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He's the ultimate soldier, bo' -- an assassin with metal skin and a sniper's eye for killing. But whether he's cool and professional or a confused madman depends entirely on the day. Read the story of one of Weapon Plus's many subjects... WARHAWK!
Wrestler, criminal, unstoppable force...this mutant has only one trick, but it's an amazing one. Gunther Bain is one of the X-Men's oldest foes, a reoccurring member of the Brotherhood, and the Blob's closest friend. Today's Spotlight shines on the "Untouchable"... UNUS!
Is he feral, a madman, or is it all an act? The MLF's "leader" seemed too savage and psychotic to oversee an elite terrorist cell, but perhaps that is why Stryfe elected him. Vicious and impulsive, this mutant was barely tamed by the rules of Krakoa, and quickly reverted to type after its fall. Today's Spotlight falls on the twisted... WILDSIDE!

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Spotlight On... WARHAWK!

This obscure villain favored by Chris Claremont fought the X-Men and Heroes for Hire on different occasions. Warhawk fluctuated from cold assassin to PTSD victim whose war flashbacks brought about psychotic behavior. Forged with omnium skin from the same prototype process that made Luke Cage, later stories also made him part of the larger Weapon Plus Program. Last spotted on the run with Noah Burstein, it remains to be seen where Warhawk and his sniper's nest will emerge next.


Today we have another quickfire update of a mutant that was out of the spotlight for nearly two decades. However, he answered the call for all X-Men when the need arose and stuck around for the new Krakoan era. His appearance may have been brief but it was established that Neal had an interest in corporate politics. He was also featured in one of mutantkind's newest and most powerful technologies called mutant circuits. While he may have failed to revolutionize the energy industry or make his mark on the corporate world, he did at least manage to get a small taste of the action he had been out of for so long. Read about the minor exploits of... Neal Shaara!

Spotlight On... UNUS the UNTOUCHABLE!

He is Unus, the Untouchable! One of the X-Men's oldest foes, Unus was an early recruit to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who remained comfortably in the role of follower and enforcer. His force field is both defensive and offensive, able to actively repel anything that tries to get too close. A career criminal, his habits occasionally brought him into conflict with other non-mutant crime-fighters. Perhaps what Unus is most known for is his force field growing beyond his control, forcing away food, air, even the ground beneath his feet. He's actually died on more than one occasion because of this complication.

Spotlight On... WILDSIDE!

He's crazy, man, he's unpredictable, he could SNAP at any moment! This field leader for the Mutant Liberation Front came from the Rob Liefeld catalog of character designs. Much of Wildside's history is a mystery, with him merely appearing as a staple among the MLF's roster over the years. Having a reputation for madness, Wildside comes with a mind-warping power that has almost never looked the same twice. He recently served as the only veteran member of Captain Krakoa's MLF during the Fall of X era.


The Crimson Commando, Stonewall and Super Sabre were a trio of mutants who expanded the roster of the Brotherhood once they became Freedom Force, creating tension between the "evil mutants" and these (relatively) good-intentioned World War II veterans. As X-Men supporting characters, though, they received little development after their introduction, and Stonewall and Super Sabre did not survive the Freedom Force era. After suffering severe injuries in their final mission, the Commando was rebuilt into a cyborg (because it was the 90's). He only made a few more appearances, culminating in a story from a series of pack-in mini-comics from a Marvel / Hardee's restaurant fun meal! collaboration. Fifteen years later, he reappeared only to die in a one-off story. Despite the opportunity offered by Krakoa for these men to return, young and vital, for now it seems their chances at resurrection have passed them by.

Spotlight On... HELLION!

He's the greatest mutant of his generation. Just ask him! From awkward beginnings as the school bully, a rivalry with the New Mutants Squad and a crush on that squad's team leader, this young telekinetic soon proved himself fiercely loyal, a skilled combatant and when the mutant population was reduced to a handful, one of the most powerful mutants alive. But life was not always easy for him - a troubled relationship with a dangerous clone, an attitude that led him to destruction, and a devastating injury in combat. Learn all this and more as we wrap up our Academy X feature with an all-new Spotlight on the greatest mutant of that generation... HELLION!