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An ingénue, a detective, a seductress, a soldier, a killer...who will Mary be today? With her varied powers and personalities, few mutants are as unpredictable as the woman often known as... TYPHOID MARY!
From secretary to housewife to Canada's greatest super hero, Heather Hudson has led Alpha Flight through their darkest days but emerged victorious asa true guardian of the people of Canada and the world. Read all about the history of... VINDICATOR II!
A deadly threat with no moral center, this evil mutant could snuff out all life on Earth with her powers, and showed little qualms about doing so. Read about the short but memorable history of one of the 90's most powerful mutants... BLAZE, SIENA!

Latest Glossary Updates

BLOB (Glossary Character)
SEBASTIAN SHAW (Glossary Character)
WEAPON H (Glossary Character)
ANTI-VENOM II (Glossary Character)
Weapon X Program V (Glossary Group)
Weapon X Program IV (Glossary Group)
STRYKER, REVEREND (Glossary Character)
BLINDFOLD (Glossary Character)
LOA (Glossary Character)
Morlocks (Glossary Group)

Exiles / Siberforce

Hated, feared and persecuted, mutants in Russia had a hard time. So when the mutant underground joined up with the former national heroes of the Soviet Union, the two teams found themselves in exile. Working together, the two teams became Siberforce in an attempt to thwart the oppressive government, the heroes who hunted them and make a change for the people of their country. However, are such goals truly unattainable? Find out in this article which explores the further adventures of Darkstar and the mutant heroes of Russia.

Spotlight update on...MONET

Last time we crossed paths with this fiesty lady she had just joined X-Factor Investigations as their tough-as-nails psychic. Since then she's had to deal with the collapse of the team, her own death and resurrection, as well as becoming possesed once again by her brother. On top of that she has had to deal with the romantic advances of a number of suitors...most recently Sabretooth. It must be hard being rich, beautiful, smart and popular. So why not read more about the X-Men's resident IT-Girl in our updated spotlight on...Monet!

Spotlight on... TYPHOID MARY

On the outskirts of the X-Titles, Mary Walker is more likely to confront the likes of Daredevil, Spider-Man, and the Heroes for Hire than Marvel's Merry Mutants. Still, a mutant herself, Mary has history with both Wolverine and Deadpool, and established a brief rivalry with the ninja Psylocke during her time with the Sisterhood. As Mutant Zero, she was the 199th mutant during the days of the Decimation, and part of the Avengers' Fifty-States Initiative. Today, read the full history of TYPHOID MARY and see if you can guess where she'll turn up next.


Following up on last week's Gideon update, we take a look at the Externals as a whole. Believed to be dead and gone as a concept since 1996, a recent Cable arc revealed the Externals may never die. Most of the Externals recently returned only to die again, but this only reinforced the idea that they will return in the future. The secret bond tying the Externals together mandates they can never really pass on unless killed by another External, and won't remain dead if more than one External is left standing. After such a gathering, it seems, there can be only one. Until then, read about the latest adventures of Marvel's immortal mutants... the Externals!

Spotlight on... GIDEON

Back with a vengeance, Gideon returned from thousands of years in the future to hunt his fellow Externals several years in the past. A complicated time travel event like this could only be opposed by Cable! Today, read about how Gideon survived his death at Selene's hands and his new mission in life in the Gideon Profile update!

Supreme Soviets / People's Protectorate

Tired of disobedient mutants who they could not control, the Soviet govenment established a new team which they could manipulate and included no mutants! The first assisgnment of this new team - kill the Soviet Super Soldiers! But this team proved to be more than just obedient lackeys as the members had their own plans and ideals - but would they ever get the chance to truly be heroes? Learn all about the People's Protectorate, originally known as the Supreme Soviets!