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A woman with a troubled past, one of the first new mutants after the Decimation ended can be a real monster! Read about the crimes and chaos surrounding the creature conjurer named... ANIMAX!
Running hot and cold, this thermal mutant was central to the Schism era and the Jean Grey School. Now active on Krakoa, today's Spotlight shines on the Light known as... OYA!
Destined to become host to the powerful Phoenix Force, this young magician became involved in the adventures of the mighty Excalibur team, much to their annoyance. But all this boy really needed was to matter. Did he ever matter? Find out in our Spotlight on... FERON!

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Profile on... ANIMAX!

When the mutant race started to repopulate after the Decimation, not all of them joined the X-Men. Blake Schiel was a petty criminal from an abusive background who reveled in the opportunity to use her new powers and strike back at her tormentors. Her tantrums drew the attention of the X-Men and other heroes before the foundation of Krakoa. Animax was invited to the island nation like other mutant criminals, under the promise of good behavior. Time will tell.

Spotlight on... OYA!

When Hope Summers fulfilled her destiny and broke the Decimation spell, a new wave of mutants began to manifest on Earth. The most prominent of these new mutant "Lights" appearing on Cerebro was Idie Okonkwo, a young girl from Nigeria who feared her mutant powers made her a devil, or a monster. Idie's sweet but resigned belief that she was evil was one of the breaking points that started the Schism between Wolverine and Cyclops. Logan restarted the school in Westchester for Idie to spend time as a child and a student, not a mutant soldier on the front lines. Idie has done a lot of growing up in the years since, and has become a more centered and self-confident character as Oya, The Girl Who Wouldn't Burn.

Profile on... FERON

Because NO ONE demanded it! UXN is proud to present our Spotlight on the last remaining member of the classic Excalibur team yet to feature on our site. This pale, arrogant brat though he was supposed to be host to the Phoenix Force - and boy did he cause some trouble for Excalibur! But while most of the team barely took an interest in him, one reformed brat eventually began to reach out. Then he was cut from the series in an attempt to align the book closer to the other X-titles. He then vanished and later jumped out of a cake. Read all about the strange adventures of FERON.

Profile on... DAI THOMAS

This pleasantly plump Welsh Scotland Yard inspector started out as a sworn enemy of all superheroes after his wife was tragically killed in a battle between Thor and the Hulk, went on to become a trusted ally of the Excalibur, and even had his own moment to shine as protector of England when he became possessed by the legendary Sir Gawain. Still, the police force remains his one true love to this day. Read the unsung saga of the obstinate DAI THOMAS.


Last time we left the X-Men they had just sacrificed their lives to save the entire world and were resurrected by Roma as a reward. Now off the world's radar, the team operated from the shadows (and the Australian outback), until their past caught up with them once more. As the team fell apart, the remaining members went through the Siege Perilous and the team was no more. It would be a number of years before the X-Men reformed, at which point they found themselves teleported to the other side of the galaxy. Read the latest comings and goings of the team in our updated X-MEN ROSTER!

Update on... WHITE QUEEN I

Fifteen years in the making, we finally update the Spotlight on the White Queen for the first time since 2005! And, um, Emma's been busy, you guys. Growing from a novel inclusion to the roster by Grant Morrison, Emma Frost became a leadership figure among the X-Men after the death of Jean Grey and retirement of Charles Xavier. She co-captained the team through the Decimation and Utopia, the Dark Reign, and the return of the Phoenix. Emotionally shattered for a time because of the death of Cyclops, Emma flirted with villainy again, but has renewed her ties to the X-Men in the Dawn of X era. Perhaps most important has been the progression of her relationships with former arch-rivals Storm and Kate Pryde. These former foes have come to accept Emma's change of heart, and the X-Men as a whole have become stronger for it. While the X-Men still know better than to cross Emma Frost, they are now comfortable knowing she's on their side... most of the time.