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With a body made of rock you would assume that Sidney Green would have been able to survive anything the X-Men threw at him. His boldness led to his downfall though, when he went up against his former teammate Wither. Read the short, yet eventful, history of one of the many X-Students to fall in battle... ONYXX!
What If...Storm of the X-Men became a Vampire? Turned by the lord of darkness Dracula himself, in several realities Ororo Munroe has struggled to control her bloodlust while continuing to fight alongside her mortal mutant companions. Read about w several realities' Ororo dealt with this fate and became... BLOODSTORM I & II!
In the Ultimate Universe, the son of Wolverine had to learn to live up to his father's legacy after the Ultimatum Wave. Raised in obscurity, Jimmy Hudson, Jr. ultimately joined the X-Men across two universes and continues to outlast his home reality. Read this character's efforts to adjust to this new world in today's Spotlight On... JAMES HUDSON JR.!

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NEMESIS III (Glossary Character)
Brotherhood VI (Glossary Group)
XORN (Glossary Character)
Brotherhood VII (Glossary Group)
AVALANCHE II (Glossary Character)
TOAD (Glossary Character)
JUGGERNAUT (Glossary Character)
RANDOM (Glossary Character)
PYRO (Glossary Character)
MAGNETO III (Glossary Character)


In our second rapid-fire update of the week we come to a character who was previously believed dead, only for him to turn up alive. This time though his death was more definitive when he chose to help out the Uncanny X-Force team with their secret missions. Like many before him, he would end up paying the ultimate price for standing alongside the X-Men in their time of need. Read the updated spotlight on the loyal but engimatic...GATEWAY

Spotlight update on...BLINDFOLD!

As we continue our death-themed month we bring you the first of two rapid-fire updates this week. Since her spotlight first appeared a couple of years ago this young lady has managed to keep out of the X-Men's dramas, but her elusiveness was not to last. With most of the X-Men believed dead and her own precognative powers showing her horrific visions of the future, she could not see a happy ending for herself anymore and so she chose to end it all. Read the final story on one of the X-Men's many recent casualties with our updated spotlight on....BLINDFOLD!


With the release of X-MEN: Dark Phoenix, what better way to celebrate than with a month of releases focusing on those poor unfortuante souls that passed away in the service of the X-Men, that's right its a Death theme month! Our first release focuses on Sidney Green Read the tragically short history of one of many X-students to die in the line of duty, with our Spotlight On...Onyxx 

Villain Team Entry on Inferno Babies

After the Inferno event, a number of mutant babies were put into the care of the government and everybody assumed they went on to live normal happy lives. Their true, shocking fate was revealed in 2010 when the New Mutants encountered the now-adult versions of the children. Now as twisted as the dimension they were forced to grow up in, we invite you to read the tragic history of the long-forgotten...Inferno Babies

Update on Bloodties and Siege of Wundagore crossovers

Today, we are having a Throwback Thursday by refreshing two of our older crossover entries both coincidentally featuring Quicksilver and Exodus. During the Bloodties Crossover, Exodus proved to be a force to be reckoned with, resulting in the Avengers and X-Men teaming up to take him down. During the Siege of Wundagore, Quicksilver took on the High Evolutionary, but things became complicated when the Exodus interfered in both their plans.

Brotherhood (Battle of the Atom)

When the X-Men from the future arrived in the present to warn that the Original 5 X-Men from the past needed to return to where and when they belonged, it seemed like a reasonable idea. The revelation that these future "X-Men" were actually the Brotherhood of their time honestly didn't change that. Still, driven by the spite and selfishness of their founders Raze and Xavier II, the Brotherhood continued to hound the present and the past with their own machinations for some time during the era of the O5.