Mondays With Marts: February 14th, 2006

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Hey Faithful Readers!

Apologies that this installment of “Mondays with Marts” falls on a Tuesday…things have been a little hectic around the X-Office of late, what with planning for the upcoming MARVEL CIVIL WAR, wrapping up X-MEN’s Blood of Apocalypse storyline and trying to figure out what do to the 198 that have permanently set up camp here at the Marvel Offices!

But enough with the excuses, let’s get into all things X…and this week I’m lucky enough to have the help of my able office buddies, associate editor Nick Lowe and assistant Sean Ryan…

Trevor -- What can fans expect from Craig Kyle & Chris Yost’s title NEW X-MEN? Are there any plans for these two writers to expand their workload, branching out to other Marvel titles?

Nick Lowe -- Readers should expect a book that defies expectation. So expect the unexpectedly unexpectable. But seriously, the thing I like best about this book is that anything can happen. No one is safe. No one. The stakes are higher for this group than any comic I can remember. Keep your ear to the ground for what these two “gentlemen” might be up to along with NEW X-MEN.

Trevor -- When you said you met with X-Men creators recently, Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle were only two of the names you mentioned…who else was in town?

Mike Marts -- Ed Brubaker and Mike Carey were the other two X-writers in town.

Trevor -- With a name like Ed Brubaker and the fact that he has done well with both CAPTAIN AMERICA and X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS do you see an increase in sales on the horizon for UNCANNY X-MEN? In your opinion, what is it going to take to make UNCANNY X-MEN the so-called “core” X-book once more? I say this as popular opinion says that ASTONISHING X-MEN claims that title.

Nick Lowe -- I see an increase in everything for UNCANNY X-MEN: Sales, characters, beef, stakes, steaks and weight. We’ve always seen UNCANNY as the core title here in the office. The thing about ASTONISHING is that it is so special and different. But it also has its own boundaries. UNCANNY embraces everything X-Men. It touches on the other books. It reflects all the consequences in big ways. And it likes hugs.

Trevor -- How does Marvel plan to help Brubaker be able to juggle all his titles that he is working on now, it would seem to an outsider’s perception that he is being stretched thin. When do you have to say that he has reached his breaking point?

Nick Lowe -- We booked a juggling teacher for Ed. He has really high rates, but promises in three weeks Ed will be juggling flaming knives. There were people who said that Ed would be stretched too thin with CAP, DEADLY GENESIS and BOOKS OF DOOM, but those are three of the best books Marvel publishes. I don’t think Ed HAS a breaking point. The guy’s a freaking genius. He also knows himself. He wouldn’t take on a job he couldn’t handle, and knowing his plans going in on UNCANNY, you WON’T be disappointed.

Trevor -- Speaking of Brubaker, can the fans be teased/spoiled about any other members (not announced yet) joining Brubaker’s team? How is Xavier going to fit into his team’s dynamic?

Sean Ryan -- I’m afraid we can’t give too much information on other members. What you see on that Billy Tan promo piece is what you get for now. As for Xavier, there’s some major fallout from X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS, so people aren’t too happy. That’s why Charles is in his protective “emotional” space suit on the cover.

Trevor -- The Starjammers are back, but this time will they be for or against the X-Men? How do they play out in Brubaker’s arc?

Sean Ryan -- Oh my God, it’s so cool, and I so wish I could tell you!

Trevor -- Vulcan is the newest character that will soon be part of the X-Men’s mythos. What story potential does he hold? Where is he headed in Brubaker’s star spanning arc?

Sean Ryan -- He’s got miles and miles of story potential. Vulcan has a very dark and rich past. As to where he’s heading, all I can tell you is…Space.

Trevor -- I’d like to do a small spotlight type interview from this point on, if that is okay?

Cyclops, what is in store for him in 2006?

Mike Marts -- Problems at home.

Marvel Girl…?

Mike Marts -- A new relationship…and a unique one at that.

Captain Britain…?

Mike Marts -- Comes into his own.


Mike Marts -- The truth behind her resurrection revealed. And a change in scenery…

Emma Frost…?

