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A caustic personality whose short time on X-Force caused friction in the team. His competition to be "more black" than his teammate Anarchist lead to an untimely fate. Read about the poor decisions of... SPIKE!
This mutant's has been cast into the vacuum of space, fought a death goddess and taken more than his fair share of punches from Monet St Croix. It's lucky that his power literally made him born to survive. Read the ever-evolving story of... DARWIN!
Life was never easy for this young mutant who looked like a fish. It got slightly better when he moved to the Xavier School, until his life was tragically cut short. Learn how in the spotlight on... SQUIDBOY!

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Spotlight on... SPIKE!

When Spike was auditioning to be the newest member of X-Force, Anarchist didn't want him on the team out of fear that when a new black man came onto a show, the older black man got killed off. When Spike joined despite this, his tenure was filled with constant fighting and accusations of racism. Ultimately, these arguments got turned against him and lead to an ironic and tragic fate.

Spotlight Update On...MAGMA!

It's been a long time since we touched base with this fiery lady and in that time she has certainly been through the ringer. After tragically losing her boyfriend on M-Day and getting attacked by a former teammate, her luck started to turn around when she snagged a date with the devil (spoilers...that didn't work out well either, shockingly enough!). So read our updated spotlight on the New Mutants' hottest member...MAGMA!

Update on... ICARUS!

After over a decade from his tragic Childhood's End, Jay Guthrie has been reunited with his siblings through the miracle of resurrection. Now this angelic mutant flies overhead in this mutant paradise. Has Icarus finally found a happy ending or will he and the rest of Krakoa burn for attempting to fly too close to the sun?

Spotlight on...DARWIN!

Much like how UncannyXMen.net has evolved through its 21 years of existence, the final character in our birthday month is also known for his ability to adapt. Created in 2006 as part of Xavier's hidden team of X-Men, this evolving mutant survived Krakoa's early wrath and rejoined the team many years later. He is now back on Krakoa alongside the rest of the "Deadly Genesis" team under very different circumstances. Read the tale on the mutant who was literally born to survive in our spotlight on...DARWIN!

As a special treat, we have also prepared a handy table showcasing many of Darwin's unique evolutions in our brand new DARWIN AWARDS!

Spotlight on... SQUIDBOY!

A mainstay of the controversial run by X-Men writer Chuck Austen, Sammy Pare was a young mutant with an unfortunate mutation who struggled with domestic violence and bullying. However, he also also briefly had the chance to learn from the X-Men, be a hero himself and find himself under the protection of the Juggernaut. But this young mutant's tragic life was even more tragically cut short. Find out how and why - in our all-new Spotlight on Squidboy!

Article on... OMEGA MUTANTS!

Omega-class mutants are reputed to be the most powerful mutants in existence. For 20 years, fans have entertained themselves speculating about which of their favorites had the "unlimited potential" necessary to qualify as an Omega mutant. Beginning with the Dawn of X era, Marvel had has clarified and identified the Omegas among the mutant community, making them an active plot point in the age of Krakoa. Today's article looks at the information available to us on Omega mutants, how it developed over time, and what questions might still be open.