Publication Date: 12th Feb 2021
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


In one alternate future foreseen by Deathlok-Prime, the inaugural class of new students at the Jean Grey School remained together as a team of X-Men. Kid Omega, Oya, Broo, Krakoa, Genesis and Kid Gladiator fought side by side for many years. Eventually, however, genetic destiny claimed Genesis and he became Apocalypse, turning on his friends.

The Jean Grey School, 25 years later, had its own version of Oya. She grew up to become a veteran and accomplished member of the X-Men. However, at one point in this future too, Genesis gave in to his genetic mandate and became Apocalypse. Idie came to stand with him as Death, empowered by the Celestial Deathseed. Quentin and the Phoenix Force were called upon to stop Evan, but Quentin recognized that killing Apocalypse would only cause Idie to ascend in his place. Instead, he locked Evan's mind away in the same virtual environment the World once made for Evan. It was not entirely clear whether Idie was saved after that.