Mike Marts -- Will never be the same again.


Mike Marts -- Read ASTONISHING #14. ‘Nuff said.


Mike Marts -- And you thought Wolverine had a mysterious past...


Mike Marts -- ORIGIN part 2.


Mike Marts -- Mr. Alex Summers, meet Mr. William Shakespeare.


Mike Marts -- Dead…right?

Here are some reader questions…

SimMasterBleh -- Will we still see characters such as Storm and Polaris in the X-books after the new creative teams arrive?

Mike Marts -- Yes, though I can’t say who.

asterix2x -- will there be any dramatic moments between Guthrie siblings because of the depowered ones like Aero and Jebediah, will Cannonball do anything to cheer them up in Adjectiveless X-Men?

Mike Marts -- See upcoming issues of NEW X-MEN for some Guthrie family counseling.

NorthstarXLA -- Will we see the 616 Mimic anytime soon?

Mike Marts -- Probably not.

Will the Exiles ever come back for Nocturne, Perhaps an EXCALIBUR crossover?

Mike Marts -- Not a bad idea!

Quicksilver19091 -- Will the new team rosters have new costumes as well after the changes?

Mike Marts -- For some of the characters, yes.

TNabe – I've read a few interviews with Mike Carey about his upcoming run that have got me excited, what are you excited about in his upcoming run most?

Mike Marts -- Mike has taken the most unlikely combination of mutants (Rogue, Iceman, Cable, Sabretooth, Mystique) and created something fresh and exciting out of it. People will be surprised by what he does with this cast.

Since Deadpool has been an important role in Cable's life as of late will he appear at all during Carey's run?

Mike Marts -- It’s possible.

The non-X-men mutants staying at Xavier don't all have the best records to put it lightly. Will we see some characters, say like Toad, have a impact on the views of the students there?

Mike Marts -- Of course! Aren’t you reading X-MEN: THE 198?!

Blackcyclops -- How many days after M-Day do the Sentinels arrive at the X-Mansion? Is it immediately or several days afterwards?

Mike Marts -- It basically happens within the space of a few days.

Shmaggle – Is 198 the US government's estimate for the total number of mutants remaining, or is it only the number of mutants they have confirmed?

Mike Marts -- It’s a rough estimate of the mutants still with powers based on existing government data of existing mutants combined with the resources of the Xavier Institute. The actual number of powered mutants could be (and probably is) higher than 198.

How do the X-Men decide who stays in the tent city and who stays in the mansion? I mean, why did Mystique and Pulse get admitted while Erg, Lorelei, Toad, and Mammomax stay outside? Seems like, after they sent all the students home, they'd have plenty of room.

Mike Marts -- Shortly after the first batch of 198ers arrived (Erg, Peepers, Mammomax), the Sapien League attacked the Xavier Institute with the Sentinels touching down simultaneously. The resulting battle between the Sapien League, X-Men and Sentinels resulted in some extensive damage to the mansion—specifically when a Sentinel landed on one of the dorm wings. So basically…this meant less room in the mansion for the dozens of mutants that answered Cyclops’ offer of sanctuary.

Nightw01f -- Is there any possibility of Magik making a return?

Mike Marts -- Ummm…she’s dead, right? Although a few fans keep reminding me about some magical “back door” that got left opened…

Redguard86 -- Any chance of a Psylocke/Husk/Archangel meeting, especially after how Husk claims Betsy met her while she was near death during Dominant Species?

Mike Marts -- It’s possible.

Also, with Thunderbird as one of the 198, what are the chances of him returning to the books with Karima, and of course a reunion with Psylocke?

Mike Marts -- That’s a story waiting to happen.

Quicksilver19091 -- Will any of the mutants staying at the mansion in the 198 be brought up to X-Men status?

Mike Marts -- It would make sense, right?

TsunamiWave7 -- It was revealed in the most recent issue of Generation M that Archangel has lost his wings. However, in The 198, Warren is listed as powered. Is this an error, or is it leading up to something?

Mike Marts -- Keep reading, I don’t want to spoil anything.

Thanks for the great questions this week, everyone!