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Many of the X-Men's allies started out fighting against them and this lady is no exception. After nearly wiping out the mutant race with her so-called "cure", she saw the error of her ways and joined forces with the mutants to protect them when they needed help the most. Read all the shameful and heroic actions of the one and only RAO, DR. KAVITA!
A powerful mutant with a love of games, the Gamesmaster was an up-and-coming big threat in the early 90s whose potential was never fully realized. Shrouded in a mystery wrapped in an enigma, learn what their is to know about the omnipath called the GAMESMASTER!
Fitzroy was the illegitimate heir to the Shaw family fortune in his future. Able to drain life and create portals through time, he escaped his home time period to cause trouble for the X-Men. Always one step ahead of his long-long foe, Bishop, today's Spotlight covers the White Rook, the Chronomancer... FITZROY, TREVOR!

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Spotlight on...DR. KAVITA RAO

As one of the X-Men's more loyal human allies, this lady wasn't always on their side, in fact she almost caused their extinction. With the best of misguided intentions, she developed a cure for the x-gene but soon regretted it once she saw how it could become a weapon in the wrong hands. Joining up with the X-Men, she chose to redeem herself in their eyes by helping them when they needed it the most. Read our fascinating insight into the X-men resident physician...Dr. Kavita Rao!

Update on... ARCHANGEL

Number 2 in our countdown for the Original Five X-Men Spotlight Updates, we have Warren Worthington III, the Angel and the Archangel. Young Warren arrived in the present to find his older self traumatized and amnesiac, not even answering to the name Warren anymore. Angel tried to distance himself from his future mistakes by accepting and keeping the power of the Black Vortex, giving him fiery energy wings. Kid Cable solved this problem...apparently...by cutting off Angel's cosmic wings and grafting Mimic's mimicked feathered wings onto his back in their place. (It's best not to think about that too closely.) In the present, Warren returned to struggling with his Archangel side, and likely will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Today, we present the Archangel Spotlight update in full!


One of the biggest threats of the 90s that you've probably never heard of! This omnipathic mutant meddled in the lives of the Upstarts for his own pleasure as part of a game that... went nowhere. Who is the mysterious psychic that created a paradise at Jean Grey's expense? Even we don't know - and we wrote the Spotlight! Read about the schemes and wasted potential of the GAMESMASTER!


Some of the leading troublemakers of the early 90's, the Upstarts were involved in a competition to kill off other mutants in order to achieve... something. The whys and wherefores of this group got lost in the X-odus of Image Comics' founding creators from Marvel Comics, leaving their dangerous but poorly fleshed out game to shuffle along for a few more years. Seemingly done for after the Child's Play crossover, the Upstarts recently reunited to hunt mutants once more, and so today we present an update to the Upstarts Villains Team entry!


A shunned bastard with daddy issues, the power to drain lifeforce from others and the total absence of a human soul, is it any wonder Trevor Fitzroy turned out like he did? Bishop's arch-nemesis from the X.S.E. future wasted little time joining the Upstarts and causing all manner of ruckus after arriving in the modern era. He eventually jumped to another time period and sank to greater depths of depravity as the reviled Chronomancer. Today, our focus is turned towards that green-haired goon...TREVOR FITZROY!


Blink and you missed her! Confirmed as alive after many years only to be killed again (off-panel, no less), Siena Blaze and the Upstarts reformed briefly during the "No More X-Men" arc. Given the circumstances, her fate is by no means certain, and the Mistress of the Electromagnetic Storm may return yet again at some point in the future.