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The Shi'ar took everything from him. First his children, then his wife and finally his freedom. Although he escaped the life of a slave, Christopher Summers believed nothing awaited him on his home world, so he never returned. Instead, he built a new life in another galaxy. Learn today of the life of the man who lost himself in the new identity of... CORSAIR!
Young, photogenic and with rock-hard abs, Robbie Rodriguez had everything needed to be a star in X-Statix - including mutant powers! Some stars, however, blaze too hot and bright, burning out before their time. Learn today of the X-Static known as... EL GUAPO!
An ingénue, a detective, a seductress, a soldier, a killer...who will Mary be today? With her varied powers and personalities, few mutants are as unpredictable as the woman often known as... TYPHOID MARY!

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Once they were Canada's premiere super heroes - now they are the first line of defense against cosmic threats that endanger the Earth! Headed by Captain Marvel, the high-tech Alpha Flight Space Station is supported by longtimev Alpha Flight alumni Aurora, Sasquatch and Puck, along with an assortment of human and alien crew members. Read all about the adventures of this cosmic Alpha Flight team as they protect the Earth, join in the second superhuman Civil War and even get locked out of Earth during a tyrant's takeover! Oh, and Chewie is there, too!

Spotlight on... CORSAIR

United States Air Force Major... NASA pilot... space pirate... widower... father... grandfather... lover. As a boy, Christopher Summers dreamed of one day flying to the stars. His nickname 'Corsair,' a tribute to his favorite swashbuckling novels, stuck with him over the years, through thick and thin. From the mountains of Alaska to the farthest reaches of outer space, Corsair has fought his way through slave pits, crumbling empires and extraterrestrials. As leader of the Starjammers, he plundered Shi'ar ships and fought in wars, ultimately cheating death itself. Now a stranger to his home planet, Earth, Corsair continues his journey across the cosmos. Spotlight on... Corsair


Next for our Captain Marvel month we bring you two crossovers that had major ramifications for Carol herself and the Kree Empire. Eagle-eyed visitors to UncannyX-Men.net will notice these crossovers were already online. Since they are now being added to MightyAvengers.net (bookmark the page!!!) we decided to refresh all the images involved to bring them up to our mordern standard. So if you've read them before or if it's your first exposure to them, please enjoy our updated crossover entries on...Live Kree or Die and Maximum Security.

BLACK VORTEX crossover

As we continue on our celebration of everything Captain Marvel we come to one of the recent crossovers she was involved with. When a strange and powerful artefact was discovered, a battle erupted over what should be done with it. With the ability to grant anyone untold power, the artefact was soon involved in a tug-of-war that cost the Kree Empire greatly. Read about how Captain Marvel, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men all joined forces to unravel the mysteries of...The Black Vortex

Marvel Month

To celebrate the release of Captain Marvel in cinemas we thought it only appropriate to dedicate the next month to celebrating everything related to Captain Marvel, as well as the race so intricately tied with many who have taken the mantle, the Kree. So enjoy MightyAvengers.net's "Marvellous" first Event Month!

Spotlight on... EL GUAPO

When the media savvy X-Force became X-Statix, they left behind the name but not the tendency to lose teammates during dangerous missions. Always on the lookout for fresh blood, they found it in Robbie Rodriguez, a California native youth with the looks and ego that fit right in with the team. Named "El Guapo," Spanish for "the Handsome One," Robbie was immediately a fan favorite. However, his lack of training and the team's dangerous missions proved a dangerous combination. Learn of the short career of the super-hero known as El Guapo!