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Eric Gitter receives symbolic powers based on the design of different tattoos. Flight, strength, explosions, healing...he's a walking canvas of power sets. Despite this, he's actually NOT a mutant, and you can learn how in today's Spotlight on... INK!
Look into my eyes...are you feeling calm? Sleepy? Perhaps powerless? Don't worry...just sit back, relax, and enjoy the spotlight on the haughtiest of hypnotists... MESMERO!
Powered by Cobalt-60 armor, Ralph Roberts' exoskeletal suit turned him into a radioactive walking C-Bomb. If his recoil beams don't get you, the countdown to critical mass will always signify the threat of... the COBALT MAN!

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Some of the greatest houses of the Roman Empire survived to the modern nights in the Amazon jungle of all places. Read here about the pedigreed mutant Magma and her connections to some of the greatest families of ancient antiquity and her debated connection to the ancient sorceress Selene.

Spotlight on... INK!

A Young X-Man who derived powers from each tattoo he got, Eric Gitter discovered he wasn't a mutant at all...his tattoo artist was! Despite this awkward transition, Ink chose to remain associated with the X-Men. He was even promoted from the reserves to the main team by Iceman and Rogue during the Central Park era. Given Krakoa's strict rules regarding mutants, Ink's current fate is uncertain. The loyalties of other non-mutant former members of the team have been tested, and it remains to be seen where Ink fits in to this new era.

Spotlight on... MESMERO!

One of the X-Men's oldest foes, the opportunistic Mesmero is always looking to validate his ego. Not necessarily a criminal at heart, Mesmero is willing to work legally so long as he's comfortable. However, he also has a vicious streak when defied, and will nurse murderous grudges against those he sees as enemies. Krakoa seems like an ideal environment to "reform" Mesmero... as long as he's satisfied and can keep his darker impulses in check.


Morgan, Lehman, Shaw, Frost, Stark, Worthington: family lines that are synonymous with “American greatness.” Join us as we delve into the sordid history of the Worthington dynasty detailing their historic rise to prominence and how family infighting, untamed ambition and corruption have robbed them of soaring to even greater heights.

Spotlight Update on... MULTIPLE MAN!

Tackling another of our oldest, outdated Spotlights, Jamie Madrox has actually died and come back to life since we last visited him in 2006. Like...a lot. A LOT, a lot. Covering PAD's entire run on the modern X-Factor, today's Spotlight Update revisits MULTIPLE MAN for his starring role in X-Factor Investigations. Later killed off as the first casualty of the M-Pox era due to the Terrigen Mists, Jamie came back to life in the truly incomprehensible Multiple Man series before finally becoming an official X-Man after over 40 years during the X-Men Disassembled arc. He died again, but thanks to the efforts of the Five, at least some version of James Arthur Madrox is alive and ready to serve Krakoa through the X-Corp. Which version of Multiple Man IS he? Perhaps find out in the new X-CORP series!

Spotlight on... COBALT MAN!

An armored rival for Iron Man that Tony Stark has maybe even heard of, Ralph Roberts' original vendetta against Stark Industries was waylaid by his radiation poisoning. Reimagining himself as a crusading hero against the dangers of nuclear power, the Cobalt Man battled a strange sequence of heroes including the X-Men, Hulk and the Defenders. Believed dead for many years, Roberts was apparently well remembered by numerous imposters and copycat armored villains. In recent years, though, the original Cobalt Man has returned and may finally get around to proving which ferromagnetic element is better: Iron or Cobalt?