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A cumulative genius, this young mutant calls upon the knowledge of anybody he meets. Whether with the Young Avengers or the New X-Men, David Alleyne is always the smartest man in the room...or at least tied for first. Today's Spotlight shines on the Academy X era's brain boy... PRODIGY!
This mutant never intended to be a hero, but he accidentally almost became a villain. Fortunately, this youth's conscience made him realize the path down which he was going in time to stop it. Read today the cautionary tale of... CONNAUGHTON, LIAM!

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Update on... AURORA!

Alpha Flight's other brightest mutant has sure done a lot since we released her Spotlight. She's fought and won against Norman Osborn, betrayed Alpha Flight (or did she), been to space and back and even died while trying to cover up a murder, before joining her brother in Krakoa's X-Factor Investigations team, where she met and fell in love with Daken. Has Jeanne-Marie Beaubier finally found peace? Find out in our updated Spotlight on... AURORA!

Spotlight on... NORTHSTAR!

The new leader of X-Factor Investigations, Jean-Paul Beaubier reluctantly embraced the role but has grown into it as an extension of his former responsibilities as a teacher. This Spotlight Update covers some of the most exciting milestones of Northstar's life, including his marriage to Kyle Jinadu and the revelation that his infant adopted daughter Joanne was a mutant, and therefore available for resurrection. Today we celebrate the successes of the Fastest Mutant Alive... NORTHSTAR.

Update on... PRESTIGE!

Many years have passed since we last visited Rachel Summers, Rachel Grey, the "baby Phoenix". At the encouragement of Kate Pryde, Rachel has finally begun to move out of her mother's shadow with an identity of her own as Prestige. Her little used chrono-skimming ability has not only proven effective in X-Factor's forensic cases, but also helps her stand out from the plethora of Telepath/Telekinetic combos among the mutant community. Prestige has also adopted a pup representing the last of the Warwolves, and her bond with Amazing Baby further shows how Rachel will not be defined by the strife of her past.

Spotlight on... PRODIGY!

Welcome to 2022! With the dawn of a new year, we are also celebrating the Dawn of X era for the X-Men titles. This first wave of comics and ideas sprung from Hickman's revolutionary new take on the X-Men and the island nation of Krakoa. With many of those comics coming to a close or evolving into new titles for Destiny of X, we'll be spending the next few months treating our visitors to updates and new material on several recent casts of characters. As it happens, several of these characters will also be new releases for the MightyAvengers.Net site, so watch for shameless cross-promotion by us!

The Dawn of X begins with X-Factor Investigations and a Spotlight on Prodigy. David Alleyne's mutant mind made him one of the rising stars of the cherished Academy X era. Even after losing his powers to the Decimation, David still remained part of the New X-Men and contributor to Utopia. AVX led him away from the X-Men for a time, and he lent his brilliance to the Young Avengers. With resurrection protocols restoring his X-gene, however, Prodigy has returned to the mutant community as one of their chief investigators and forensics specialists.

Update On...Frost Family Tree

As everyone recovers from the festive period (and our "Beast" of an update last week)  we thought we'd bring you some bite-sized updates to a few articles this week. Our first release is an update to one of our family trees, although the relationships between the various members on this one are rather strained. With some un-seasonal dashes of bitterness, cloning and murder we bring you an updated article on the Frost Family Tree

Spotlight on... LIAM CONNAUGHTON!

This young man's was initially a very sad tale. As with so many, he was drawn into the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland and his life was equivocally damaged. Unlike those other unfortunates, he was also a mutant. His uncontrollable destructive abilities would make him a target not just for manipulation by those who oppose peace but at one point they even marked him for death. Luckily his life did ultimately turn around and he became a positive symbol for change in Ireland and the British Isles thanks in part due to the machinations of Charles Xavier's son, Legion during one of his fleeting periods of lucidity. Read the hopeful story of Liam Connaughton.