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30th August 2021
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Armando Munoz, aka Darwin, has one of the more unique gifts amongst the mutant race in that he can literally have any power, he just has to be in the right situation for it. Some of these are subtle such as super intelligence when taking a test, or enhanced strength when getting in a fight, but many are very more obvious and sometimes even comical in their outcome.

The below list aims to identify the specific enhancement as well as explain the trigger event for it. In some cases, whilst not stated outright in the issues, it can be inferred Darwin developed certain abilities, like regeneration after a particularly brutal fight, or super strength/durability when getting punched by Monet (an event which appears numerous times on the list).

Issue Power Cause
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2  Super Intelligence The desire to please his mother during an IQ test
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2 Gills to breathe underwater with  Having his head thrust underwater
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2 Stone-covered hands Attacking his bullies
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2 Fire-proof with wet-skin and an immunity to heat Caught in a house fire
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2 Body mass grew lighter Jumped off a building in an attempt to kill himself
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4 Fire-proof with wet-skin and an immunity to heat Attacked with a flamethrower whilst undergoing tests with Moira and Xavier
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6 Turned into energy and absorbed himself into Vulcan, enabling both to survive in stasis Both Darwin and Vulcan had sustained life-threatening injuries
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6 Regrow entire body from energy After having his energy purged from Vulcan he needed a new body
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #476 Rubber body Fell from a great height
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #478 Enhanced linguistic skills allowing him to speak and read numerous Shi’ar languages Reading Shi’ar logbooks
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #478 Increased tissue density and shut down of breathing system allowing travel in the vacuum of space Blasted out of a window into space
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #480 Super strength Fighting Shi’ar soliders
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #481 Elastic body Hiding in the ceiling of a corridor from soliders
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #478 Heat resistance Touching a laser with his finger, allowing his body to become immune to it
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #485 Body adapted to the cosmic energies inside the M’Kraan Crystal Jumped into the M’Kraan Crystal
World War Hulk: X-Men #3 Energy draining ability allowed him to syphon gamma radiation from the Hulk Fought the Hulk
World War Hulk: X-Men #3 Teleportation After being hit by the Hulk his body removed him from the fight
X-Factor (3rd series) #33 Gills to breathe underwater with Head thrust into an open fire hydrant
X-Factor (3rd series) #33 Rubber skin Attacked with a knife
X-Factor (3rd series) #33 Super speed Fleeing attackers
She-Hulk (3rd series) #31 Bulletproof body Shot by Jazinda
She-Hulk (3rd series) #31 Being able to reveal a Skrull’s true nature with a touch Being in close proximity to a disguised Skrull who had intentions to harm him
X-Factor (3rd series) #34 Absorbing energy blast Attacked by Nogor the Talisman
X-Factor (3rd series) #34 Changed skin tone to fit in with social groups Operating around different ethnicities
X-Factor (3rd series) #35 Super strength Trapped in a containment pod
X-Factor (3rd series) #41 Body turned into a sponge, as sponges have no nerve endings Shot with a laser gun
X-Factor (3rd series) #44 Enhanced metabolism to avoid getting drunk Drinking large quantities of alcohol
X-Factor (3rd series) #46 Gelatinous body Punched by Monet
X-Factor (1st series) #200 Rubber body Punched by Monet
X-Factor (1st series) #205 Absorbing bullets into his body Shot at by soldiers
X-Factor (1st series) #205 Teleportation Attacked by a giant machine with a buzzsaw on it
X-Factor: Nation X Fish-like appendages such as eyes, gills, webbed fingers Diving into the ocean to retrieve a book
X-Factor (1st series) #212 Absorbed Hela’s power of death, briefly increasing his body mass and gifting him numerous abilities such as a death touch and the ability to see into someone’s soul. Many of these powers remained long after the fight with Hela. Touched Hela, the Goddess of Death
X-Factor (1st series) #214 Hardened skin and super strength Attacked by a dragon-like beast (potentially part of a hallucination so this might not have happened)
X-Factor (1st series) #214 Cellular regeneration. Head relocated to the torso due to extensive damage to the original head. Shot by Tier (potentially part of a hallucination so this might not have happened)
X-Factor (1st series) #242 Body adapted for not sleeping Hunting Tier across the country night and day
X-Factor (1st series) #242 Reverting Werewolf-by-Night into a human again with a touch Battling with Werewolf-by-night
X-Factor (1st series) #242 Wings Pushed off a cliff
X-Factor (1st series) #242 Rock-like body Pushed off a cliff, but wings didn’t grow fast enough before hitting the ground
X-Factor (1st series) #250 Cellular regeneration Hit by a car
X-Factor (1st series) #251 Enhanced durability and cellular regeneration Punched by Monet
X-Factor (1st series) #261 Gelatinous body Shot at by criminals
X-Factor (1st series) #261 Super strength/durability Punched by Monet
X-Men (6th series) #18 Multiple eyes that function as scanning and recording devices Entered the vault on a reconnaissance mission
X-Men (6th series) #18 Gills to breathe underwater with One of the Children of the Vault formed a bubble of water encompassing his head
X-Men (6th series) #19 Cellular regeneration Body severely damaged from an explosion; arm severed; atomised by the Children of the Vault
X-Men (6th series) #19 Slow aging process Trapped in the vault and under the influence of altering time flows
X-Men (6th series) #19 Communicate with technology Needing to understand the computers in the vault
X-Men (6th series) #19 Shedding genetic material of the Children, to fool sensors into thinking he, Wolverine and Synch were Children too Staying hidden from the Children of the Vault and their computer systems
X-Men (6th series) #19 Armor-like appendages over his body Unknown, however text in the issue mentions Darwin evolved for isolation