Mondays With Marts: August 1st, 2005

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1st August 2005

Trevor --The Shadow King became imprisoned in Rogue’s mind, thanks to the use of Psylocke’s powers, in X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001. Now that Rogue doesn’t have Psylocke’s powers anymore what is keeping the Shadow King at bay anymore and can fans expect to see the Shadow King in the future? What, in your mind, has been the Shadow King’s most defining appearance?

Mike Marts -- You bring up a great point regarding the Shadow King and Rogue…hmm, I wonder if he realizes that Rogue doesn’t have Psylocke’s powers anymore. Might make for an interesting story, right?

As for the Shadow King’s most defining appearances—his first appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN #117, in my opinion, is his best story. Chris Claremont and John Byrne really made readers believe there was finally someone other than Magneto who could best Professor X. Other than that, the Muir Isle Saga storyline from the early 90s is a nice runner-up.

Trevor --Mr. Sinister has most recently appeared in the late Weapon X title (disregarding his HoM appearance). What is he up to now and can the fans expect to see him more in the future? What, in your mind, has been Sinister’s most defining appearance?

Mike Marts -- Sinister really came into his own as a villain during the Inferno storyline. It was during that run that readers fully understood just how far-reaching Sinister’s reach extended… Demons? Clones? The Summers bloodline? Was there anything this guy couldn’t do?

As for what he’s been doing lately…? Not to spoil anything, but keep your eyes peeled for him this autumn season.

Trevor --It wouldn’t be worth talking about Mr. Sinister without talking about the mutant that helped create him – Apocalypse! He seemingly died at the hands of Cable in the Search for Apocalypse mini series, but he has feigned death more than once before. When will, if ever, this menace resurface to terrorize the X-Men once more and can we expect him to play any villainous part in the X-Men’s near future? What, in your mind, has been Apocalypse’s most defining appearance?

Mike Marts -- In my opinion, Apocalypse was at his most fearsome in Louise Simonson and Walt Simonson’s early X-FACTOR storyline that involved Apocy and his Four Horsemen…somewhere around #23-25. I also enjoyed the Whilce Portacio/Jim Lee storyline that involved Cable and the Inhumans in X-FACTOR #66-68.

Apocalypse has always been about “survival of the fittest”…and what mutant has been more “fit” than En Sabah Nur? Does that mean that Apocalypse could eventually survive the death he endured at the hands of Cable? Only time will tell…

Trevor --There are, I’m sure, several fans that have been following the HoM tie-in story contained in the pages of the current Hulk series. What’s in store for the prominent X-Villains that play a huge role in the story, Exodus and Pyro? Will we see these former Brotherhood members after the House of M and in what capacity will we be seeing them? Exodus has appeared recently and his status isn’t as questioned as much as I’m sure Pyro’s is. Can we safely assume that Pyro is back for good and what is, in your mind, the most prominent appearances of both Pyro and Exodus?

Mike Marts -- Before HOUSE OF M happened, readers know that Pyro had died some years back from the deadly Legacy virus, and Exodus was last seen heading up a new Brotherhood of Mutants and was subsequently sucked into a vortex created by Xorn. Will these characters make it through HOUSE OF M and continue on with new storylines? Or will Pyro’s death remain permanent and Exodus stay missing? Find out after HOUSE OF M…

Trevor --She isn’t playing “true” villain as of now, but Mystique has been on the other side of the line on more than one occasion. Heck, this woman KILLED Moira MacTaggert (the X-Men’s friend and staunch ally) and cut Banshee’s throat.

Mike Marts -- Wow…when you say it like that, I guess Mystique never liked that couple much, huh?

Trevor --Will Mystique still be walking the fence between good and evil or will she finally pick a side and stay for a longer period than she has in the past?

Mike Marts -- She’ll decide which side of the fence she wants to jump to in early 2006…watch Peter Milligan’s X-MEN storylines.

Trevor --What, in your mind, is her best appearance in a comic?

Mike Marts -- There are a bunch, but my personal favorite is one of her origin stories, from UNCANNY X-MEN #428.

Trevor --Finally, let’s talk about a man that Marvel has created an entire event month after, Magneto. What’s in store for Magnus’ future?

Mike Marts -- Bendis would KILL me if I told you.

Trevor --Where can his fans expect to see him post HoM?

Mike Marts -- Joe Q would kill me if I told you.

Trevor --What is, at least in your mind, Magneto’s most prominent appearance in the world of Comics?

Mike Marts -- There are a bunch…UNCANNY #150, #200…X-MEN #146, #150…HOUSE OF M #1. Even though NEW X-MEN #146-#150 is technically not a storyline using the “real” Magneto, it still had classic Magneto elements that in my mind made it a great Magneto story.”