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The ordeals this young girl has had to endure would surely break anyone sooner or later but through it all she became one of the most dependable X-Men going. Read now our spotlight on the plucky and resilient... PIXIE!
These two civilians had their lives changed forever after a chance encounter with the New Mutants. Read all about the highs and lows of two of the X-Men's greatest allies... CORSI, TOM & FRIEDLANDER, SHARON!

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Spotlight On.. PIXIE!

The X-Men's student body sure got the short-end of the stick and this young girl seemed to suffer more than most. Yet despite having a part of her soul removed, being savagely beaten and finding out her family are all villains she remained an upbeat and dependable teammate. We invite you to read our first spotlight of the year on the colourful, yet goth as Hell...Pixie!


Wow, what an Extraordinary year we have had at the UXN. The Uncanny Staff around here worked around the clock to dust off some very old Spotlights, as well as bring you lots of All-New articles. We had our third Unusual Suspects competition, our 100th profile, 7000th issue summary and even an Event Month. In case you missed any of it, please feel free to read our UXM 2016 Year in Review.

Merry Bloody Christmas, Its Pete Wisdom!

Today the spandex brigade finally remembered to get back to me. Bloody tossers. Only took 'em 11 years. So sod off, the lot of you, get me my cigarettes, and enjoy the Pete Wisdom Spotlight Update!


Over the years, the X-Men were often supported by a range of human allies, and today we take a look at a two such humans who were loyal to the X-Men after they had a life-changing encounter with the New Mutants - Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander! 

The Sisterhood

Forming under the leadership of Madelyne Pryor, these ladies weren't going to let the Brotherhood have all the fun. Comprising of the X-Men's deadliest female villains, this team may have been short-lived but they certainly left their mark on the mutants. Enter, if you dare, and learn about the deadliest group of femme-fatales out there...The Sisterhood!

Spotlight On... MAGNUS

Not all characters stick around for decades; some stars burn bright and short. A charter member of the Exiles, no-one epitomized their dangerously uncertain life better than the son of Magneto and Rogue. With his mom's white streak, his dad's penchant for metal and a way with credit cards that would make a valley girl swoon, read now about the short brave life of... MAGNUS!