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A young mutant whose powers originally made him a healer, Josh Foley discovered Omega level potential giving him total control over organic molecules. Able to wield life and death with equal ease, Josh seeks to find the balance between the two aspects of his power. Wish him luck as today's Spotlight lands on... ELIXIR!
Fabio Medina was a new mutant whose comical abilities proved more than they seemed. Brimming with confidence, he became a teen sensation for a hot minute thanks to his genuine nature. For today's Spotlight we say... GO GOLDBALLS!
A big pink mutant looking for fame and fortune, who disappeared off the X-Force roster with more speed than even his camouflage powers would allow. Read about the brief yet heroic tenure of... BLOKE!

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Spotlight on... ELIXIR!

Josh Foley wields Omega-class bio-kinesis for the Five. Mister Sinister's storehouse of genetic samples for any and all mutants is crucial to the Five's efforts. However, it is Elixir's power that bonds a particular mutant's genetic material to an egg, growing it into a proto-husk virtually indistinguishable from the original. The golden child of the Academy X era, Josh has always dreamed big. The yin and yang of his powers drew him equally towards life and death, though, forcing him to find a balance. Now that he's largely responsible for bringing life to an entire civilization of deceased mutants, one can only hope he has discovered an outlet for the other aspect of his powers as well.

Spotlight Update on... PROTEUS!

One of three Omega-class mutants on the Five, Kevin MacTaggert has the power to alter reality itself, changing Fabio's balls from inert genetic material into viable eggs. The son of the X-Men's ally Moira MacTaggert, Proteus was unstable for much of his life due to his awesome power burning through his original body and a series of hosts. Thanks to Krakoan bio-technology, the Five maintain a proto-husk in reserve for Kevin at all times, allowing him the physical security and continuity of form he has always dreamed of having. Now a stalwart ally of the X-Men, Proteus is sure his mother would be proud of him, if only she were still here.

Spotlight on... GOLDBALLS!

Welcome to Resurrection Five Month! No foolin'! Thanks to the synergistic bio-technology of five very special mutants, mutant citizens of Krakoa no longer need to fear death. The Krakoan Resurrection Protocols wouldn't be possible without the man with the golden balls, Fabio Medina. Possessing the somewhat silly ability to spontaneously create bouncing balls of golden matter, Goldballs' life changed when it was discovered these balls were actually eggs. Through a combination of mutant science and mutant powers, Fabio's eggs became the keystone for growing new bodies for deceased mutants able to house a Cerebro-backup of their minds, restoring the dead. Go Goldballs!

Profile on... BLOKE!

When nearly the entire X-Force team was eliminated on a mission, a new and more popular crop of mutants took their place. One of them was Bloke, an openly gay man forced to deal with homophobia on top of anti-mutant sentiment. When he proved to be more of a hero than most of the rest of his fame and fortune hungry teammates, he paid the ultimate price. His tenure may have been brief, but his influence inspired his teammates to be more heroic and accepting of themselves.

Spotlight on... JENSKOT!

Pronounced dead upon her “arrival” in comics, Aliya Dayspring, first wife of Cable, was originally created to provide the character with a tragic backstory, fuelling the vendetta against his arch-nemesis, Stryfe. Over the years, Aliya’s story was a bit more fleshed out, as she was revealed to be a disciple of Madame Sanctity and even crossed over to the Marvel Universe proper once. A recent, probably alternate version has further confounded readers in their attempt to make sense of this typically, for X-Men, tangled character biography. Countdown to… JENSKOT

Spotlight on... GLOB HERMAN!

Glob Herman has always been a visual character. Created during Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men, Glob showed up in crowd shots for a year as an unnamed, non-speaking cameo to demonstrate how the new students at Xavier's were obviously mutants. Glob was eventually characterized as a dim kid who was easily led by the charismatic Kid Omega, and remained a trouble maker over the years. More recently, however, Glob has become a symbol for deeper narratives about abuse and body positivity.