Event 1 - Shi'Ar Month

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24th November 2003

The Shi’Ar Month was the first Event concept ever and was released during August 2001. Its purpose was to draw some more audience to the site, which was celebrating its first birthday, and also to highlight the newly opened section, “Alien Races.”

Back then, we only released three features per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, leading to an overall number of 12 topics for the entire Event. At the time, the site was rather new and unknown and we didn’t have as many contributers as nowadays. It was only Dean Clayton and myself, Peter Luzifer, who worked on turning the Event Month idea into a dream come true.

Below is a list of the features that were part of the Shi’Ar Month:

Alien Races As already mentioned above, this section was opened especially for the month. Of course, the Shi‘Ar are the alien race with the most appearances and information on them and, therefore, their entry has several detailed subfeatures on important characters, their ruling system and religion, etc.

The other races handled during the events were the D‘Bari, the Mephistoids, the Sidri, the P!ndyr, the Timorians and the Uncreated.

Friends or Foes Going along with the earlier established Villain Team entries, we also started the Friends or Foes section for group that, at times, fight alongside the X-Men but, at others, might oppose them. The entries on the Imperial Guard and the Starjammers turned out to be rather lengthy, but they were worth the effort put into them.

X marks the spot In our atlas section, we tried to take a good look at what planets and parts of known space belong to the Shi’Ar Galaxy, and we also had an detailed feature about the Blue Area on the Moon, the site of the classic battle between the X-Men and the Imperial Guard over the fate of Phoenix.

A third location entry about the M’Kraan Crystal was later excorporated from the location section and shuffled into the Object Category of our article section, Merging Minds, where it fits somewhat better.

While relatively short, compared to our later Event Months, the Shi’Ar event will always have a special spot in our hearts, as it was the first big project of the UXM.Net and, up till them, such a concept hadn’t been seen on any X-related research and information site.