Mondays With Marts: April 3rd, 2005

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5th March 2004

Trevor -- As head X-editor what is your main role at Marvel and could you give us a brief run down on your daily chores?

Mike Marts -- I oversee the “X” section of Marvel editorial, which means I’m directly responsible for most of Marvel’s mutant titles. My daily chores can include everything from brainstorming new story ideas with writers, to choosing a new art team for a particular title, to chasing down pages from a late artist, to proofing a book that’s about to leave for the printer, to story editing the latest script to arrive in, to developing new talent I might have found at a convention…and, of course, answering the hundreds of emails I receive each day (argh!).

Trevor -- Cable/Deadpool, Wolverine, and Ultimate X-Men; these titles are X-related. Why is it that Marvel's own X-Office does not edit these titles?

Mike Marts -- Hey, II said I’m responsible for most of Marvel’s mutant titles—not all of them! Seriously, though, it would be nearly impossible for me to solely edit everything that Marvel publishes with an “X” in it. But to answer your question more directly, ULTIMATE X-MEN takes place in the “Ultimate” world, so it’s edited by Ralph Macchio. WOLVERINE is a Marvel Knights book—so it’s handled by Axel Alonso and Jenny Lee (the Knights crew). And Cable/Deadpool is handled by Nicole Wiley because she’s a nice person.

Trevor -- X-23 has been reported to be going over to the New X-Men title. What is the purpose of this move and can we expect to see her in any other title?

Mike Marts -- Well, that’s the rumor…it would make sense for her to be a part of NEW X-MEN, being a “younger” mutant and all. But all I can really say so far as X-23 is concerned is “stay tuned”. If you thought this past year was her year, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Trevor -- Who are the main X-Players in the House of M?

Mike Marts -- The entire Marvel Universe. Next question?

Trevor -- What characters can we expect to see that haven't been seen in recent years

Mike Marts -- Brian Michael Bendis has a few surprises up his sleeve. Definitely expect to see a few Marvel mainstays from years past make their return in this series.

Trevor -- Will any new characters be introduced?

Mike Marts -- But of course!

Trevor -- What challenges were faced in coordinating the creative and editorial teams to make this event possible?

Mike Marts -- The toughest part was the general brainstorming of the entire event. It took a few intense plot meetings to hammer out the backbone of the HOUSE OF M story. But once all the basic beats were in place, we all kind of sat back to watch Bendis work his magic.

Trevor -- Were there any plans or character requests that got nixed as a result of negotiations between the X-Office and the Avengers editorial crew?

Mike Marts -- There’s been a good amount of character coordination…there always is with a project of this magnitude. But once all the key players were in place the rest was just a matter of window dressing.

Trevor -- Advertising for this event and limited series suggest a major impact on the "Marvel Universe as we know it," If you had to compare the potential impact of HOUSE OF M to that of a previous cross-company event (i.e., Onslaught, Heroes Reborn, Heroes Return). Which would you choose and why?

Mike Marts -- Make no mistake; the impact this event will have upon the Marvel Universe is major. But if I had to compare it to a previous event, I literally couldn’t. There’s nothing that’s come before that I could honestly compare it to. It’s unique in its scope and its purpose.