Publication Date: 27th Jan 2022
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Gremlin.


Trevor Hawkins was a teenaged boy when the Decimation spell on Earth’s population was undone by the Phoenix Force. The Decimation had magically suppressed the X-Gene in humanity to prevent mutants from being born, but now new mutants such as Trevor could manifest themselves. In Trevor’s case, he spontaneously grew dozens of eyes over the surface area of his body, making him primed for admission in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning as the newest student. Getting ahead of the jokes, Trevor nicknamed himself “Eye-Boy” before anyone else could jump on the idea. [Wolverine and the X-Men (1st series) #19]

Trevor’s lack of physical power or any demonstrative value to his mutation left him awkward at first in the Jean Grey School. He started to explore the possibilities of his abilities when the teaching staff were kidnapped by Frankenstein’s Monster and enchanted to act in his traveling circus. Eye-Boy discovered he had the ability to “see” magic in the air, tracing the spell affecting the X-Men back to the witch who cast it. Even so, he felt impotent to do anything about it. He was set upon by a group of demon clowns, but his plight was enough to get Professor Wolverine to snap out of the spell and defend his student. [Wolverine and the X-Men (1st series) #20-23]

On a field trip to the Savage Land, Wolverine challenged a group of new or troubled students to improve themselves. He taught Trevor how to play Five Card Stud poker, encouraging him to be more observant with his powers and more confident of what his eyes might be capable of doing. Professor Logan was correct and the stress of the Savage Land adventure provoked Eye-Boy into expanding his horizons. He started reading the micro-expressions and body language of his classmates, not just seeing them but understanding them better on an intuitive level. While his abilities were subtle, Trevor began to recognize that they weren’t useless and had many possible applications yet to be explored. [Wolverine and the X-Men (1st series) #25-28]

One night, Kid Omega and Pixie were caught up in an escalating scavenger hunt bet, and they decided to break into Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum to find the coolest magical artifact. Eye-Boy was brought along as an impartial observer to judge who found the better artifact. During their scrounging, Trevor discovered Doctor Strange under attack by the Fear-Lord, D’Spayre. Eye-Boy rallied his teammates to save the Sorcerer Supreme, and D’Spayre was driven off. Strange thanked Trevor for his efforts and gifted him with a magical lens to focus and enhance his vision as he trained his powers more. [A+X #9]

Trevor settled in more comfortably with the Jean Grey School as time went on. He became editor for the school newspaper, the Grey School Gazette, with an eye for news and a nose for trouble. After seeing the potential for his abilities, Trevor became overly eager to try them out. He saw himself as an assassin in training, camping out in the school bathrooms where spontaneous Danger Room training sessions sometimes emerged, waiting for the chance to prove himself. [Wolverine and the X-Men (1st series) #38-42] As the self-appointed welcome wagon, Trevor was the first to meet a new student named Lin Li, the antlered environmentalist whom Eye-Boy named Nature Girl. Trevor liked Lin a lot and was incredibly talkative around the quiet girl. [Wolverine and the X-Men (2nd series) #1]

Despite his improving confidence, Eye-Boy found himself on a list of names compiled by Wolverine of students who might be a potential mole against the school. When Logan died, he passed that list on to Spider-Man and asked his Avenger teammate to investigate. Spider-Man negotiated a position as guidance counselor at the Jean Grey School, and gathered Eye-Boy and the other suspects as a special class. Spider-Man tried to teach his students his classic lesson about power and responsibility, while also probing them for any signs of disloyalty to the school. Unfortunately, hanging out with Spider-Man just meant the students were likely to be attacked by his villains AND X-Villains, including Sauron, Stegon, Mojo and the Chameleon. While captured in Mojoworld and forced to watch hundreds of television monitors, Trevor’s vision powers expanded further under the stress, reaching into the emotional and electromagnetic spectra. He developed in confidence under this new team, and even asked out No-Girl by the end of Spider-Man’s training period. [Spider-Man and the X-Men #1-6]

Eye-Boy’s activities during the M-Pox crisis are unknown, but he resurfaced when the mansion and school were re-established in Central Park as the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach. The X-Men reassessed their lesson plans and decided some students were not suited for combat training as the “next generation of X-Men.” Instead, they would be better served with real-world practical application training, instructing them on how to control their powers and apply them towards pursuits other than battle strategy. Eye-Boy and Nature Girl were assigned to this unit under Jubilee’s instruction, along with Kid Omega, Bling!, Morph and Hindsight. [Generation X (2nd series) #1-2]

