Publication Date: 3rd Mar 2022
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


In No More Humans, Raze used the Autolycus Gate to remove every human from the planet Earth, leaving it free for mutants. He then left the world free for repopulation by other mutants being persecuted on other realities. As a defense against possible reprisal by the X-Men, Raze gathered a Brotherhood of Mutants made of members from various realities who responded to his call. A version of Peeper was among those who made an appearance, but they all were eventually returned to their point of origin by the Phoenix Force.

In House of M, Peeper was a member of Apocalypse's mutant army when Magneto seized control of it. He came to Genosha when Magneto conquered that nation in the name of mutantkind. Peeper was stabbed in the chest by the super-soldier Nuke when America invaded their island, but he survived. Magneto conquered America and ushered in a new era of mutant supremacy as the population boomed. Peeper was part of the mutant armed forces stationed at the Valhalla Mountain research facility in Colorado. He and his partner Sunder were seen protecting the Think Tank of human and mutant minds working on behalf of the House of Magnus.