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Vastly powerful yet hobbled by that same power, Josef Huber is desperate to eliminate the mutant race whose powers uncontrollably surge through him. Unable to harm mutants directly, the schemes he conducts from a remote distance earned him the name the... ISOLATIONIST!
Florida sea captain turned fearless extradimensional explorer. Her penchant for mutant alpha-male types often brought her in the thick of the action. Grounded and level-headed, she always held her own, even amidst demons and aliens. Be amazed by FORRESTER, LEE!

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Last time we left the X-Men they had just sacrificed their lives to save the entire world and were resurrected by Roma as a reward. Now off the world's radar, the team operated from the shadows (and the Australian outback), until their past caught up with them once more. As the team fell apart, the remaining members went through the Siege Perilous and the team was no more. It would be a number of years before the X-Men reformed, at which point they found themselves teleported to the other side of the galaxy. Read the latest comings and goings of the team in our updated X-MEN ROSTER!

Update on... WHITE QUEEN I

Fifteen years in the making, we finally update the Spotlight on the White Queen for the first time since 2005! And, um, Emma's been busy, you guys. Growing from a novel inclusion to the roster by Grant Morrison, Emma Frost became a leadership figure among the X-Men after the death of Jean Grey and retirement of Charles Xavier. She co-captained the team through the Decimation and Utopia, the Dark Reign, and the return of the Phoenix. Emotionally shattered for a time because of the death of Cyclops, Emma flirted with villainy again, but has renewed her ties to the X-Men in the Dawn of X era. Perhaps most important has been the progression of her relationships with former arch-rivals Storm and Kate Pryde. These former foes have come to accept Emma's change of heart, and the X-Men as a whole have become stronger for it. While the X-Men still know better than to cross Emma Frost, they are now comfortable knowing she's on their side... most of the time.

Spotlight on... ISOLATIONIST!

Peter David resolves his own dangling plots! Introduced by PAD as an unnamed mystery villain in 1993 for the government-sponsored X-Factor, the Isolationist had to wait 14 years for his story to be picked up again during David's X-Factor Investigations run. A human somehow able to access to every active mutant power on the planet, Josef Huber found the weight of telepathy and multiple power sets a burden that drove him into isolation. Further cursed with a mental block that prevented him from directly killing a mutant, the Isolationist was forced to act through intermediaries on his quest to eliminate mutantkind and rid himself of his crippling powers

Spotlight on... LEE FORRESTER!

Reluctant to get drawn into the crazy world of superheroes, she nevertheless crossed paths with Belasco and D'Spayre twice and lived to tell the story, kissed three of the most prominent mutant men in existence (Cyclops, Magneto, Cable) and proved as competent and courageous as any superpowered hero. Not bad for a human woman who once dreamed of roaming the seas but ended up travelling across the cosmos. This is the story of LEE FORRESTER!

Spotlight on... APOCALYPSE TWINS!

When he was taken over by the Deathseed, Archangel ensured the legacy of the Clan Akkaba by conceiving children with Pestilence of the Final Horsemen. The twins Uriel and Eimin were destined to become major players and constantly thwart the schemes of Kang the Conqueror to overcome the mutant race. Consequently, Kang instead kidnapped the twins at birth and raised them as pawns in his master plan of conquest. Believing they were cunning enough to outwit the Conqueror, the Apocalypse Twins discovered too late why Kang is one of the greatest villains of any timeline.

Spotlight on... ADRIENNE FROST!

Emma may be the most well-known member of the powerful Frost family, but she alone isn't the most diabolical - her older sister, Adrienne, can share that claim. From shady business deals, manipulating children, inciting hate riots and self-styling herself as the White Queen, Adrienne has caused a lot of trouble for her sister. How did Emma deal with those troubles? Find out in this spotlight on Adrienne Frost!