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This bigoted mutant found himself on a team of interim X-Men when help was needed for a clandestine mission on Genosha. He instantly clashed with his teammates and, when the adventure was over, left for parts unknown — only to later meet an unpleasant demise. Read all about the one-time X-Men member OMERTA!
Remember Wraith? No? That's probably because he only appeared in one crossover and then vanished forever. Read about the mutant who showed his internal organs before Glob made it cool. Witness... WRAITH II!
From the Knights of Wundagore to the New Men of Counter-Earth, this geneticist's creations exist throughout the Marvel Universe. With little regard for morality, only results, this well-intentioned but self-absorbed scientist will let none stand in the way of his quest for evolutionary perfection. Today's Spotlight highlights the many feats and uneven career of... HIGH EVOLUTIONARY!

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Villain Team entry... THE GAUNTLET!

Introduced in the early 00's in the X-Man title, during the Counter-X rebrand by Warren Ellis and Steven Grant, this group was a more corporate version of the Hellfire Club. Essentially a cabal of entitled, rich and “bored” mutants refusing to take part of the politics of Xavier and Magneto, the members of this group traversed the multiverse, pillaging what they could with no concern for the impact they had. Eventually, this greed and lack of “empathy” caught up with them.... Read here about the late members of the Gauntlet.

Spotlight On... WRAITH II

Hector Rendoza was a nondescript teenager in Boston until his mutation made him impossible to ignore. Recruited by Jean Grey in a scene directly paralleling Xavier's recruitment of Nightcrawler in Giant-Sized X-Men, the code-named Wraith found himself whisked off to Genosha as a temporary X-Man. For a mutant in over his head and a power not fully developed, it was amazing that Hector found the courage to stand up to one of the world's most dangerous mutants, Magneto. Since this original act of heroism Wraith has not reappeared and was indirectly confirmed to be depowered. So while Wraith may have never achieved full invisibility with his powers, he did manage to disappear from the printed page. Read now the brief history of...Wraith II.

Bonus Update: Catch up with Wraith's Genosha Assault teammate and new family man Omerta.


In out latest entry to the X-Men Roster we come to the fabled six-month gap that saw many characters leave the X-Men, switch powers and gain snazzy new outfits in an unseen six-month period. Not long after, Storm took a seperate team of X-Men to have adventures in Europe whilst hunting Destiny's Diaries, whilst kitted out in black leather. The two teams saw many new faces join like Sage, Thunderbird III, Slipstream and Lifeguard, whilst dealing with the devastating losses of Psylocke and Colossus. Read about the team's Revolutionary and X-Treme adventures in our updated....X-MEN ROSTER!

Update On...CYPHER

When we first published this spotlight in 2009 this young man had spent more time dead than alive. Not long after he was one of the many mutants to be brought back by Selene, only he stuck around afterwards, unlike so many others. Whilst his powerset was often joked about in the 80's, the modern era has shown him to be an instrumental and adaptive mutant, so much so that he has positioned himself as one of the key mutants on Krakoa. With an article full of death, resurrections, love and Self-Friend, please read our updated spotlight on...CYPHER

X-Men: Days of Future Past (movie summary)

The X-Men's live action appearances have exploded in recent years, with 13 movies and two TV series released so far. After Disney's purchase of the franchise, it is being integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or rather, multiverse), and a third Deadpool film is in the works. In preparation for this, we have started adding to our movie summary section, beginning with X-Men: Days of Future Past, released in 2014. Based on the first time-travel adventure in the X-Men comics during Chris Claremont's legendary run, and with a cast full of stars from several generations, it is widely regarded as one of the best films in the franchise. Read now on how to prevent a machine-driven dystopian future in X-Men: Days of Future Past.


Herbert Edgar Wyndham was a self-taught geneticist convinced he would be the one to uncover the secrets of life. His genetic accelerator elevated simple animals into sapient bipeds known as the New Men. In order to teach them ethics and a code of conduct, Wyndham stylized himself as the Lord High Evolutionary to train his Knights of Wundagore. Wyndham's ego has only grown since then, and exposure to his own genetic accelerator unlocked evolved powers which feed his ideas of grandeur. A tinkerer and perfectionist, the Evolutionary will experiment on living things just to see what will happen, then destroy sentient lifeforms or entire societies he had created for not meeting his exacting standards. While not strictly a villain, the High Evolutionary has little regard for the rights and lives of creatures he considers beneath himself, and his God Complex has extended that disregard towards all of humanity.