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One of Professor X's oldest and deadliest foes, this evil alien conqueror is responsible for first crippling Xavier's ability to walk. A rare but reoccurring threat in the years since then, read about the ionic Arcane antagonist called... LUCIFER!
Losing his people in an atomic blast left Prince Gor-Tok of Sub-Terranea mutated and nihilistic. Eager and willing to die if it meant destroying the surface world, the fallen prince emerged as GROTESK, THE SUBHUMAN! GROTESK!
She fought the X-Men, X-Factor and Power Pack...and DIDN'T live to tell the tale! Read all about the enigmatic Morlock once called Plague, forever remembered as... PESTILENCE III!

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300th Character article incoming!

Our 100th Spotlight was Wolverine, the biggest Spotlight ever! Our 100th Character Profile was the Living Monolith, the biggest mutant who ever walked! Now that we've combined the character articles, next week will be the 300th UXN Character Article! How will we get EVEN BIGGER? Tune in later this week to find out!


Not every alien race can hit it big it the hearts of readers. For every Shi'ar or Brood there's a Z'Nox or Broccoli Person. Sure, a rage inducing part slug, part fungus psychic parasitic sounded like a good idea on paper, but sadly their potential gas never been explored beyond their first appearance. Read now about the mysterious...Golgotha!

Spotlight on... LUCIFER

Happy Halloween! For today's spooookiest of releases we have the original fallen angel, the Devil himself... Lucifer! Okay, actually he is an alien conqueror from the Arcane, but still a perilous threat. Before the Shadow King, Lucifer was originally responsible for robbing Charles Xavier of the use of his legs, crushing them under a mighty stone slab. Since then he has evolved into more of a malevolent spirit, possessing the bodies of others to bring his evil back to Earth from the Nameless Dimension! Although he has fought many heroes of Earth, Lucifer recently returned to remind us he was an X-Villain first and foremost!


The Brotherhood have gone through numerous iterations over the years, with various mission statements ranging from terrorism to crime. In the wake of Magneto/Xorn's attack on New York and Magneto's apparent death, Exodus formed a new Brotherhood with a specific mission: revenge on the X-Men. With a roster that included a tree man, elephant man and not one but two moles it was a short-lived but unique team. Read now about... the Brotherhood of Mutants V!

Spotlight on... GROTESK

Heaven and Hell seem to have a revolving door when it comes to Marvel's Mightiest Mutants, but the first time an X-Man died it was permanent. Grotesk the Subhuman brought about the death of Professor X while trying to destroy the surface world in an act of revenge. Although it was soon revealed that the Xavier who died was actually Changeling, he remains the first X-Man to die in battle. Today, ready the history of one of the X-Men's forgotten but significant foes... GROTESK.