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Considering her prominence in recent years, it's hard to believe that readers had an extended period in which Magik was absent from our stories. When a version of the character was introduced into the Exiles comics in 2003, the new Illyana we met showed a possible future for the little girl who in the ‘90s perished to the Legacy virus. This bold and violent heroine (?) was willing to do anything to succeed at a task and heaven help who got in her way. Read here about the Exiles’… MAGIK (EXILES)!
This poor girl’s teen years were bleak to say the least. Imprisoned in a Sentinel camp in her home reality (the Ultimate Universe), only to be rescued and end up being sent to a barren wasteland reservation. Still her gentle optimism was a light for others until she wound up on Earth 616. Telepathically controlled by Miss Sinister into being a weapon her, her ultimate fate is still unclear. Read here about... ARMOR (ULTIMATE)!
He's the ultimate soldier, bo' -- an assassin with metal skin and a sniper's eye for killing. But whether he's cool and professional or a confused madman depends entirely on the day. Read the story of one of Weapon Plus's many subjects... WARHAWK!

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Update on...THE SOULSWORD!

As we continue Magic Month we bring you an update to one of our oldest non-character articles. When Illyana Rasputin returned to life, she set out to claim what was rightfully hers, and she wasn't the only one seeking the mysterious sword. Recent years have shed light on the sword and its abilities, yet somehow more questions arise than are answered. Read our updated article on the dangerous and iconic...SOULSWORD!

Update of... SPIRAL!

Since this Bring on the Bad Guys article was first published 14 years ago, Spiral went from a cackling evil villain to a bit of a repentant hero (for a little while). Finding family for the first time since her transformation, the young girl Ginny initiated in her a desire to change for the better and she managed to redeem herself a bit in the eyes of the woman she most harmed in Psylocke, by joining her X-Force team. Since then she returned to Mojo but she was able to reclaim a piece of her missing soul that he had been hoarding to keep her under his control. Perhaps there will be room for this six armed sorceress to grow as a hero or maybe she will revert back to her crazy demented former self. You don't need to look into the space between space to fully understand this complicated woman with this updated Spotlight of... SPIRAL!

Profile on... MAGIK (EXILES)

Replacing Exiles original member, Blink was no easy task and this mystic, well, she didn't! Unlike Blink, she was difficult to work with, her methods were too extreme for her teammates and she was a bit too “frisky” and insane for them. However, underneath all of this was a young woman who was simply desperate to return home and willing to do anything to save her family. Read here about the Exiles’ Magik.

Spotlight On... ARMOR (ULTIMATE)!

Hisako Ichiki of the Ultimate Universe was not as fortunate as her Earth 616 counterpart. As a young woman, she was imprisoned for the crime of being a mutant. Yet, following her rescue by the remnants of the Ultimate X-Men, she blossomed into an optimistic and fierce young woman who would do anything to protect her friends. Unfortunately, the Secret Wars event robbed her of this life and dropped her on Earth 616, only to be controlled by the sadistic Miss Sinister. Read here about Armor.

Spotlight On... WARHAWK!

This obscure villain favored by Chris Claremont fought the X-Men and Heroes for Hire on different occasions. Warhawk fluctuated from cold assassin to PTSD victim whose war flashbacks brought about psychotic behavior. Forged with omnium skin from the same prototype process that made Luke Cage, later stories also made him part of the larger Weapon Plus Program. Last spotted on the run with Noah Burstein, it remains to be seen where Warhawk and his sniper's nest will emerge next.


Today we have another quickfire update of a mutant that was out of the spotlight for nearly two decades. However, he answered the call for all X-Men when the need arose and stuck around for the new Krakoan era. His appearance may have been brief but it was established that Neal had an interest in corporate politics. He was also featured in one of mutantkind's newest and most powerful technologies called mutant circuits. While he may have failed to revolutionize the energy industry or make his mark on the corporate world, he did at least manage to get a small taste of the action he had been out of for so long. Read about the minor exploits of... Neal Shaara!