Event Months

As regular site visitors might already know, at least *cough* once per year *cough* the site experiences something called an Event Month. Over an extended period, lots of different features all connected to one certain topic are published on a daily basis. These Events take lots of time for planning and preparation, but once they are published, they have always been well-received by the audience.
An Event Month can center around specific characters (Summers), certain incidents (AoA) or a basic underlying theme (magic). In this section you can look up which features were released during the past Events, and how the concept improved with each take.
If you find any errors that need correcting, or if you would like to contribute to this section get in touch.

Title Last Updated
Event - Shi'ar Month (Revisited) 24th Nov 2016
Event 1 - Shi'Ar Month 24th Nov 2003
Event 2 - Summers Month 25th Nov 2003
Event 3 - AoA Month 6th Jan 2004
Event 4 - Magic Month 29th Feb 2004
Event 5 - Xavier / Onslaught Month 10th Jun 2005
Event 6 - Magneto / House of M 24th Aug 2010
Event 7 - Alpha Flight 17th Aug 2011
Event 8 - X-Force 30th Nov 2012