Publication Date: 
30th Apr 2008
Written By: 
Vital Statistics


Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, it has been the fear of man that he would be supplanted by machines. For the most part, this fear has been allayed, as machines have dispassionately done the work of humanity, which has benefitted rather than been encumbered by its creations. However, when man’s own inhumanity to man, specifically Homo sapiens’ fear and distrust of Homo superior, led a man by the name of Bolivar Trask to industrialize humanity’s defense, the Sentinels were born.

Unfortunately, the biggest mistake on the behalf of Bolivar was not the initial misguided design of inhuman automatons, but was the construction of a single model of Sentinel called the Master Mold. This unit, engineered with artificial intelligence, was specifically intended as the means through which armies of Sentinels could be created with little to no human involvement, building armies on its own. This combination of talents would prove repeatedly perilous to the Master Mold’s creators, in some timelines causing the near destruction of the human civilization they were created to protect. While the Industrial Age ushered in a new era of human comfort and prosperity, when that same ingenuity is turned toward malevolence, such as with the Master Mold, the level of danger is as equally high as its rewards.