Publication Date: 22nd Feb 2024
Written By: Blanchett.
Image Work: Blanchett.
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In the House of M reality, a version of Sean Garrison was glimpsed showing the potential he had for being a villain. As in the core reality, Gail had attempted to hide Laurie's existence from him but, given that this reality very much favored mutants, she was unsuccessful and Sean raised Laurie. Under his parental guidance, she became quite the sociopath and the father-daughter team worked as undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agents infiltrating New Mutant Leadership Institute. He had a very similar cover story as a television personality, “slumming” it in a school. He had some degree of influence, convincing Sunfire, the emperor of Japan, to conduct Project: Genesis, an experimental drug trial that attempted to mutate humans into mutants with often fatal results. When Laurie's classmates decided to help Surge find her father, who was part of the human resistance, Laurie went to her father Sean to tell him she had a lead. She was discovered by her classmate Quentin Quire and, with her secret identity exposed, saw no other option but to kill him and make it look like a suicide. Laurie left for Japan with the others, while Sean attempted to cover up the murder, telling the Institute head, Karma, that Quentin had confided in him as the school counselor that he was suicidal. Quire's friend, Brian Cruz, was suspicious of the death and got Karma to investigate with her friend Douglas Ramsay. Just as they found out Garrison's secret identity, he found them. He used his pheromones to overwhelm them and intended to make them kill themselves. Luckily for Karma and Ramsey, Brian Cuz had snuck up behind Garrison and used his “tag” powers to make Garrison feel compelled to run away from his own reflection. Garrison went into a frenzy and threw a chair though the window of the building he was in and leapt to his death.

Alternate Versions