATH!

Elitist, pompous, and sadistic, Manuel de la Rocha stuck out as the cruelest member of the original Hellions, using his powers over others' emotions without restraint. His love for the New Mutant Magma wasn't enough to change his heart and so, Manny has found himself a pawn to many over the years from the White Queen to the Red Queen. Most recently, he reentered the spotlight as a member of the new Hellions where he proved that even in the age of Krakoa, some mutants never truly change. Control your emotions as you learn about the twisted history of EMPATH.

Update On... PSYLOCKE II

Psylocke is back - but not as we know her! The long-dead, mysterious woman sometimes known as Kwannon has made a significant impact on Krakoa as field-leader of the Hellions. She's made amends with Betsy Braddock, helped Greycrow deal with his inner demons and become a Great Captain of Krakoa. She has no time for idiots, and is about to set sail on a new adventure to help mutants around the globe. But will she ever find the peace she needs within herself? Time will tell, but in the meantime, check out our all-new, all-updated Spotlight on Psylocke II.

Update on... HAVOK!

Alex Summers is not having a good paradise. The founding of Krakoa led to his resurrection, but his mind proved to be still unstable from the Inversion he suffered years earlier. This secondary, murderous personality led to Havok being consigned to the Hellions, Krakoa's problem children who threatened the sanctity of the Three Laws. Convinced he didn't belong, Alex still bonded a little with his fellow Hellions. However, his split personality was also abused by Emma Frost and Empath as a secret weapon against the Hellions' sponsor, Mister Sinister. To placate Havok after using him to destroy Sinister's work, Emma convinced the Quiet Council to allow the resurrection of Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen. There's just no way THAT decision will ever come back to haunt Krakoa...

Update On... WILD CHILD

Grrrrrrr! This guy has a wild heart! He was a member of Alpha Flight! And X-Factor! He was murdered in a vat of molten lava! But now he's back, resurrected on Krakoa and just as unstable as ever. Take the pills or don't take the pills? His choice? Depends. Follow around a ninja and try and assert your own dominance? Not going to go well for him. Get killed in another realm and return enhanced? Maybe! Reunite with an ex-lover? Definitely not. Move on to greater things? Find out in our updated Spotlight on WILD CHILD!