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Kelsey Leigh just wanted to protect her children, but an unclear choice forced her to become a super-hero while never seeing them again. Her bitterness twisted her into lashing out, but she made her peace in the end and reunited with her kids because of it. Read the brief but emotional history of... LIONHEART!
From a promising debut during the height of the Legacy Virus storyline, to being killed off in a Hardee's fast food toy promotion. Read about the brief rise and fall of.. EMPYREAN!
The Neyaphem lord was a Biblical era mutant and ruler of his own kingdom, but its fair to say he peaked early. After generations of effort trying to escape from exile in the Brimstone Dimension, his triumphant return made little more than a whimper. By trying to present himself at the same status of a Hell-Lord of the nether dimensions, Azazel never quite measured up by comparison. Today's Spotlight shines on an immortal mutant who is not (repeat, NOT) an actual demon... AZAZEL!

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Spotlight On... LIONHEART!

The lost Captain Britain, Kelsey Leigh emerged from a particularly controversial run on Avengers. Still, she represented an important question in Omniversal lore -- If potential Captains were always given a choice between the Sword of Might and the Amulet of Right, what happens when someone chooses the Sword and the path of violence? Tragically separated from her children as a result of her choice, Kelsey rejected the Captain Britain Corps and became Lionheart, joining with Albion and other Sword-bearers to reject the judgment of Roma and Brian Braddock. Ultimately, though, Kelsey learned how to reject the violence in her heart and was reunited with her children.

Update on... SKIDS

It's a rough burn when Gwenpool of all people calls you out for being an inconsistent character. Skids has been a student, a Morlock, a terrorist, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, an Acolyte, and more over the years. Is it any wonder writers aren't clear what the core of this character is? The Krakoan era unfortunately ended before she could reunite with the resurrected Rusty Collins on-panel, so we'll have to wait and see if the former lovers have changed too much to have a happy reconciliation in the future.

Update on...DANGER!

Whilst the mutant race set themselves up on Krakoa, this former ally was banished from there. Deciding that she didn't need the mutants anymore she created her own family, but she was soon drawn back into their world when that family was threatened. Read the desperate lengths this robotic powerhouse would go to to save the one she loved in our updated spotlight on...DANGER!

Update on... EMPYREAN

One of the 27 new characters introduced in the Marvel 1993 Annuals, Empyrean was more-or-less killed off in a Hardees promotional comic a few years later. This ignominious fate was undone when his creator Fabian Nicieza briefly revisited the character this year during the Fall of X. Though he's dead again, at least this time Empyrean got to go out on his own terms. That's something, right?

Update on...MICROMAX!

This size-changing hero finally got his shot at the big time (get it?!?) when the X-Men held a vote to see who their newest members would be. Despite missing out, he was still able to prove his worth by teaming up with the other rejected candidates in stopping a terrorist at the Hellfire Gala. Read our small update on the larger than life...MICROMAX!

Update on... AZAZEL

Welcome to another Quickfire Updates week, where we fire off a wave of shorter updates for our ever-growing stash of character articles! Once conceived as the Devil himself, an ancient mutant whose power and evil inspired the Biblical version of Satan, the modern Azazel proved to be a paper tiger. While perhaps intimidating on the surface, Azazel lacked the true skill or charm to maintain his dreams of power. During a brief service on truly the strangest X-Men roster of all, Azazel died to a twisted version of Nightcrawler from another dimension...and nothing of value was lost.