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Fitzroy was the illegitimate heir to the Shaw family fortune in his future. Able to drain life and create portals through time, he escaped his home time period to cause trouble for the X-Men. Always one step ahead of his long-long foe, Bishop, today's Spotlight covers the White Rook, the Chronomancer... FITZROY, TREVOR!
As the human son of Mystique and Sabretooth, this man had a great burden to bear so it's no wonder he turned on mutants and used the hate to fuel his political aspirations. Read about the history he tried so hard to hide in our spotlight on...GRAYDON CREED! CREED, GRAYDON!
A mutant who boosts others for his own ends, Fabian Cortez has one of the most poetic translations of personality to mutant power in history. Always looking to support himself by rallying others to a cause (ANY cause), Cortez survived by being useful even after his true nature was revealed. Read today's Spotlight on the Acolytes' founder... CORTEZ, FABIAN!

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CORTEZ, FABIAN (Glossary Character)
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A shunned bastard with daddy issues, the power to drain lifeforce from others and the total absence of a human soul, is it any wonder Trevor Fitzroy turned out like he did? Bishop's arch-nemesis from the X.S.E. future wasted little time joining the Upstarts and causing all manner of ruckus after arriving in the modern era. He eventually jumped to another time period and sank to greater depths of depravity as the reviled Chronomancer. Today, our focus is turned towards that green-haired goon...TREVOR FITZROY!


Blink and you missed her! Confirmed as alive after many years only to be killed again (off-panel, no less), Siena Blaze and the Upstarts reformed briefly during the "No More X-Men" arc. Given the circumstances, her fate is by no means certain, and the Mistress of the Electromagnetic Storm may return yet again at some point in the future.


Next on our Upstarts Month is the only human member of the team and the one with much higher ambitions than simply playing the Gamesmaster's twisted games. As an aspiring presidential candidate, his anti-mutant platform helped him win a lot of support. Unfortunately for him, the fact his parents were two of the most notorious and deadly mutants would forever be a shameful secret to him. Read about the rise and fall of one of the X-Men's many anti-mutant political foes...Graydon Creed


As we continue our Upstarts month, we come to the crossover that saw them attempt the biggest score yet in their twisted game. Hunting down the former members of the New Mutants and Hellions, the Upstarts looked set to deal a deadly blow to mutantkind until they let it slip through their fingers. Read the story that effectively ended the machinations of the Upstarts in the refreshed CHILD'S PLAY crossover.


One of the most opportunistic and self-serving X-villains of all time, Fabian Cortez had the charisma of a cult leader and loyalty to no one but himself. Whether in Genosha or with the Acolytes, Cortez graciously accepted the adoration of others as they worked towards a "common cause," but secretly sought only to fulfill his own ambitions and had no qualms about eliminating his own followers (or messiah) to get his way. Today's Spotlight covers the Upstarts' one-time point leader...FABIAN CORTEZ!


In remembrance of the fallen: 25 years ago, the Upstarts were disabled as a threat by the New Warriors and X-Force. The members scattered, many died, and the X-Men moved on to other threats. Recently, the Upstarts reformed for all of one last attack on the X-Men. They were soundly defeated and, again, many were apparently killed. Today begins our month long salute to a 90's concept that just didn't go anywhere, but still produced some amusing villains. In September we celebrate...UPSTARTS MONTH! We begin with a minor update on Shinobi Shaw, the first player we saw entering the Upstarts' game!