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Strange visitor from another planet, this cosmic scientist felt threatened by the very evolution of man and sought to prevent their ascension. Today's spotlight focuses on the various plans of the enigmatic and mysterious... STRANGER!
Turning to prostitution to save herself from a life on the streets, this woman used her mutant pheromone-controlling abilities to set herself apart. When she joined the X-Men later on she struggled to shake off her image, with many of the team treating her with disregard for how she survived. After many years in comic-limbo, she returned on Krakoa with a new direction in life that seems to be working well for her. Read out latest spotlight on...STACY X Stacy X!
This bone-spurting mutant predates Marrow (by a lot, if you consider he's immortal). Victim of both the Legacy Virus and his own lack of conviction, this was one Wild West gunman who never escaped his past. Today's Spotlight shines on the External of despair... ABSALOM!

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Spotlight On... the STRANGER

One of the X-Men's earliest and most unprecedented foes, the Stranger is an alien being of indescribable power. A scientist by nature, the Stranger observed the raw potential of the human race and found the implications disturbing. Though he stands among the greatest cosmic forces of the universe, the Stranger fears humanity and returns to Earth time and again in an effort to better understand their nature...or simply destroy them. The Stranger is a deliberate enigma, having lied and concealed his origins on far too many occasions to trust any particular story as true. In the end, he remains to everyone (and perhaps even himself)...a stranger.

Spotlight On...STACY X

Rolling on from last week's roster entry on Morrison's controversial run, we turn to a character who debuted around the same time and ended up being just as controversial. Operating as a mutant prostitute, this woman immediately created a splash in the comics, with both readers and characters alike not knowing what to make of her. Her outspoken personality didn't earn her any fans within the X-Men when she joined their ranks, despite her proving her worth to them. She didn't stick around long though and was seemingly lost in the never-ending roster shuffles of the 00's. Recently she has appeared on Krakoa where she seems to have found her calling as a carer for the forgotten mutant babies. Be read to clutch your pearls with our revealing spotlight on...STACY X

X-MEN ROSTER UPDATE - from the Eve of Destruction brings us Morrison's New X-Men

As we leave the bright colours of the 90's behind us we enter the 00's that were defined by grimdark storylines and black leather. In our latest update to the article we look at the unofficial Genoshan Assault team assembled by Jean Grey to deal with Magneto's latest evil scheme. Many of the members were recruited on the fly and left soon after, but it would foreshadow future joiners such as Frenzy and Northstar. Afterwards, the X-Men line went through a major upheaval with new writing staff and story direction. The popular writer Grant Morrison was brought on board and they took over X-Men (2nd series), renamed to New X-Men. To say this run was controversial would be an understatement, but many of the characters and stories introduced are still referenced today. So why not read our latest entry to the X-MEN ROSTER and make up your own minds.

Spotlight On... ABSALOM

Absalom was a Wild West outlaw who discovered he was a mutant, died, and came back as an External all in one night. His life was never the same again, but neither did it get better. Among the High Lords, Absalom saw the opportunity to ascend from his meager criminal past and achieve new greatness...but failed to ever do so. Unable to change and unable to remain as he was, Absalom came to represent Despair in the eternal puzzle of the Externals. His legendary unrealized potential has made Absalom both suicidal and terrified of death at different intervals, as his sense of unfulfillment weighs heavily on his eternal life.

Update on...JUBILEE

Today's spotlight update perfectly bridges the gap between the Halloween celebrations and the UK's Guy Fawkes night with the focus on fireworks. When we last left this young woman she was finally coming to terms with her vampirism, however recent events have seen her cured of it, as well as regaining her explosive mutant abilities in the process. Joining up with the latest version of Excalibur, she has been a defender to Krakoa and the UK, as well as Otherworld, all whilst still finding time to be a mum. Read our updated spotlight on the one and only...JUBILEE!!!

Villain Team entry... VAMPIRE AVENGERS (Earth-3931)

Happy Halloween! The Exiles encountered many versions of the Avengers but this particular version was one of the most sinister. Captain America (having been turned into a vampire by Baron Blood) went on to infect his teammates in the Avengers. The group became a large enough threat to their entire world that the reality hopping Exiles were dispatched to stop them from destroying San Francisco and derailing their entire reality. Read here about the Vampire Avengers.