Publication Date: 8th Sep 2022
Written By: WorldWideWade.
Image Work: WorldWideWade.
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In the House of M reality Wind Dancer was part of the junior trainee squad at S.H.I.E.L.D., the Hellions. She worked beside her field leader and boyfriend Julian, codenamed Scion, and the squad maintained a rivalry with the students of the New Mutant Leadership Institute. After helping save the New Mutants from an anti-mutant terrorist group, Sofia made her dislike of Laurie known for her being a stuck-up, cowardly Daddy’s girl. When the Hellions were tasked with tracking down the leader of the terrorist group in Japan, the father of fellow squad member Surge, the Hellions first fought against the New Mutants and Surge for protecting her father. When both teams learned that humans were being forcibly experimented on, they set aside their differences and worked together to free the prisoners. Sofia’s dislike of Laurie proved to be well founded, as she betrayed them all to protect her father, who had helped set up the operation. The world faded to white just as the Japanese authorities showed up to kill Sofia and the other “insurgents.”