Mondays With Marts: April 25th, 2005

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25th April 2005

Wolverine Soultaker #4 PreviewTrevor: Tell us about Nick Lowe before becoming an editor for Marvel Comics?

Nick Lowe: Good question, Trevor.

I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, went to college in Washington DC and have been living in New York City working at Marvel ever since. X-Men #14 hooked me into comics forever. It was the first issue of X-Men I ever read and while it might not be the greatest issue ever, I loved it and had to read everything X-Men from then on.

Trevor: How did you get an editorial position at Marvel?

Nick Lowe: I did an editorial internship in-between my junior and senior year of college, working with all the editors up here. It was an incredible summer. Who knew Xeroxing could be so much fun. I worked a lot with Nanci Dakesian and Kelly Lamy (then Managing Editor and Associate Managing Editor at Marvel Knights) and endeared myself to them. When I left that summer, Nanci told me to let her know when I knew I would be graduating. I did, she hired me and I started with Marvel Knights two days after my graduation. It was crazy. I worked about a year with Nanci, Kelly and Joe Q (along with Bronwyn Carlton and Stuart Moore) at Marvel Knights, shifted over to the Ultimate Office with Ralph Macchio (along with C.B. Cebulski, MacKenzie Cadenhead and John Barber) for about two years and have been with the ever-popular Mike Marts and Sean Ryan in the X-Office for about 3 months now.

Trevor: What are your goals for the near future?

Nick Lowe: My goal is to help make the best comics in the industry. Working on the books I have loved for such a long time is a dream for me. I’m loving all the X-Books I’m working with Mike and Sean on as well as ULTIMATE IRON MAN, WOLVERINE: SOULTAKER and 1602: NEW WORLD. There’s also a few top secret projects around the corner that I am really excited about and comic book fans everywhere are going to go CRAZY for.

Wolverine Soultaker #4 PreviewTrevor: You were an editor for the first 1602 series so it seems only right that the second series be a book you help edit as well. What is the basis behind 1602: New World and who are the characters that we can expect to see?

Nick Lowe: 1602: NEW WORLD spins directly out of 1602. We are in America with Peter Parquargh, Virginia Dare, David Bruce Banner and the rest of the folks in the Roanoke colony. If you remember from the original 1602 mini, the world in the book isn’t exactly the same as the world we know from history. Captain America’s displacement in time really messed things up. For one thing, there are dinosaurs roaming the country-side. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to be a great mini-series.

Trevor: Can you tell the fans about what its like editing a book written by on of Marvel's risen stars, Greg Pak?

Nick Lowe: Greg is an absolute joy to work with. He has great ideas, a good work ethic and writes wonderful dialogue. He also researches really well. The amount of research Greg has done into the time period of the 17th century is mind-boggling. Read everything he writes now, people. He is the real deal.

And he has a great collaborator on this project. Greg Tocchini is such a wonderful artist. If you didn’t catch his work on Thor: Son of Asgard, pick up the digests. He is such a talent.

Wolverine Soultaker #4 PreviewTrevor: Another book I know you're excited about is Ultimate Iron Man. Can you give us a run down of the story so far and what is to come?

Nick Lowe: Orson Scott Card and Andy Kubert are telling the origin of Ultimate Iron Man. The story starts with Tony’s parents. They are both on the cutting edge of their fields (nano-tech armor and biological regrowth), falling in love, and starting a life when tragedy strikes. You have to pick up #1 if you haven’t already. #2 comes out in May and continues on where #1 left off. This is not your father’s Iron Man.

Trevor: Another book you edit that fans want to know more about is Wolverine: Soultaker. Can you tell the fans about what has gone on so far and what we can expect to see in its future?

Nick Lowe: All you need to know is the following: It stars Wolverine. It has zombie ninjas and samurai. There are magic and hot Japanese-sorceresses. There are giant monsters that can eat cities and are nourished by souls. Wolverine fights all of the above. It rules.