Publication Date: 7th Nov 2019
Alternate Versions


Like all Phoenix hosts across time and space, a future version of Quentin Quire resides in the White Hot Room, a nexus that serves as an afterlife and home to the Phoenix Force. In the storyline Here Comes Tomorrow, this version of Quentin encouraged Jean Grey to reach back in time to repair the timeline and save the universe from a dark apocalyptic future. 

In a world depicted in Exiles: Days of Then and Now, Hulk took revenge for being sent to space by attacking the Earth with the Annihilation Wave. The majority of Earth’s heroes were killed and Quentin led a small band of younger heroes against the remnants of Hulk’s forces. After Sophie Cuckoo had a vision of the Exiles, a group of inter-dimensional heroes who fixed broken timelines, Quentin was sent into the time stream to find them. Once in the timestream, Quentin travelled through various alternate dimensions, assisting many heroes along the way. When he arrived at the Crystal Palace, the Exiles’ base of operations, he learned that he had been chosen to lead a new team of Exiles, consisting of the various heroes he had helped on his journey there. This new team of Exiles travelled back to Quentin’s home dimension to put an end to the Annihilation Wave once and for all. 

In the alternate universe known as House of M, the world was ruled by Magneto and Quentin was learning to follow in this footsteps at the prestigious New Mutants Leadership Institute. His meddling ways cut his goals short when he discovered that Laurie Collins was a undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and she used her pheromone powers to coax him into committing suicide to prevent others from finding out.

In a possible future seen throughout the Wolverine and the X-Men series and Battle of the Atom, Quentin became a full-fledged member of the X-Men. When Genesis succumbed to his dark side, Quentin was the one who defeated him. Being forced to put down his friend deeply affected Quentin and to make matters worse, the battle also cost him the love of his life, Idie.

When the X-Men journeyed to the past, Quentin came face to face with his younger self and saw the Idie he first fell in love with. Realizing all that he lost, Quentin began to blame the X-Men for his misery. Upon returning to the future, Quentin sent the Phoenix Corporation back in time to lure his younger self away from the X-Men and then attacked Wolverine in a murderous rage. He was ultimately killed by Idie who had travelled from the past alongside his younger self to confront him. 

In the Age of Apocalypse, Quentin Quire was a telepath of modest ability who increased his powers by bending other low-level telepaths to his will. Calling himself The Overmind, Quentin and his cult of telepaths, the Mind Dolls, began going after bigger targets such as Mesmero. The Shadow King, Weapon Omega’s chief telepath, sensed the boy’s growing mental abilities and put a bounty on him. Prophet, leader of a group of human freedom fighters, and Jean Grey got to Quentin first and tried to recruit him as an ally. Unfortunately, Quentin was too far gone and committed suicide to bring peace to his fractured mind.

Prophet secretly had Quentin’s powerful mutant brain cloned and used it to trap the Shadow King. Unable to navigate Quentin’s labyrinth of a mind, the Shadow King was successfully taken off the board before the final battle against Weapon Omega.

In the Ultimate Universe, Quentin Quire was one of many mutant refugees living in a secret bunker. Immune to her death touch, he had a brief romance with Rogue, using his telepathy to ease her troubled mind. He later depowered himself when he took the government’s mutant cure.

In the Battleworld domain of Mutopia, Professor Xavier was killed in battle with Cassandra Nova and Magneto took over leadership of the institute. Quentin was the field leader of Magneto’s X-Men and Magneto entrusted him with his plans to resurrect the late Jean Grey who was contained in a Phoenix egg. Magneto killed Quentin for his betrayal but Professor Xavier, who had unknowingly been trapped in the Phoenix Egg as well, inhabited Quentin’s body and used it to fight against Cassandra Nova and Sublime.