Publication Date: 9th Aug 2021
Written By: Monolith.
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Shingen Harada was born the son of Kenuichio Harada, and grandson of Shingen, patron of Clan Yashida. "Shin" Harada's relationship with his father is largely unexplored. He may have been an unacknowledged child, or at least the product of a deeply failed relationship. Once Shin's mother died of cancer, he was sent to live in an orphanage instead of with Clan Yashida or one of its many holdings. By his late teens, Shin had no known relationship with his father. Despite being denied his family's privilege, Shin was an engineering genius who designed his own battle armor at a very young age, using only the materials he could scavenge.

Shin found himself dating Amiko, foster daughter of his aunt Mariko Yashida and Wolverine. Again, how they came to know each other is unknown. Under the guise of stealing for thrills, Shin encouraged Amiko to help him break into a corporate laboratory owned by the Hand. His target was a revolutionary power source that would tie together his battle armor, making it fully operational. Shin managed to escape with his prize, but Amiko was captured by the Hand's ghost sentries.

Unbeknownst to Shin, he had become a pawn in a much larger game. With his death, the first Silver Samurai finally acknowledged Shin as his son and named the boy as his heir in his will. Harada's death left the Clan Yashida leaderless, throwing off the balance of the Japanese underworld and leading to a gang war between the Hand and Yakuza. Whoever controlled Shin, controlled the Clan Yashida, and the Hand's jonin Azuma Goda had grand ambitions.

Claiming the title of the all-new Silver Samurai, Shin finished his armor and hunted down the Hand, but ran across Wolverine looking for Amiko as well. Logan and Shin immediately hated each other, as Wolverine had no idea Amiko was dating before this. In the middle of a fight between the Hand, Yakuza and Sabretooth, Wolverine ultimately abandoned Shin to the Hand in order to get Amiko to safety. Azuma Goda tortured Shin into submitting to the Hand's control, in exchange for receiving the power and recognition he craved. Shin was reluctant to become a murderer, but eventually gave in and ended the gang war with the Yakuza by killing the gang bosses, claiming his place at the head of Clan Yashida at the same time. His allegiance to the Hand lost him Amiko, who had been kidnapped and tortured by the ninja clan in the past. Meanwhile, Sabretooth and his allies Mystique and Lord Deathstrike arranged for Goda to die at Wolverine's hands, allowing Creed to take over as head of the Asian underworld, with the Hand, Yakuza and Clan Yashida under his control. Shin Harada claimed his birthright, but lost his girl. [Wolverine (2nd series) #300-304]

Through Sabretooth, the Silver Samurai attempted to put his own stamp on the Hand, bringing the ninja clan into the 21st century with advanced technology and weapons. A plot was staged against Wolverine, framing him for the death of a Japanese diplomat, secretly a long-term Hand asset. While targeting Logan, Creed and Shin's Hand also went after the Hon, the secret and sacred history of the Hand. The new Hand intended to wipe out the past to build their new future. Wolverine joined up with Osen Ono, the living record of the Hand who had its history tattooed on her body. Silver Samurai pursued them both, only to be temporarily waylaid by his cousin the atomic samurai, Sunfire.

Wolverine and Osen Ono fled to Hell's Wind, the ancestral home of the Hand's First Clan. Pressed onwards by Sabretooth, Shin came to the town and challenged the Hand traditionalists. He and his Samurai drones killed the Hand's past on their path to Wolverine. Shin killed over and over again, showing his superior technology was greater than the old ways. However, when he stabbed Masako, leader of the First Clan, she trapped his sword hand and left him vulnerable to Wolverine. The Silver Samurai's energy blast blinded the lunging Wolverine, but his claws still found their target and severed Shin's lower arm.

Shin chose to pursue his vendetta to the end. After retreating for a night to recover and build a robotic arm, the Silver Samurai returned the following day for a final duel with Logan. Still blind, Logan nevertheless prepared to face Shin, wielding the blade of his father, Kenuichio Harada. Beaten by a blind gaijin even with all his tech and pedigree, Shin was forced to listen to Logan. Wolverine challenged Shin's actions, claiming the boy's pursuit of power and respect was done without honor and courage. His father had kept him from darker paths of power for a reason, but Shin had failed to recognize why. Shin tried to rally against Logan and reject his assessment of Shin's character, but he simply could not beat the Wolverine, and Logan refused to grant him an "honorable" death. The Silver Samurai crawled back to Sabretooth, who only laughed. He never expected Shin to succeed in killing Logan, but just wanted to leave the boy a bit more twisted up on the inside, a bit more like him. [Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted #1-13]

[Note: Shingen losing an arm to Wolverine in Japan's Most Wanted was never referenced again. It's possible he used Regenix or his nanite healing factor tech at some point to undo the injury.]

