Mondays With Marts: December 5th, 2005

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5th May 2012

Trevor -- The Horsemen speculation is running rampant throughout the Internet. What teases can you give the fans to help them try and piece together their identities?

Mike Marts -- The Horsemen of Apocalypse will be the usual four—Pestilence, Famine, War and Death—though none of them will be any characters we’ve previously seen as Horsemen. I will tell you this however…at least one, perhaps even two Horsemen positions will be filled by X-Men.

And, as a special exclusive hint for you fans…I can tell you that three of the Horsemen will be from this group of twelve:



Dani Moonstar

Dark Beast







Sebastian Shaw


Trevor -- Can we safely assume that some mutants will lose only their secondary mutations? If so what about ape-like Beast making a return? (I know which one I’d pick if it was me.)

Mike Marts -- Anything is possible, however all the recorded cases of de-powerings so far have to do with first stage mutations and first-stage mutations only.

And the ape-like Beast debate continues! Boy, that guy is popular!

Trevor -- How much of a part will Cassandra Nova play in Whedon’s upcoming run on Astonishing?

Mike Marts -- Judging from the last page of ASTONSHING X-MEN #12, Cassandra Nova will be playing quite an important role. It’s amazing what craziness happens when someone’s twin brother goes missing…

Longshot3 -- My question deals with the formerly dead characters who where seen alive in the House of M. We know that Hawkeye and at least Apocalypse are back, but are their returns due to Wanda's tampering, and if so, does this mean that others are now back from the dead as well: Pyro, Magik, Proteus? What about those that died in the event can we assume that they are dead in the 616 reality?

Mike Marts -- It’s still too early to tell whether or not Wanda’s magicks had anything to do with recent resurrections. But Pyro and Proteus are still dead.

UTVOL8102 -- What are Marvel’s plans for Jean Grey? I heard news of an Endsong 2 but haven't really heard much since the initial story.

Mike Marts -- A sequel to PHOENIX: ENDSONG seems almost a certain thing at this point. Stay tuned for details.

Blackcyclops -- With Apocalypse’s return imminent, will we be seeing Mr. Sinister making a return?

Mike Marts -- Look for Sinister in the five-issue COLOSSUS: BLOODLINE, currently on sale.

Blackcyclops -- Since Xavier and Magneto are out of the picture, for the moment, it seems to only be right that Cyclops would be the next leader for mutant-kind. Is this a possibility and/or what plans are in store for Cyclops’ fans?

Mike Marts -- Yes, for now Cyclops (along with co-headmaster and girlfriend Emma Frost) runs the Xavier Institute.

Mattbib @ CBR Forum -- What is the status of the Weapon X program, since the limited series didn't resolve anything?

Mike Marts -- Look for hints of WEAPON X to be appearing soon in issues of WOLVERINE…now that Logan has all of his memories back, he’s sure to make a pit-stop there soon!

WeaponXIX -- Will we have a complete overlook of all the mutants that still have there powers when X-Men: 198 and its oneshot are out or will there be mutants from Limbo that just pop up with their powers?

Mike Marts -- The 198 limited series and the 198 HANDBOOK that accompanies it will encompass most—but not all—of the mutants that safely made it through M-Day.

WeaponXIX -- After it being stated that there are only twenty-seven students left in the school will see more of them named or will the New X-Men title be more focused only on the seven main characters?

Mike Marts -- NEW X-MEN will indeed showcase all of the student that remain there in NXM #23.