Publication Date: 19th Oct 2023
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


In the Ultimate universe, attempts to recreate the Super-Soldier serum continued long after Captain America disappeared during World War II. Frank Simpson was the first successful test subject decades later, becoming the “Captain America of Vietnam.” Simpson became increasingly disillusioned with America’s actions during the war, however, and eventually disappeared into the jungle, AWOL as of 1972. In the modern era, he resurfaced selling his blood to the North Koreans and other countries to make their own super-soldiers. Simpson captured Steve Rogers when the original Captain America came looking for him and spent weeks trying to break Rogers of his belief in the American Dream. Instead, Rogers tore the head off a snake in his cell, spat venom in Simpson’s eye and beat him into the mud.

In the House of M, Nuke was a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative in the final days before Magneto’s takeover. After the mutant conquest of Genosha, he was sent there to assassinate Magneto along with Mimic and Bucky Barnes. Unlike his counterpart, this version of Nuke was completely sane, a fully aware and self-governing soldier. Still, mutants had been declared the enemies of his country, and so Nuke fought them with all his strength and tactical knowledge. In Genosha, he attempted to exploit a known weakness of Magneto’s, his human daughter Wanda. To his surprise, Wanda was secretly a reality-altering mutant. Wanda acknowledged the altered nature of the reality she had created, and claimed she deliberately gave Nuke his greatest desire by restoring his mind. Now that he stood in her way, however, she simply removed him from reality altogether.

In the Wastelands future from Old Man Logan, Nuke survived the downfall of civilization as it fell into territories controlled the gangs and the villains. He assembled a young band of soldiers he trained to impose his idea of order, using tech scavenged from before the fall. One group ran afoul of the aging Frank Castle, who fought against the Punishers and the War Machines, among other gangs. Nuke’s band saluted Castle but attacked him when he refused to join them or yield his weapons. Observing the encounter via remote link, Nuke ominously responded by saying “Gimme a black.”

In What If...? (2nd series) #48, Daredevil brought Nuke to the hospital to save his life, rather than the Daily Bugle. Kingpin tried to have the super-soldier killed, and later kidnapped Karen Page to force Murdock’s hand. Nuke recovered and followed Daredevil to Kingpin’s office to confront the crime boss for manipulating him into attacking innocents in Hell’s Kitchen. During their fight, Kingpin shot and killed Nuke, and the charges against him for this crime brought down Wilson Fisk much sooner than in the original reality.

In Days of Future Past, President William Stryker and Henry Peter Gyrich used the Mutant Control Act as a pretense to order a Sentinel attack on the Xavier Mansion. General "Thunderbolt" Ross refused to carry out an order he considered immoral and illegal, so Nuke was put in charge of the offensive. Professor Xavier telepathically announced a surrender by him and his students, but Nuke ignored him and ordered the murder of every mutant on the campus.