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This young French mutant was one of Emma Frost's beloved Hellions, struck down in a mass-murder of the Hellions. Her fortune was reversed and mysteriously brought back to life - only to tragically die again and again - or did she? Read the cryptic story of the life of... TAROT!
Eugene Judd may be well-known as Puck, but his daughter stepped up to the mark and did her best as member of Alpha Flight only to be tragically cut down in senseless attack. Read all about Zuzha Yu a.k.a. PUCK II!

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WEASEL II (Glossary Character)
New Tian (Glossary Group)
GAMBIT (Glossary Character)
BOOM BOOM II (Glossary Character)
SEBASTIAN SHAW (Glossary Character)
DAZZLER II (Glossary Character)
SUNFIRE (Glossary Character)
WARPATH (Glossary Character)
BLACK KING III (Glossary Character)
DARK BEAST (Glossary Character)

Spotlight on... Tarot!

One of the more complex and intriguing of the Hellions, with a life apparently mapped out for her. This young mutant has mysteriously been reborn on several occasions after tragic and unfortunate deaths. Read all about the complex life of one of Emma Frost's beloved Hellions... Tarot! 

Beware the savage... Z'Nox!

Most species have at least some redeeming qualities but these frog faced warmongers have none. Riding their planet through the cosmos like a comet of destruction, these aliens were dangerous enough to drive Charles Xavier to fake his death and hide for months in preparation for their arrival. However these creatures have fallen in stature since their first epic appearances. Read now our Alien Races article on the savage Z'Nox!

Spotlight on...PUCK II

Eh, you mean you didn't know there were two Pucks? That's right, the original Puck had a daughter who also became known as Puck when she served as a member of the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight! While her sense of style left A LOT to be desired, her taste in men was excellent. 

Spotlight update on... BANSHEE!

You can't keep a good (dead) X-Man down. With the luck of the Irish behind him this hero has returned from death not once but three times since we released his Spotlight ten years ago. Read now our Character Spotlight update on the thrice resurrected Banshee!

Update on...Bird-Brain!

After the epicness of the Namor spotlight we thought we would get back into the swing of things with something a little lighter. In the time since we first released his profile, this friend to the New Mutants came briefly back into the limelight. Striken with a terrible illness he became more foe-than-friend until his former allies came to his aid. Find out what's been going down with one of the X-Men's favourite avian allies with our update on...Bird-Brain!

NAMOR: 275th Character entry for 17 years of UXN

IMPERIOUS REX! The oldest mutant ever published by Marvel Comics, before the phrase "mutant" was coined, before "Marvel Comics" even existed. Namor has touched every corner of the Marvel Universe and royally pissed them all off, as is the king's prerogative. With many allies, but few friends, Namor is still respected by all. Today on the sites 17th Birthday (!), read our 275th Character Article about the Lord of the Seven Seas...the Sub-Mariner!