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Technically a telepath, Marvin Flumm will never challenge an Xavier, Frost, or Grey. Working with what he's got has still kept this criminal active for decades as the psychic for hire called... MENTALLO!
This (literally) venomous assassin was a thorn in the X-Men's and X-Factor's side throughout the '90s, until her power loss somewhat humbled her. Read about the living cipher known as... FATALE!
Almost the complete opposite of his #616 counterpart. Victor Creed of the AoA is a hero and proud father figure that saved the multiverse countless times. Read now the story of... SABRETOOTH (EXILES)!

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Spotlight on...MENTALLO!

Not all mutants come with earth-shattering power -- Marvin Flumm is a very minor psi-talent which just happens to be from an X-Gene. As Mentallo, he has forged a criminal career using technology or just simple guile to stretch his limited abilities to be as profitable as possible. Thief, mercenary, terrorist-for-hire, Mentallo has fought Avengers and X-Men alike while serving A.I.M., Hydra or his own selfish ends with his partner, the Fixer. Currently on Krakoa, Mentallo is one mutant to watch out for, as the ones with the most to prove can be the most dangerous. 

Spotlight on... FATALE

Not much is known about this ruthless, shapeshifting mutant, save that she was the Dark Beast's loyal henchwoman for years. Her unrevealed backstory, vaguely defined personality and super-stylish looks and posturing are a testament to her early 1990s roots. Lately, her traumatic power loss has humanized her. No longer a walking plot device, she is now a survivor, fighting on behalf of her depowered peers. Remember FATALE.

Update on... WITHER!

Years ago, UXN made a site event out of the Necrosha crossover and introduced a new kind of article -- character "Profiles" which weren't as long as Spotlights, but could cover minor characters just the same. This led to an explosion of character articles which continues to this day, and it all began with Profiles on Selene's cabal of followers, including Kevin Ford. Now, as the dead rise again on Krakoa, we return to our roots and Update our profile of Wither. Maybe this time he'll play nice?

Spotlight on... SABRETOOTH (EXILES)!

In the Age of Apocalypse, Sabretooth is not the sadistic killer we know, but an honourable warrior and a proud father figure. As an X-Man, he was instrumental in the defeat of Apocalypse. As leader of Weapon X, he did what he had to in order to survive. As an Exile, he rose through the ranks to become leader of the team and saviour of multiple realities. In the end, he couldn't be further from his evil counterpart. As Exiles Month concludes, read now the story of... Sabretooth!

Update on... LONGSHOT

Longshot wants to thank us for updating his Spotlight! (Domino helped.) A former member of the Exiles, Longshot joined during one of his periods of amnesia after falling back under Mojo's sway. Since then, he became a long-standing member of X-Factor Investigations. Longshot has appeared only briefly since then, and seems back under Mojo's dominion. Will our hero's fate change? Stay tuned for future episodes!

Update on... SAGE

Sage was a member of both the original Exiles team and their thematic successor from the second X-Treme X-Men series. Eventually settling back home, Sage has become highly involved in the new mutant homeland, Krakoa, turning her mental faculties towards regulating use of the Krakoan teleport gates. She is also involved with the intelligence gathering arm of X-Force, Krakoa's deniable operations bureau. Following several years in obscurity, it's good to see the woman with the computer-like mind back in action with the X-Men.