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What If...Storm of the X-Men became a Vampire? Turned by the lord of darkness Dracula himself, in several realities Ororo Munroe has struggled to control her bloodlust while continuing to fight alongside her mortal mutant companions. Read about w several realities' Ororo dealt with this fate and became... BLOODSTORM I & II!
In the Ultimate Universe, the son of Wolverine had to learn to live up to his father's legacy after the Ultimatum Wave. Raised in obscurity, Jimmy Hudson, Jr. ultimately joined the X-Men across two universes and continues to outlast his home reality. Read this character's efforts to adjust to this new world in today's Spotlight On... JAMES HUDSON JR.!
Daughter. Wife. Mother. Friend. Government agent. Avenger. Caretaker of the Web of Life. Julia Carpenter has been many things in her time, but what she has always maintained is two things: the love for her daughter, and the desire to do what is right and be the best hero she can be. Read all about the tangled web of the second Spider-Woman, JULIA CARPENTER!

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Update on Bloodties and Siege of Wundagore crossovers

Today, we are having a Throwback Thursday by refreshing two of our older crossover entries both coincidentally featuring Quicksilver and Exodus. During the Bloodties Crossover, Exodus proved to be a force to be reckoned with, resulting in the Avengers and X-Men teaming up to take him down. During the Siege of Wundagore, Quicksilver took on the High Evolutionary, but things became complicated when the Exodus interfered in both their plans.

Brotherhood (Battle of the Atom)

When the X-Men from the future arrived in the present to warn that the Original 5 X-Men from the past needed to return to where and when they belonged, it seemed like a reasonable idea. The revelation that these future "X-Men" were actually the Brotherhood of their time honestly didn't change that. Still, driven by the spite and selfishness of their founders Raze and Xavier II, the Brotherhood continued to hound the present and the past with their own machinations for some time during the era of the O5.

Spotlight on... BLOODSTORM I & II

Over 80 years, comic books have often presented variations on a theme. In recent days, the X-Men in particular have expanded their roster of classic characters with younger versions, alternate reality versions, possible future versions, clones and other spinoffs of their main stars. One reoccurring idea is What If Dracula succeeded in turning Storm into a vampire years ago? The first Bloodstorm starred in the Mutant X Universe, an ongoing series starring the main Havok displaced to a world he didn't recognize. More recently, a different version of Bloodstorm found her way to the main reality and joined the X-Men, albeit briefly. Today, read the combined history of Bloodstorm I & II.

Spotlight on... JAMES HUDSON JR.

Our own Monolith once vowed to never read or support the Ultimate Universe until it ended. Since 2015 and the end of Earth-1610, one Jimmy Hudson survived Ultimate destruction and found his way into the Marvel Universe. One of the few Ultimate characters without a counterpart in the main universe, Jimmy found himself interacting with familiar faces as he adjusted to this new reality. Today, with the long embargo over, read the first UXN Ultimate Universe article, Spotlighting Jimmy Hudson, Jr., son of Wolverine!"

Spotlight on... JULIA CARPENTER

She wanted to be called Ariadne. She would have settled for Arachne - but what she got, was Spider-Woman! For years, Julia Carpenter was Marvel's go-to female Spider-character. And what we the readers got, was a character originally shrouded in mystery, but clearly defined as someone who will stop at nothing to do what is right - from betraying Freedom Force to rescue the Avengers, to double-crossing her friends in the superhuman Civil War, Julia Carpenter has fought long and hard as an Avenger to do right - even if that means putting her life on the line. Although she no longer bears a super hero code name, she will always be one of the Earth's mightiest and most noble of heroes... Julia Carpenter!

Update on... The Nasty Boys!

Anyone that loved the X-Men animated series of the 90s will remember the Nasty Boys. Unlike Mr Sinister's "other" team, the Marauders, these villains never quite got off the ground and disappeared into obscurity after a few short appearances. Well they're back...albeit briefly. Read here our update on...the Nasty Boys!