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Immigrant, money-hungry super-villain, team player, loyal friend, bread-winning bar owner. Full of contradictions, false starts and setbacks, this is the life of… AVALANCHE!
Empress, rebel, warrior, lover. This Shi'ar spent her life trying to save her people, and ultimately lost it saving them. Read now, the life and death of... NERAMANI, LILANDRA !
With a body made of rock you would assume that Sidney Green would have been able to survive anything the X-Men threw at him. His boldness led to his downfall though, when he went up against his former teammate Wither. Read the short, yet eventful, history of one of the many X-Students to fall in battle... ONYXX!

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Originally self-styled as ‘the guy who blackmailed California,’ this Greek-born mutant gained international notoriety when he destroyed the Eiffel Tower. Having served numerous incarnations of the Brotherhood of Mutants and having served time in various facilities for super-powered criminals, Avalanche ultimately reformed himself when he opened his own bar in downtown San Francisco. Alas, permanent happiness was to escape him, courtesy of a brainwashing, which led to his self-inflicted death.


Created to replace Magneto, Joseph never quite had the knack. His fellow X-Men were leery of him during his original adventures when they believed he was a mysteriously de-aged version of Magnus. Following his first death and resurrection, Joseph found Magneto working with the X-Men and so he embraced the Master of Magnetism's darker history, differentiating himself from his template. Even in this Joseph failed, though, and he has once again returned to the grave.


After becoming estranged from her husband, Diamond Lil found herself experimented on by a mad scientist, a prisoner in a mutant concentration camp and a refugee at the Xavier Institute. So when she finally found some happiness upon being reunited with Madison Jeffries, things were looking up - until she was unceremoniously murdered when assisting the X-Men in battle. Who killed one of the fiercest Alphans? Find out in the updated spotlight on Diamond Lil!


You never forget your first intergalactic love. For Lilandra Neramani while her life was forever changed by the bond she formed with Charles Xavier, her true love would always be the Shi'ar people. Most of her adult life she alternated from rebel to empress, constantly fighting to raise her people above the standard of barbarism set by so many of her predecessors. Ultimately, while her life was lost to an assassin's blast, she freed her people from tyranny one final time. Read now about the life, and death of...Lilandra!


Roger Bochs was a brilliant scientist, loyal to Alpha Flight until he suffered a nervous breakdown and betrayed the team, losing his life in the process. Although he died many years ago and has never found his way back to the land of the living, several years ago it was revealed that he had a son. Huh? Learn all what little there is to know about Roger Bochs, Jr in the updated Spotlight on Box!


Calvin Rankin couldn't catch a break in life. Often mistaken for a mutant and having permanently copied the powers of mutants, he nevertheless was not one, straddling the line between human and mutant while not being fully accepted by either. His earnest desire to help and be included led to his demise, taking the place of Cyclops while fighting Ahab and his Hounds, only to be killed by the time-travelling cyborg's harpoon. Mimic has seemingly died before, however, so perhaps he'll be in better spirits the next time we do a Spotlight Update on Mimic!