Publication Date: 16th Aug 2021
Written By: WorldWideWade.
Image Work: WorldWideWade.

BIOGRAPHY - page 1

Juston Seyfert lived with his father and younger brother in a salvage yard in Antigo, Wisconsin. Despite his mother abandoning the family when he was young, Juston and his brother had a happy childhood. His father was very supportive of his two sons and even taught them many useful mechanical skills. The brothers used these skills to build mini battle-bots to fight against each other. One day while playing among the junk, Juston found and kept a mysterious circuit board. This piece of discarded technology would change his life.

At high school, Juston and his two friends Matt and Alex were sophomores and were often tormented by the popular, senior jocks for being different. In Juston’s case, it was because his family was poor. After one such encounter, Matt espoused how great it would be to finally get violent revenge on the pair of bullies, but the other two did not share his enthusiasm. During lunch period, Juston found he had no one to eat with, so hid out in a classroom.  A friendly girl named Jessie suddenly rushed in to hide from a teacher and took an interest in him. Juston couldn’t believe his luck that a pretty senior girl wanted to eat lunch with him.

After school, Juston installed the mysterious circuit board into his battle bot, only for the little robot to rush off into the scrap yard before anyone could stop it. Throughout that night, the robot slowly started to repair and reboot the head of a giant Sentinel in an old shed on the property. [Sentinel (1st series) #1]

The next day, Juston went looking for Jessie in the seniors’ hall. This turned out to be a bad idea, as his two bullies cornered him and tried to stuff him in a locker. Though he managed to get away, a target was now firmly placed on Juston’s head. Not able to ride the bus for fear of a beatdown, Juston lucked out when Jessie found him and gave him a ride home. They bonded over their desire to leave their small town that they felt trapped in. After Jessie left, Juston noticed lights coming from the old shed and went to investigate. He was very surprised to find the top half a semi-functioning Sentinel, but he overcame his fear and started asking it questions. Ultimately, he decided to help the Sentinel repair itself. [Sentinel (1st series) #2]

Over the next several days, Juston continued to assist the Sentinel in its repairs and even started to reprogram aspects of its protocol to be more compliant with his wishes. The most important of these was the new prime directive to “Not abandon Juston, ever. For any reason.” However,  Juston’s family began to notice his long absences as he tried to keep his secret, which placed a strain on his relationship with his brother and father. At school, Juston learned, to his distress, that the original purpose of the Sentinels was to hunt and kill mutants, such as the X-Men. Later that day, he was having a great time with Jessie and took the chance to ask her out. He was disappointed and embarrassed to learn that she had a college boyfriend. Juston decided to avoid Jessie after this and redoubled his efforts to repair the Sentinel. It was now fitted with a harness for Juston to ride on its back and had been repaired enough to take for a test drive in the woods, where they confirmed that the repulsor blasts were working.

Back at school, Jessie talked with Juston and they realized they still wanted to be friends, despite the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, this conversation was witnessed by one of Juston’s bullies, who now had a sick plan of revenge forming. The bullies first targeted Juston’s friend Alex and beat him up so that Juston would be enraged enough to seek them out. Next, the bully's girlfriend told Jessie that Juston had been spreading a rumor that he had hooked up with her. This predictably led to Jessie angrily confronting Juston in the hall for lying about their relationship. The bullies then showed up to take credit for the rumor and batter him physically, on top of emotionally. [Sentinel (1st series) #3-5]

Juston had finally had enough and was ready for some revenge. He went to his shed and ordered the Sentinel to perform a tactical mission, holding up his yearbook to display its target. Soon after, the Sentinel stepped out of the woods and onto the lawn of Juston’s high school, where Jessie, Matt and Alex stood directly in its path. It began blasting the grounds with its repulsor blasts and shouting out “Die Humans!” It loudly proclaimed itself to be a sentry of some galactic ancients and continued wrecking havoc until it found its targets. It jumped in front of Juston’s two bullies and told them to prepare to die. At the last moment, Juston drove a car into the leg of the Sentinel, causing it to collapse and then seemingly run away in terror.