Despite hanging out together for months, Eye-Boy was surprised when he learned Nature Girl could talk. Lin’s nature empathy led her to commune with plants and animals more than people and she simply never had anything to say to Trevor. Learning that fact didn’t help his awkwardness around her. Still, Jubilee’s class stuck together, and they all snuck out after curfew to find a mystery villain who attacked a student named Face. They encountered Monet St. Croix, who was possessed by her brother Emplate to become a marrow-vampire and now hunted mutants like he did. Bling! was hurt and M-Plate was only driven off by the arrival of Jubilee and Chamber. Jubilee chided Eye-Boy and her kids for their recklessness, even knowing she would have done the same thing when she was in school. [Generation X (2nd series) #3-4] Trevor had his own close encounter when the X-Cutioner invaded the mansion. His eyes were nearly gouged out before Kitty Pryde arrived to save him. [X-Men: Gold #7]

Eye-Boy’s training focused on his observation and detective skills. Using the school’s security camera network, Trevor was tasked with tracking multiple objects being passed among the students at random intervals. The stress from this over-analysis expanded Eye-Boy’s powers to include multi-spectral vision. He could selectively “x-ray” people and objects, seeing through walls or clothes but also highlighting skeletal structures, circulatory activity, neurological activity and more. Trevor couldn’t control this power at first, feeding him information about his teachers and classmates that he didn’t necessarily want to be privy to.

Trevor confided in Lin because, for some reason, Nature Girl always appeared normal to his eyes despite how his vision was going haywire. When he thought he saw a raccoon steal Rockslide’s wallet, Lin agreed to help him track the animal down. They discovered the raccoon had been hypnotized into stealing by some figure known as the Rat King. Trevor and Lin hunted down the Rat King in the New York sewers to make sure he stopped controlling the local animals. Unfortunately, Nature Girl proved just as susceptible to the Rat King’s hypnotic music as the animals she communicated with. With his vision going haywire, Eye-Boy could still micro-analyze the animals’ movements to dodge their attacks, but Nature Girl caught him by surprise. Trevor realized he had never felt comfortable analyzing Lin before, which was why she still appeared normal to him. By consciously willing himself to stop over-analyzing the situation, Eye-Boy’s vision calmed down and he was able to focus on defeating the Rat King. Eye-Boy and Nature Girl snapped the King’s flute and returned the stolen property. [Generation X (2nd series) #5]

Eye-Boy and Nature Girl often acted as babysitters for Jubilee’s infant son, Shogo, though Trevor wasn’t entirely sure a mother bear at the Central Park zoo or passing opossum were good playmates like Lin said. An earthquake struck Manhattan as Krakoa the living island tunneled through the bedrock to visit Kid Omega. During search-and-rescue activity around the city, they discovered Jubilee had gone missing when the Museum of Natural History caved in. Eye-Boy volunteered to help find her, and revealed to the faculty the extent to which his vision powers had increased. [Generation X (2nd series) #8-9]

M-Plate soon returned to feed off of the students at the Xavier Institute. Monet infiltrated the mansion first in her dimensionally-adjacent state. Trevor almost spotted her, but it was a vague and fleeting image, and Eye-Boy initially dismissed it as another symptom of his growing powers. He was distracted shortly after when Lin (in a roundabout way) acknowledged she knew Trevor liked her, but didn’t comment on her own feelings. Teenage drama was aborted when Jubilee’s class realized M-Plate had shifted the entire mansion into her side-dimensional plane to feed on the residents without outside complications.

Eye-Boy and his friends fought to keep Shogo and themselves safe from Monet. Hindsight touched M-Plate and psychometrically learned her henchman D.O.A. was serving as an anchor for her sphere of influence over the mansion. Trevor sought out the imp with his vision and Nature Girl asked a rat to help drive D.O.A. from his hiding place. Trevor was surprised since Lin once told him never to make deals with a rat because they always want something in return. In a somewhat uncharacteristic display of emotional attachment, Lin simply told Trevor that he and the others’ safety was worth it. Eye-Boy came to realize that Nature Girl did care for him, even if she would only express it in her own personal way. [Generation X (1st series) #85-87]

[Note: In Venomized #1-5, Earth-616 was attacked by the Poisons, a cross-dimensional hive of parasites that were natural predators for the Klyntar symbiotes. Poisons reproduce by bonding a host creature with a symbiote, then their infants consume both the host and the symbiote to create a third entity called a Poison, with all the knowledge and powers of the two victims in this new entity, loyal to the Poison Hive. Eye-Boy, Rage and D-Man were among the heroes shown being converted into Poisons, effectively killing them. When the Poison Queen was killed in the conclusion, all the Poisons supposedly either died or remained Poisons, such as Jimmy Hudson. Eye-Boy and the other heroes, however, were back to normal with no lasting consequences by their next appearance.]

