Dan Fraga

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7th July 2002

Wolverine is by far one of Marvel’s most well known characters, just sitting below flagship characters like Spiderman and Captain America. It is many comic creators’ dream to one-day work on such a title as Wolverine. Dan Fraga is of those people that have been given the honor of working on such a title for issues 167 to 169 as well as future issues 177 and 178.


Tom Toner: Ok Mr. Fraga thanks for doing this. Got anything you want to say before we start?

Dan Fraga: No problem. Aren't comics great? You have to love them.

TT: I wouldn’t be here had I not loved them. Tell us Mr. Fraga, how did you get chosen to do Spiderman -1 and X-Force/Youngblood?

DF: In both cases, I was called in because the regular artist needed assistance.

TT: Lazy slackers.

DF: For John Romita Jr, I did the Spider Man because he was busy drawing a double sized issue. It was a great experience for me. It was the first time I had worked for Marvel.

TT: So that’s where it all started then.

DF: On X-Force/Youngblood, the artist drawing the book needed a few fill-in pages to get him back on track.

TT: What was it like to work on Wolverine?

DF: Unbelievable. Working with the rest of the Wolvie team was great.

TT: Yeah, Sean Chen and Frank Tieri are great guys. Not many know this but Sean is such a great guy that he put my name within the art of Wolverine 176. But enough about me, lets get back to you.

DF: Wolverine has been one of my favorite characters. To be able to draw him was a dream come true. Working for Marvel has been the best.

TT: How did you enjoy doing that What if? issue of Captain America?

DF: It was a lot of fun. I got to work with Bill Roseman.

TT: Now there’s a good man.

DF: It was also one of the first collaborations with Lary Stucker and I. Lary brings a lot to the page.

TT: You mentioned earlier that Spiderman –1 was your first issue but you didn’t describe how you got that job.

DF: I showed my work to a few editors at Marvel. Ralph Macchio was the editor of the Spidey titles at the time and he gave me a call. I learned quite a bit with that job.

TT: What was the first comic you ever got to do?

DF: BloodStrike #1 May 1993

TT: How'd it feel?

DF: Pretty cool. I had always wanted to draw comics. I was eighteen and I was living my childhood dream.

TT: Would it be worth anything now a days?

DF: No.

TT: Damn, that sucks

DF: Bloodstrike #1 sold almost 1 million copies. I think they work as great coasters for your drink.

TT: Why comic books?

DF: Why not comics.

TT: Good defense Dan DF: They are the best. You get a little movie in your back pocket; you can share them with your friends. Comic books have been my first love and always will be.

TT: If not comic books, what would you be doing right now?

DF: Music or something to do with creative arts.

TT: Want to spoil us on anything you're doing now or working on?

DF: It's top secret for now.

TT: Curses, foiled again. Say Dan, who was your inspiration in comics?

DF: I've had a few inspirations: Jack Kirby, Arthur Adams, and Michael Golden.

TT: Did you ever get to meet them?

DF: I've had the pleasure of meeting all three.

TT: And how was it?

DF: Jack Kirby was by far the coolest person I've ever met. He knew how to treat people.

TT: God rest his soul.

DF: Arthur Adams and I had a love hate thing going on…I was such a big fan that when I saw him I'd go all crazy, telling him how great his artwork was and how he was my hero. Pretty lame **** really but I meant every word. He thought I was a nutbar. My hat goes off to him for putting up with me. And lastly, I met Michael Golden back in 1993 at Marvel. He was really weird. He was cool, but very strange. That guy sure can draw.

TT: Thanks for doing this Dan. Any final words before I let you go?

DF: Now is a great time to tell your friends that don't read comics, to go out and try one.

TT: Especially after Spiderman hit the big screen and many more to come next year.

DF: I'll bet if you show them a good one, they'll love you for it!

TT: Once again, thank you Dan for doing this. Be sure to be on the look out for future comics done by Dan Fraga. He’ll be doing Wolverine once again, issues 177 and 178. Do you’re self a favor and go out and get those issues.