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This X-woman's existence was kept a secret from the world to cover up a dark chapter in Xavier's life. Years later her story discovered and you can read it now in our new character article on... SWAY!
Joining the X-Men at a strange time, this young mutant found himself as an unwilling recruit in Cyclops' "Mutant Revolution." Originally sticking to the sidelines, he soon mastered his unique shapeshifting abilities and realized his own potential and is part of the newest incarnation of Generation X, get familiar with... MORPH II!

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Spotlight on...SWAY!

Not every X-Man is destined to have their name remembered in the history books, but when their name is purposefully removed from them it's not really their fault. Representing one of Xavier's deepest, darkest secrets, all trace of this X-Woman's life was hidden from the rest of the world. With no one to remember her she should have been forgotten forever, but a twist of fate uncovered the truth and she was finally given the respect she deserved. Read now the tragic story of one of the forgotten X-Men...Sway!

So who is Marvel's First Mutant then?

If you asked someone in the 1960's who Marvel's first mutant was, they would say Professor X and the X-Men. Ask them again in the 90's and their answer would now be Apocalypse. Flash forward to today and you would probably get two or three different answers. To help you all with this deceptively tricky topic, we has compiled a handy little article that ponders the question... So who is Marvel's First Mutant then?

update on .... Alchemy!

Since we first debuted the article on this reluctant hero he came back into the spotlight to help the X-Men when they needed him the most. Sadly his greatest act would also be his final one. Read our updated character article on the latest mutant to die for the cause...Alchemy!

Publication History X : 2012

A momentous year for the X-Men as they faced off against the Avengers while the threat of the Phoenix loomed over them. The Phoenix Five debuted and Cyclops killed Charles Xavier. In other events, Alpha Flight defeated the Master of the World (again), Storm's relationship with the Black Panther ended, Polaris' true origin was finally revealed, Psylocke purged Archangel, Madrox died - a lot, Rogue and Magneto separated, Northstar and Kyle Jinadu married and the Avengers Unity Squad was formed but that all fails in comparison to Magma going on a date with Mephisto. This is 2012!

Spotlight on.. Maggott!

This mutant made his X-Men debut with a lot of fanfare in the late 90s, before slowly fading away into obscurity where he met his demise in the Weapon X concentration camp. Since then he's made several appearances from beyond the grave, so before he's dug up again, read the updated Spotlight on... Maggott! 

Spotlight on.. MORPH II!

Just in time for the release of the new Generation X comic today, we bring you a spotlight on a young mutant who found himself as an unwilling recruit in Cyclops' "Mutant Revolution." Originally sticking to the sidelines, he soon mastered his unique shapeshifting abilities & realized his potential and now a member of the newest incarnation of Generation X(did we mention issue #1 is out today?), get familiar with Morph II!