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After the horrific way his mutant powers activated, this young mutant became a member of Beta Flight during some of Alpha Flight's craziest adventures, before soon discovering that he might actually be a comic book character - What The -?! Read all about the unique... MANIKIN!
This young mutant seemingly showed more concern for her appearance than for the heroics of Alpha Flight, but scratch below the makeup and you will discover that there is more to... MURMUR III!

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ARKEA (Glossary Character)
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Publication History X : 2013

It was after the year of fire, of destruction. The year mutants took back the future that was theirs. It was the year of rebirth, of great sadness, of pain and joy. It was a new age. It was the end of history, for some, and the year everything changed. The year is 2013. Cause: The Original Five!

Spotlight update on...COLOSSUS!

The last time we updated this man's spotlight he had just come back from the dead. In the time since he has been corrupted by a demon, possessed by a cosmic entity, become a Horseman of Apocalpyse and even pulled off the hipster-lumberjack look. So take a read of the (few) highs and (many) lows of the X-Men's Russian bear in our updated character article on...Colossus! 

Spotlight On.. MANIKIN!

We continue to spotlight the heroes of the Great White North  with the release of our first character entry from the second Beta Flight team. The man that could split into his past, present and future evolutionary selves and broke the fourth wall before Deadpool even existed, Grab your Toque and read all about the long-forgotten... Manikin!

Spotlight On.. MURMUR III

As Canada approaches a significant milestone, we couldn't go without marking that occasion here at UXN, and so we present our latest character article, this time spotlighting the vampy Alphan known as Murmur! But wait, tune in next week as we show some more love for Canada's Premiere Super Heroes! 

Spotlight on...SWAY!

Not every X-Man is destined to have their name remembered in the history books, but when their name is purposefully removed from them it's not really their fault. Representing one of Xavier's deepest, darkest secrets, all trace of this X-Woman's life was hidden from the rest of the world. With no one to remember her she should have been forgotten forever, but a twist of fate uncovered the truth and she was finally given the respect she deserved. Read now the tragic story of one of the forgotten X-Men...Sway!

So who is Marvel's First Mutant then?

If you asked someone in the 1960's who Marvel's first mutant was, they would say Professor X and the X-Men. Ask them again in the 90's and their answer would now be Apocalypse. Flash forward to today and you would probably get two or three different answers. To help you all with this deceptively tricky topic, we has compiled a handy little article that ponders the question... So who is Marvel's First Mutant then?