Juston’s classmates looked on and cheered that he had managed to defeat the giant menace and Jessie hugged him gratefully. Even his bullies seemed relieved to have been saved by the hero Juston. In the woods, the unharmed Sentinel declared its routine to be complete and walked back to Juston’s shed. Meanwhile, the town tried to piece together what had happened, and Juston reveled in his new hero status. Back at his home, Juston admitted to the Sentinel that he was having conflicting feelings about what he had done. He thought that maybe he had taken the easy way out and realized he hadn’t thought about the property and psychological damage his stunt would cause. [Sentinel (1st series) #6]

In order to alleviate his guilt, Juston began performing deeds of genuine heroism with the Sentinel, including saving a truck driver who had veered off the road. He still felt weird that everyone was treating him like a hero and his life became further complicated when one of the prettiest girls at school, Ashleigh, started flirting on him. Jessie seemed to get quite jealous of this interaction and called her out for trying to use Juston to get on television. Ashleigh managed to fluster Jessie right back when she suggested that Jessie liked Juston herself. Meanwhile, a CSA agent named Rinehart was in town, investigating the multiple sightings of the Sentinel. Despite his shoestring budget and protests from his team, Rinehart was convinced it was still around.

After school, Juston was riding around on the Sentinel when an airliner crashed nearby into a lake. Juston rushed to the remote area and realized he had to help rescue the survivors trapped inside. He had the Sentinel secure the plane with its retractable tentacles and start to lift it out of the lake. However, the CSA team had been called in to the site and arrived in flying weaponized suits, just in time to find the Sentinel in a position that suggested it was the perpetrator of the crash. They attacked the giant robot, causing its protocol to prioritize protecting itself over the passengers on the plane. [Sentinel (1st series) #7-8]

The suddenness of the Sentinel dropping the plane caused the passengers inside to get further injured. Outside, the Sentinel fairly easily took out the three flying CSA agents and moved to terminate them, despite Juston ordering it to save the passengers instead. Juston decided to take matters in his own hands and dived into the lake to help the trapped passengers. At this point, the Sentinel’s primary protocol that Juston implanted to never abandon him kicked in and the machine rescued Juston and the passengers from the lake. The hero and his robot quickly fled when they spotted the emergency services finally arriving, but Agent Rinehart had seen enough to conclude that the Sentinel was being controlled by a kid. [Sentinel (1st series) #9]

After arriving home, Juston did not even have time to clean up before his brother suddenly had a massive migraine that left him hospitalized. His friends came to support him, but his dad convinced Juston to go home and rest. Instead, Juston decided to go out to the lake where he had stashed the Sentinel, only to find the CSA team snooping around the area. Agent Rinehart questioned him and it was clear that he had pieced together the scenario of how Juston had found and repaired the Sentinel. When Juston got back home, he found the Sentinel had hid itself in the shed again, but Juston was growing frustrated that the robot’s programming was causing it to disobey his orders. At school the next day, Ashleigh aggressively went after Juston by taking him to a closet and kissing him, which of course just added to the confusing elements rocking his life. [Sentinel (1st series) #10]

Back at the shed, the Sentinel had finally fully recovered its mutant detecting systems, which caused an override in its protocol. The Sentinel was looking to find some mutant threats once again. Agent Rinehart, in the meantime, showed up at the hospital and demanded that he speak to Juston alone. When Juston’s brother’s condition worsened, Juston had to accept a ride from Agent Rinehart to follow his family in the transferring ambulance. In this tense car ride, Agent Rinehart explained the history of Sentinels and their use for killing mutants. He then confronted Juston with the truth. While Juston tried to deny Agent Rinehart’s accurate retelling of events, he started to reconsider when he realized maybe his brother’s migraines were caused by a mutation manifesting.

It all soon became a moot point when the Sentinel finally located the two of them and ran them off the road. Apparently, Agent Rinehart was a mutant and he quickly started to battle the Sentinel. Rinehart put up a good fight with his hand-generated energy blasts and managed to severely injure the robot. However, the Sentinel managed to discharge one final blast that killed the agent.

