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Demon ninja samurai ghost...but not a pirate. Wolverine's tutor in the ways of Japan, Ogun sold his soul to the dark arts for immortality and haunts his former pupil in perpetuity. Today's spotlight shines on the eternal warrior... OGUN!
This powerful being has been a constant thorn in Alpha Flight's side. He's obsessed with the alien race called the Plodex and he hates Carol Danvers with a vengeance. Read about the diabolical doings of Eshu the Forever Man... the MASTER OF THE WORLD!
This anti-mutant activist convinced the Original X-Men to further his cause with X-Factor's PR campaign. Though he was revealed as an enemy, he has returned time and again to kill all mutants, especially Archangel. Today's spotlight shows even the unassuming can be deadly... HODGE, CAMERON!

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Spotlight On... OGUN

This ninja master and fallen samurai is responsible for training Logan and transforming Kitty Pryde into Shadowcat. A master of the dark arts, Ogun rejected death itself to survive after his physical demise as a malevolent spirit. He has returned time and time again to threaten Logan and Kate, either through the bodies of their loved ones or attempting to possess them personally as his new host. When last we saw him, Ogun had entered a new relationship with the soldier Major Sharp to create the composite entity of Shogun. Whether Ogun will one day return alone or still as a part of Shogun remains to be seen.

Spotlight On... the MASTER OF THE WORLD!

Every super team needs an arch nemesis, and Canada's Premiere Super-Heroes found theirs early on with a primitive human who, thanks to exotic alien technology, had become an incredibly powerful being bent on conquering the world... saving the world... wiping out most of humanity... creating the perfect world... creating the perfect race... and preventing climate change. Never one to miss an opportunity, this villain (or savior) was always prepared to adapt and get on with his next plot. Some would say he is a lunatic. Others would say he's a hero. He would say he is the Master!

Update on... FEEDBACK!

Albert Louis was long-forgotten Alpha Flight associate and the last addition to the cast of the original Alpha Flight series. A young mutant, rescued by Alpha Flight during a crackdown on superhuman activity in Canada, he barely had his time to shine. Following the original Alpha Flight's cancellation, he remained one of a handful of Alpha Flight characters never to re-appear - until the X-Men's Krakoan Era - when he was mentioned to have been killed. While mutant resurrection was no surprise during this era, it was shocking to discover that Feedback claimed to have never died at all.... Find out why in our updated character article on...Dr Lucas Peterson. Wait - who?

Update on... PUCK I!

Happy Canada Day! What better way for UXN to celebrate than a trio of character articles featuring beloved Alpha Flight characters, starting with an update to the diminutive long-serving Alphan called Puck - who just so happens to be one of our oldest character articles to be updated. Since we last shone the spotlight on Puck, this "elderly" adventurer has been to Hell (and back), he's been a fugitive, served aboard the Alpha Flight Space Station... and even joined an X-Force team. Just don't mention the awkward and highly inappropriate relationship he had with... oh... never mind.

Spotlight On... CAMERON HODGE!

Hi, I'm Cameron Hodge, friend to all mutants, here today with a power point about why mutants are dangerous. Now, mutants aren't ACTUALLY dangerous, of course, but the public believes it already, so if we TELL them that, they're more likely to report dangerous mutants to us, X-Factor, so we can rescue them! As a marketing genius, I have a spreadsheet which virtually guarantees no unexpected consequences from this plan. While there may be some unsubstantiated rumors flying around about me running an anti-mutant organization using your money, selling my soul to a demon for immortality, and turning myself into a Giant. Cyborg. Scorpion. just because Warren didn't pay enough attention to me, let me assuage your fears with this color-coordinated graph, which clearly shows a line going up! Thank you for coming to my presentation.

Earth-94831 (Mutant Destruction)

While we have seen a plethora of Alternate realities throughout the years that had a rather bleak trajectory, it was a rarity that things derailed to the point that the entire Earth was destroyed! In the pages of the Exiles (1st series), their sister team, Weapon X visited such a world. Anti-mutant hysteria had resulted in the death of nearly all superhumans at the hands of the Sentinels while the remaining survivors were on Weapon X's own hit list. But where did everything go wrong for Earth-94831 (Mutant Destruction)....?