When the X-Men got into a massive brawl with Nate Grey and his Horsemen of Salvation, a call went out for reinforcements that brought together virtually every X-Man or student from the school. Eye-Boy found himself fighting alongside everybody from Apocalypse to Beak, until X-Man’s enhanced powers collapsed all the combatants into a pocket reality. [Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #9-10]

In this new reality, a mutant utopia with an altered history existed thanks to Nate Grey’s machinations. Because he believed conflict was derived from personal love, family connections and religion, these things were outlawed in the new world order. Murshid En Sabah Nur led a counter-culture movement embracing these forbidden joys, and Eye-Boy the All-Seeing Mod was one of his Light Riders, prophets of the X-Tracts. The walls began to fall when the Light Riders learned En Sabah Nur conspired with Grey and knowingly assumed the role of the villain of his new world. Eye-Boy and the Light Riders had a final conflict with Grey’s X-Men over the fate of this world, and a reawakened Trevor awkwardly confessed his love to the X-Man Nature Girl, who no longer remembered him. Eventually, everyone left this pocket reality and returned home with their true memories intact. [Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #1-5]

The X-Men soon changed the rules for mutantkind, building a nation-state on the living island of Krakoa. They invited all mutants (comrades and foes alike) to become citizens, bought their way into the United Nations with Krakoan grown revolutionary pharmaceuticals, and even found a way to reverse death itself through mutant technology and a circuit of mutants working together known as the Resurrection Five. Eye-Boy was present in this new order and made himself available to the X-Men as they charted new waters. [Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler #1]

Eye-Boy responded to a public message looking for investigators to help Northstar find his sister Aurora, whom he believed had died. Trevor was happy to feel included and lent his multi-spectral vision to the search effort. His sight helped the group locate Aurora’s car where it went off a bridge, and her body was brought back to Krakoa for verification before the Five began the resurrection process. The Quiet Council authenticated the efforts of X-Factor Investigations as a new organization working in conjunction with the Resurrection Five to gather proof of death for missing mutants and help regulate the queue. Trevor found a home in the Boneyard (X-Factor’s new office and living space) and eagerly contributed his unique talents to the organization. [X-Factor (4th series) #1]

Trevor and X-Factor began to hone their skills working together as investigators. Eye-Boy and his teammate Prodigy found they had complimentary abilities – Trevor’s vision brought him knowledge which David’s psychomimetic awareness could access and make use of, while David’s wide knowledge based could inform Trevor what to look for with his vision, such as how to identify microscopic traces of various substances during forensic work. Eye-Boy was also the most compassionate of X-Factor, remembering that they were dealing with people in their murder investigations and politely stepping in when his team got too brusque interviewing victims. Even the broody and sarcastic Daken remarked upon how genuinely kind Trevor was. [X-Factor (4th series) #2-5]

One of X-Factor’s major cases was not so kind, however. Siryn died repeatedly in events that seemed preventable, perhaps even indicative of suicide. Theresa denied these allegations, although Eye-Boy and the others could tell she was lying. A force infiltrated the Boneyard, but only Trevor and Rachel Summers' warwolf Amazing Baby could sense it. The Morrigan, a Celtic death goddess, had been bonded to Siryn and wanted mutant sacrifices to feed her worship. Theresa had been trying to kill herself repeatedly for the goddess rather than allow other mutants to die. The Morrigan lashed out at X-Factor when they started snooping and killed several members of the team. Eye-Boy focused on tracking the Morrigan through the Boneyard while Prodigy gathered evidence from their friends’ bodies to build their case. Trevor and David escaped and reunited with their friends after they went through the resurrection queue. Armed with the data from their investigation, the full X-Factor team was able to purge the haunted Boneyard. [X-Factor (4th series) #6-8]

In the midst of all this, Charles Xavier and the ruling Quiet Council of Krakoa became aware of Eye-Boy’s expanding field of awareness. Thus far, team leader Northstar has refused to share further information with the council about Trevor’s vision for fear that the government of Krakoa may try to weaponize Eye-Boy and turn the jovial Trevor towards pursuits suitable for his abilities but not his good nature. Indeed, Trevor's abilities were developing in new directions. When he helped Prodigy track down a predator and murderer, Eye-Boy showed off his new power to harness light and channel it offensively through his eyes. Time will tell who wins out. [X-Factor (4th series) #9-10]