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Is there anything quite as terrifying as an evil therapist? An evil therapist talk show host! This duplicitous father of one of the second generation of the New Mutants went completely under the radar of Emma Frost and Captain America. Very much a villain who was on the cusp before M-Day, read here about the... GARRISON, SEAN !
Hope has fought against such powerhouses as Moonstone, Proteus, Orphan-Maker and Nanny and even literal demons. However, at her core stands a girl who just wants to be a normal teenager and a really good friend. Read here about the Academy X's resident astral-projector… TRANCE!
This student was one of a number of side characters created by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir. The writing pair introduced most of the current “teen mutants” of the early ‘00s. Despite having one of the most original power-sets of the bunch, he was killed off relatively early on. Now in the Krakoan age, his early tragic demise was used to explore what effect it would have on the psyche of youth living in a society in which death was no longer a consequence. Time to pump up the jam with… DJ!

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Spotlight On... DR. SEAN GARRISON!

Very much a big bad that never was. Introduced in the pages of New Mutants (2nd series), this celebrity talk show host (this should have been the first clue) proved to be quite the manipulative villain. Father of the New Mutants team member Wallflower, he managed to engineer events at the Xavier Institute without even setting foot on its soil. Read here about Dr. Sean Garrison.

Spotlight On... TRANCE

A veritable “cameo queen” or at least that's how she ended up. Hope Abbott was one of many young mutants created by Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis for their New Mutants / New X-Men run. Initially “background,” she was given spotlight by Mike Carey and later Zeb Wells. For a time, she was on the cusp of being the X-Men's new “ghost girl,” before she fell back to wallflower status again. Well, it was great while it lasted! Read here about the puzzling trajectory of Trance.


UncannyXmen.net is over 20 years old if you can believe that! Today UXN brings you an update on one of the oldest articles on the site, the Yearbook! Originally, this was a passion project by a former contributor Binaryan, drafted in 2005. The article details the many, many, many X-Men students (100+) introduced to Marvel Comics following the commencement of Grant Morrison's run, up until the Xavier Institute's closure during the Utopia era. It is undoubtable that most of the more memorable “freshmen” were introduced by the husband and wife team, Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir. In a move that was atypical for this site, DeFillipis and Weir actually contributed some content for the original article, detailing some information that had not yet been codified for their nascent cast. A special thanks is reissued to them for the collaboration. This article is packed full of pieces of trivia that we feel even some of the ardent fans of the cult New X-Men Academy characters may not know. With that in mind, enjoy the Yearbook!

Profile On... DJ

This musical savant was one of a number of young mutants introduced post Grant Morrison's New X-Men run. While several of those young mutants became fan favorites, others unfortunately fell in the category of “fodder.” This teen was first depowered by the Scarlet Witch and then murdered by William Stryker. Like many mutants, however, he got a second chance at life on Krakoa, but did he appreciate it? Read here about DJ!

Spotlight On... NETWORK & PREVIEW!

There was a plethora of students introduced in the early 00s with many only getting limited development before being killed / depowered due to the events immediately following House of M. These two sisters reflected both grim fates, though life at least for one did a restart on Krakoa. Read about the potential of Network and Preview.

Profile On... RUBBER MAID

In the early ‘00s, following Grant Morrison's New X-Men run, there was a boom in the creation of teenage mutants to study at the Xavier Institute. This elasticated girl had the distinction of being one of the few contributions that prolific X-Men creator Chris Claremont made towards the student body during this period. Despite being a pedigreed creation, this poor girl existence has been blighted by misfortune. Read here about the girl known as Rubber Maid.