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The X.S.E. Omega Squad came back in time to capture fleeing felons, but they found modern America very different from what they knew. Read about the decorated but short careers of Bishop's right-hand men... MALCOLM & RANDALL!
A complicated history for a guy who just wants to have fun but is also a sleeper agent and assassin. And two different people. Read about the combined history of Generation X's friend / foe... MONDO I & II!

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Publication History X: 2016

Everybody lives! Or do they? Although the multiverse was rebooted after Battleworld, the mutant population of Earth suffered a new threat as the Inhumans' Terrigen cloud became toxic to them, causing a modern plague known as the M-Pox. Various X-Men teams struggled to protect mutantkind from the Terrigen and find a solution to the M-Pox as 2016 teased the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men War!

Spotlight On...MALCOLM & RANDALL

In the future, Xavier's Security Enforcers were mutants charged with policing their own for the good of society. Bishop and Omega Squad were among the best of the best. When he chased nearly a hundred Lifers who escaped from prison back in time, his men accompanied him without question. While Bishop went on to become a mainstay in the modern X-Men, his fellow officers died executing their duties. Read the history of MALCOLM & RANDALL, who followed their commanding officer to the end.

Spotlight On... MOONSTAR

"Thor: Ragnarok" may be the highlight of cinemas around the world right, but the X-Men's own Dani Moonstar has many ties and had several notable adventures in the fabled Norse realm of Asgard. So put your hammer down, tell your work buddy to relax and catch up on everything Dani has been up to (including leading a reformed New Mutants team) in our updated Spotlight on Moonstar!


Originating from Joss Whedon's praised run on Astonishing X-Men, this species are as brutal and violent as the Orcs they resemble. In a world where violence and bloodshed were a part of everyday life, compassion was akin to sacrilege. The actions of one woman, weary of her people's brutal ways, would set her species on a drastic path that would leave them radically altered. Read now the tale of the...Breakworlders!

Spotlight On... MONDO I & II

Before the rise of the internet but at the height of Wizard and comic promotional materials, Generation X was the hot new series of 1994. Out of the initial eight promoted new mutants, however, Mondo was the least explored member of the team. He joined nearly a year into the series and did little of note until being suddenly revealed as a secret assassin, then killed. Years later, Mondo was revisited when the assassin was revealed as a clone, but he still languished in limbo after that. Today's profile explores the combined history of MONDO and his doppelganger.

Publication History X: 2015

The X-Men titles limp across the finish line as Time Runs Out for the Marvel Universe. Several innovative ongoing series end while the not-so-merry mutants struggle to move on from the death of Wolverine. Wanda and Pietro are removed from the X-Verse when their ties to Magneto are severed, and the aimlessness of Cyclops's mutant revolution becomes apparent. But none of this matters because in 2015...Everything Dies.