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As one of the few mutants left after the decimation, this man remained constantly in denial about his mutant status. With one of the creepier mutations going, he used his puppet-master powers to try and rid the world of the rest of his species. Read the thoroughly strange tale of... DEE, JOHNNY!
When the X-Men are in trouble with the authorities there's only one woman they need call. Just as powerful in and out the courtroom, she has helped the X-Men out a few times in recent years. Read out brand new character article on the X-Men's beastly lawyer...Evangeline Whedon! WHEDON, EVANGELINE!
A mutant with a petrifying stare, the brilliant and nihilistic Tomi Shishido sought out terrorist groups that shared his vision of the world. A fearful fighter and brilliant tactician, all should beware falling before the gaze of... GORGON!

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Team Entry: the Great Lakes Avengers

The Great Lakes Avengers are a joke. ...Oh? What? You need more? Okay... they are often a funny joke. An unofficial and unauthorized Midwest franchise team of the Avengers, the GLA emerged during the East Coast / West Coast era of the Avengers. Five heroes with weird powers and a genuine desire to serve, they failed to find much crime to fight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They flirted with authenticity when Hawkeye and Mockingbird started training them and were responsible for re-introducing Squirrel Girl to comics after a fourteen year hiatus. Still, these also-rans and never-weres just can't catch a break, and mostly end up playing cards and wondering if they'll ever really make it as super-heroes. So, what better way to celebrate April Fools' Day than with these...fine heroes.

Spotlight on... JOHNNY DEE

When it came to mutations, this guy seemed to draw the short straw. Possessing a parasitic twin in his chest, he was rather intimidating to look at. However, when he discovered he could use it to control other people's actions he set off down a path of villainy that brought him into the crosshairs of the X-Men. Read about his brief, yet deadly, criminal career in out spotlight on...JOHNNY DEE!

Publication History X: 2018

2018 began wrapping up the Central Park era of the X-Men and setting the stage for what was to come. The wedding of Kitty and Piotr fell apart, but it opened the doors for Gambit and Rogue to finally tie the knot. The Original Five X-Men began wrapping up their affairs to finally return to their proper place in the past, while a series of limited series events revived classic characters Jean Grey and Wolverine. In fact, several limited series reintroduced characters or set up plots for the year to come, such as Legion, Multiple Man and New Mutants: Dead Souls. A transitional year at best, 2018 put effort into repositioning the X-Men and their characters for a more dynamic future.

X-Men Roster (Part 2)

A few months ago we released the first part of our X-Men roster article and today we continue it by detailing the comings and goings from the Dark Phoenix saga up to the team's supposed death in Dallas. During that period the X-Men saw some iconic members such as Rogue, Shadowcat and Psylocke join, but also took some heavy losses during the Mutant Massacre. So without further ado we invite you to read our updated X-Men Roster!


For many mutants the battles they face are physically and emotionally taxing. For this woman though her battles take place in the courtroom as she fights for the legal rights of every mutant. Don't be fooled by her kooky exterior though, beneath the business suits and legal jargon lies the heart of a dragon, bursting to escape. Read our enlightening spotlight on the X-Men's resident lawyer...EVANGELINE WHEDON!


Today we bring you an update to a character who has spent a few years in comic-limbo but who has recently come back to the X-books again thanks to the Dawn of X. When we last left this lady, she had joined the Acolytes after ridding herself of Malice. Since then she found herself possessed by another evil entity before seemingly putting her days as a sentinel behind her. However, her recent appearances have shown her to be more machine than woman, leaving everyone concerned for the X-Men's former teammate...Omega Sentinel!