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This anti-mutant politician became a regular thorn in the X-Men's side over the years as he constantly stirred up the fear and hatred that the humans felt. Over time he would grow to sympathise with the mutant plight, but this change of heart would be his downfall. Read our brand new spotlight on...ROBERT KELLY KELLY, ROBERT!
This goddess of Death claims to have existed since the dawn of man. One of the Celtic gods, the Tuatha De Danann, she has fought Dr. Strange and two iterations now of X-Factor while attempting to retain possession of two hosts so she could continue to carry out sacrifices in her own name. Read now about the… MORRIGAN!
This bloated, arrogant, media-mogul has plagued the X-Men time and again, using them to boost his viewership every time it dips. Whilst he may seem more of a nuisance to some, Dazzler, Longshot, Psylocke and Spiral can all attest to his ability to destroy the lives of those around him, with very little remorse felt. You won't find any re-runs here with our brand new character entry on...MOJO MOJO!

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Spotlight On...ROBERT KELLY

A few weeks ago we updated our Days of Future Past timeline article, and today we bring you the man whose death inadvertently caused its existence. Slipping in and out of the X-Men's lives for years, this anti-mutant politician would cause many problems for the mutant race by continuing to capitalise on the fear and hatred of them. Over time he softened up his views but it was his sudden support for mutants that would eventually lead to his untimely death. Read our brand new spotlight on an often overlooked antagonist in the X-Men's lives...ROBERT KELLY 

Update on... TALISMAN II

As one of the most powerful magic users in all existence, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen of the Sarcee Nation is a vital member of Canada's Premiere Super Heroes, Alpha Flight. It's been some 15 years since we last shone the spotlight on this young woman, and although she has maintained a relatively low profile, she has had some interesting adventures - from assisting the Avengers against the Celestials, to providing support to Dr. Strange during a magical crisis, protecting Canada from a Wendigo outbreak and even starting a bizarre relationship with a teammate. Read about these and more, in our update to the life and times of... TALISMAN!

Timelines Update On...DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Today we have dusted off one of our older timeline articles and refreshed it with a bit more content and more vibrant images to counteract the dystopian world it depicts. First published over 40 years ago, this terrible future has been revisited numerous times and is even responsible for bringing Rachel Summers to the X-Men. To top it all off, the story even inspired the most successful X-Men movie so far. So why not revisit the deadly future with our updated article on...DAYS OF FUTURE PAST!



Arguably the first lady of the X-Men and possibly even Marvel Comics, Storm debuted in 1975 as an orphan. Since then her family tree has been extended stretching from modern day Harlem to Ancient Egypt and even as far back as the Hyborian age! This article, while originally drafted in 2008 has been updated to include further information about Storm's line and expanded to address even the contemporary African royal family that she is allegedly (distantly) descended from. Here is our update on the Storm family tree.

Spotlight On... MORRIGAN

A member of the Tuatha De Danann, this goddess of war, battle and death has existed for untold eons. Some sources claim her to the daughter of Gaea while others claim she is the embodiment of death. Whatever her origins, she has had a strange history in Marvel Comics. Initially debuting as a minor antagonist for Dr. Strange in the 00s, she appeared again under the pen of Peter David while he was finishing up his prolific X-Factor run. A villain(?) for X-Factor mainstay Siryn, she proved to the salvation of her teammate Polaris but later during the Krakoan age appeared to be something out of a nightmare. Read here about the troubling goddess, the Morrigan.


No family is perfect. Not yours. Not mine. Not the Trask Family, who was responsible for the creation of a line of artificially intelligent automatons responsible for the death of sixteen million people based solely on quirks of their genetic structure. It's all a matter of degrees, really.

Learn today about the history of the Trask clan, whose foray into robotics was more than a little ill-advised.