Things went back to a relative normal after that, other than Juston and Ashleigh had started dating and were going to the Homecoming dance together. Also, Agent Walsh had taken over for Rinehart and had the Sentinel in the agency’s custody a few miles from town. Rather than take it easy and enjoy his cheerleader girlfriend as the agent suggested, Juston decided to pack a bag and sneak into the barn where they had the Sentinel stored. He quickly repaired it and asked the Sentinel if it could find a regular human using their DNA. He then held up a strand of his mother’s hair and the two strode off into the night. [Sentinel (1st series) #11-12]

The disappearance of Juston caused quite the stir in Antigo. Many of his friends were interviewed by the news stations about where they thought he might be, including his girlfriend Ashleigh. Her crocodile tears to play to the cameras for her own modeling aspirations greatly annoyed Jessie. Juston’s father and brother were cooperating with the police and Agent Walsh in order to locate Juston, despite Walsh’s insinuation that Juston had stolen some evidence from his case. That stolen property was currently on a road trip with Juston up to the only lead he had on his mother, her sister Ginny in Minnesota. As he continued to tinker around with the giant Sentinel to improve it, Juston stumbled upon an audio-video recording of the Sentinel murdering a man. Unknown to Juston, this man turned out to be a political rival to the Senator of Wisconsin and he was killed by the Sentinel under secret orders from a high-ranking colonel as a favor to his old Senator friend. [Sentinel (2nd series) #1]

Juston finally made his way to his Aunt Ginny’s house in the hopes of finding his mother. Unfortunately, the bitter woman only pretended to be nice to her nephew in the hopes of stealing money from him. She believed she had gotten the raw end of her parents’ inheritance when all her sister gave her was the house. In her anger over Juston not having money she felt was owed, she revealed the horrible truth that his mother had abandoned her family because she couldn’t handle the responsibility of raising them. As Juston ran away in tears at this revelation, his despicable aunt called the local news channel to give them a great story. For a price of course.

Juston was distraught and running back into Wisconsin with his Sentinel when they came across a more advanced prototype Sentinel model. This Mark VII-A was sent by the senator and colonel to destroy the previous model and cover up the evidence of their crimes. While the Mark VII initially gained the upper hand using it’s cloaking technology and bladed energy weapons, Juston’s Sentinel was able to fight back enough to damage the unit until it had to flee. In the chaos, Juston got flung to the ground and was injured. After the fight concluded, the pair stopped at a junk yard for the night and Juston angrily yelled at the Sentinel that it hadn’t followed its programming of protecting him. Juston woke up later to find the Sentinel had used parts from the scrap heap to fashion a cockpit inside itself to protect Juston during future battles. [Sentinel (2nd series) #2-3]

Deciding that returning back to Antigo was his only option, Juston made his way to just outside town before being attacked by the Mark VII again, this time remote controlled by the colonel. He was aware that Juston was inside the Sentinel and was determined to take him out to ensure that his secret remained undiscovered. Juston’s Sentinel took some damage and tried to flee into the sky. However, it was blasted back down, and coincidentally landed near where his group of friends were fighting with Ashleigh over a prank they had pulled on her. His father and brother also came outside to investigate and immediately Juston became concerned with protecting his loved ones. Despite this handicap, Juston and his Sentinel prevailed in the fight and Juston promised that the two powerful men behind the attack would be exposed if they didn’t leave him alone.

During the fight, his father had been pretty badly injured, but he and Juston were able to have a serious conversation in the hospital about his mother. While his father couldn’t deny that what his aunt said was the truth, Juston at least found comfort that he had a father that really loved him. Back at school, Juston ran right past an annoyed Ashleigh to hug Jessie and was soon joined by his two best friends. Finally, he was back to playing battle bots with his brother while secretly using the busted Mark VII to upgrade his Sentinel. Juston had finally come into his own as a hero. [Sentinel (2nd series) #4-5]