Publication Date: 5th Mar 2021
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


In the Ultimate universe, Glob Herman was seen out in the American Southwest, apparently released from one of the various mutant relocation camps shut down after Kitty Pryde's revolution and Captain America becoming president. A cure for mutancy had been developed and was being offered along with amnesty and re-citizenship. Glob was seen in line preparing to take the cure, but apparently decided against it, as he was also seen later among the residents of Utopia, the mutant reservation.

On Battleworld, the domain called Mutopia was a reality where Charles Xavier killed himself in his first encounter with Cassandra Nova instead of letting her influence take him. A generation of X-Men including Glob Herman arose under Magneto's command. However, it was discovered that Magneto was using a Phoenix Egg containing Jean Grey to weaken the older X-Men in favor of his team. A fight between the old and new generations damaged Martha Johanssen's support system, and so Xorn fed her brain into Glob's wax, creating an odd symbiotic connection. The connection got even stranger when Cassandra Nova emerged and mind-controlled half the X-Men, turning Martha against Glob inside his own wax.