As an ally to Mystique and Sabretooth, the Silver Samurai was brought aboard on several plots in which they were involved. Creed's association with Kade Kilgore and the Hellfire Club led to him being named headmaster of the Hellfire Academy. Shin aided in recruitment missions for the Academy as part of the adjacent staff, while also contributing to the design and construction of the Academy itself. [Wolverine and the X-Men (1st series) #20, 31] He also served as a neutral party acting as mediator between Mystique and Madame Hydra. Sabretooth and Mystique intended to purchase the island nation of Madripoor as their personal playground and a mutant homeland. [All-New X-Men (1st series) #13-14, Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #16] When Wolverine lost his healing factor, Silver Samurai and the Hand got the chance to take revenge on him as well when Sabretooth set up a devastating gauntlet for their mutual foe. [Wolverine (5th series) #10-13] However, Shin was reduced to little more than a lackey during Sabretooth's final scheme as head of the Hand. [Wolverine (6th series) #3,8,11]

Fortunately for the Silver Samurai, Sabretooth was inverted in the Red Onslaught crisis and turned towards redemptive activities, leaving Shin free of Creed's influence in his affairs. Shin's success with Yashida Industries led to him receiving a seat at the Table, a deeply private meeting among the obscenely rich based on mutual respect and a mutual desire to remain on top. A complaint was logged against Dario Agger of RoXXon for making a deal with Malekith of the Dark Elves to access exploitation rights in the other Nine Realms of Asgard. A new market such as this should have been shared with the other investors, but Dario refused to cede any interests to the others. For this slight, the Silver Samurai decided to initiate a hostile takeover of RoXXon with the help of Oubliette Midas, the Exterminatrix. Shingen launched an automated contingency plan against Agger from an app on his phone, devaluing RoXXon assets, uploading malware into their cloud storage, and more. He also took the more direct approach of beating Agger unconscious and kidnapping him for intel. While Oubliette tortured Dario, the Silver Samurai began destroying RoXXon installations to make them ripe for takeover.

His efforts caught the attention of Jane Foster as Thor and Agent Roz Solomon of S.H.I.E.L.D. Roz had learned of the Agger Imperative, Dario's own contingency plan which would crash the flying RoXXon Island on top of Manhattan purely out of spite if he was ever taken out of the game. Agger needed to be saved so that New York could be saved. Silver Samurai and Exterminatrix forced their way into RoXXon Island with Agger in tow in order to empty his vaults. However, Dario Agger overloaded the control collar he was fitted with on sheer rage, unleashed his second self as the minotaur and knocking Shin unconscious. The Agger Initiative was ultimately cancelled and Thor tossed RoXXon Island into the sun for good measure. Shin, Oubliette and Dario were arrested in the aftermath, but each of them had a team of high-priced lawyers, and weren't remotely concerned about staying in prison. [Mighty Thor (2nd series) #8-11]

The Yashida Corporation began working on Regenix, a new chemical compound which could induce rapid healing and regeneration in humans. However, it still broke down over time, taking the host with it. One of the top scientists in the project, Touko Kenmochi, had gambling debts to the Crazy Thunder clan and began selling samples of Regenix to the street gang to clear his debts. Shin executed the man for his disloyalty, but by then it was too late and word of Regenix had reached the streets. The alliance between the Hand and Clan Yashida had dissolved when Sabretooth left, and the new ninja clan leader Gorgon had his own plans for Yashida. Gorgon staged a ninja attack on Yashida Corporation in part to control the supply of Regenix. The Silver Samurai casually and arrogantly defeated the ninja foot soldiers before confronting Gorgon. They were a distraction, however, for the Hand's newest reanimated assassin: the Scarlet Samurai, also known as Shin's late aunt Mariko Yashida. Mariko knew the secrets of Yashida Corporation and got the drop on Silver Samurai, stabbing him fatally in the back. [Old Man Logan (2nd series) #31]

Shingen only survived thanks to a nanite delivery system in his armor, creating a temporary healing factor at the site of his wound so he eventually recovered. However, he was furious at the disrespect when he discovered Gorgon hadn't even tried to resurrect him as a brainwashed Hand henchman, but merely dumped his body in the garbage disposal. He located Old Man Logan in Tokyo and sought the help of the elderly Wolverine to go after Gorgon and the Hand.

The Silver Samurai and Old Man Logan reached a tentative agreement and fought their way back into the occupied Yashida Corporation in order to beat the Hand. Gorgon was driven off and Shin used his nanite solution to purge the Hand's brainwashing from Mariko's mind. He then sent Logan and the Scarlet Samurai to Madripoor to cut off the Regenix chain the Hand had established there before it went viral. In this exchange of favors, Mariko renounced any claim to Clan Yashida superceding Shin's, while Shingen promised to end all production of the unstable Regenix compound. He also agreed to arrange for the support and tutelage of Doctor Kenmochi's child, taking responsibility for his murder of the girl's father. [Old Man Logan (2nd series) #32-35]

The Silver Samurai's reaction to the mutant nation-state of Krakoa has not yet been shown, nor has he learned of the resurrection of his father. At this point, it's uncertain whether Shingen Harada, Lord of the Clan Yashida, would try to seek his father's approval, or try to have him killed as a potential rival for his position.