Mondays With Marts: July 25th, 2005

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Trevor -- How was the Con and did you meet with any creators that may or may not become future X-Men Writers/Artists?

Mike Marts -- The San Diego Comicon was great, one of the best cons in recent memory…from what I understand, it set a record attendance. And there was an overwhelming reaction to Marvel in general.

As for new creators, there was one artist in particular I met with who I’m CERTAIN will be working for the X-office soon. He currently works for another company and is doing great work there, but hey—it’s time to step up to the big leagues, right?

Trevor -- What was the highlight of the convention for you, what was the worst?

Mike Marts -- My personal highlight was getting to hang out with X-MEN artist Salvador Larroca. Salva’s a great friend, but the fact that he lives in Spain means we don’t get to see each other that often. So I always look forward to seeing him at conventions.

Mike Marts -- I also had a great time meeting with DISTRICT X/MUTOPIA X writer David Hine, writer Paul Jenkins, X-MEN colorist ARON LUSEN, NEW X-MEN penciler Aaron Lopresti, new NEW X-MEN writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost…the list goes on! (I know I’m forgetting someone very obvious, and no doubt they’ll email me a harassing letter as soon as this is posted.)

Trevor -- In the HoM panel, a new X-Factor series was discussed; will this book intermingle with the other X-Books?

Mike Marts -- But of course! It has an “X” in the title, doesn’t it?

Trevor -- What is your stance on the storyline and the characters that are being used?

Mike Marts -- The book is going to rock. I’ve had a few meetings with writer Peter David and editor Andy Schmidt and they’ve cooked up something even better than Peter’s original X-FACTOR run. And the team line-up is sure to please, with some great fan favorites.

Trevor -- Speaking of the X-Statix title, what was your favorite storyline in X-Statix and who was your favorite character?

Mike Marts -- U-Go Girl, hands down. I was so PISSED when she died I actually walked down the hall and told Axel I wasn’t going to read the book anymore.

I lied.

Trevor -- A forum member Nadav asks;

“Dear Mike Marts:

I loved Chris Claremont and Salva's (and Liquid!'s) collaborative work on "X-Treme X-Men" and "Fantastic Four."

The X-Mas issue ("X-Men" #165) was a treat.

Any plans for another Larroca / Claremont reunion? Be it a one-shot, mini-series, or an ongoing?

Mike Marts -- A Claremont/Larroca reunion is always possible, but right now both guys are so busy with other things that it would be difficult to pull off. Chris currently writes UNCANNY X-MEN, X-MEN: THE END and NEW EXCALIBUR…and Salva’s busy with X-MEN and HOUSE OF M: SPIDER-MAN. It’s a wonder both guys find time to breathe!

Trevor -- A forum member woodsben2000 asks;

“Will the Gambit/Sinister/Summers family revelations in X-Men the End have any impact on the main Marvel U?”

Mike Marts -- Expect to see several family revelations unfold over the course of the next year in several different titles.

Trevor -- A forum member JoshuaChayne asks;

“There are rumors due to comments made in Uncanny X-Men #460 that editorial policy considers Jean Grey to be dead and severed from the Phoenix yet at the end of Phoenix Endsong, Jean Grey and the Phoenix force merged together again after revealing that they were ultimately the same being anyways, and after being healed by the X-Men's love Jean as the White Phoenix of the Crown went off to the White Hot Room to collect the rest of her pieces and to return later. Why the huge discrepancy between the interpretation in Uncanny #460 and what actually happened in Phoenix Endsong #5”

Mike Marts -- Oh, come on…it’s Jean Grey and Phoenix! Are things EVER easy when they’re concerned?!

Okay, for real—let’s face facts. Where the Phoenix is concerned, concepts such as “life” and “death” are not so black and white like they are for you or me. The X-Men referring to Jean as being “dead” simply means she no longer exists on this earthly plane.

Trevor -- A forum member Milkshake08 asks;

“Will we be seeing former X-ers like Cecelia Reyes, Marrow, Angel, Husk, Chamber or Jubilee after House of M rolls over?

Mike Marts -- 4 of those 6 characters will play major roles in the direct aftermath of HOUSE OF M.