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From her spectacular debut as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, this woman proved herself a powerful enemy and loyal ally. Learn about the mysterious mutant called... PHANTAZIA!
A living example of the prejudice towards mutantkind going too far, this insane cyborg was actually once a friend to the X-Men. In some realities. It's complicated. To find out how complicated, enjoy our new article on... AHAB!

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The Fury of Phantazia!

One of the most interesting mutants to debut in the early 90s, this mysterious woman made a brief and unfortunately short lived impact as a member of the Toad's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before becoming a footnote in the X-Men's history. Read now the history and learn what could have been, of the mutant Phantazia! 

Don't call me Ishmael...

This week on The Gifted, we got our first introduction to Dr. Campbell of Sentinel Services. In some realities, Rory Campbell is a friend of mutants and ally of Moira MacTaggert during her search for the Legacy Virus cure. In other realities, however, Campbell succumbs to hatred and prejudice to become the maniacal mutant hunter known as AHAB. Which way will this Dr. Campbell go? Tune in to FOX to find out!

Never forget the... BEAUTIFUL DREAMER!

FOX's The Gifted began airing this week, a television drama starring the mutants of the X-Men mythology. Filled with obscure names and characters who haven't yet been seen in the X-Men's cinematic universe, one particularly obscure casting announcement was Beautiful Dreamer, a minor Morlock whose dream smoke could alter the memories of others. As we prep for her television debut, here's her history in full from the comics...just in case something made you forget.

Spotlight on... EXODUS!

Some men were born to lead and others were born to follow. This powerful mutant is more than adept at doing both, which isn't a surprise giving his God-like abilities. As an avid believer in Magneto's philosophy of mutant supremacy, he would go on to clash with X-Men and Avengers alike. It is our honour to present to you a spotlight on...Exodus!!!

Spotlight on... Tarot!

One of the more complex and intriguing of the Hellions, with a life apparently mapped out for her. This young mutant has mysteriously been reborn on several occasions after tragic and unfortunate deaths. Read all about the complex life of one of Emma Frost's beloved Hellions... Tarot! 

Beware the savage... Z'Nox!

Most species have at least some redeeming qualities but these frog faced warmongers have none. Riding their planet through the cosmos like a comet of destruction, these aliens were dangerous enough to drive Charles Xavier to fake his death and hide for months in preparation for their arrival. However these creatures have fallen in stature since their first epic appearances. Read now our Alien Races article on the savage Z'Nox!