Mondays With Marts: July 4th, 2005

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5th April 2007

Trevor --Let’s talk about characters and what has transpired in the present that has changed the status quo for them. Hopefully, this will provide a way for you to spoil some of your future plans for these characters and give the fans a little more what they want, a story to talk about.

-First off, since he is my co-favorite character, Iceman. In the early years he was a funny adolescent with a spontaneous way of living. Why has he become such a no-nonsense character of late? What was the thought process behind changing his personality? Is there anything in Iceman’s future that you can let the fans in on?

Mike Marts --You have to remember that even though Bobby Drake has always been the X-Mansion’s prankster, he’s still gone through A LOT of late. The whole possession experience with Emma Frost a few years back, the subsequent mega-enhancement of his powers, and now the fact that he’s stuck in his ice form PERMANENTLY! Not easy things to take—even for a light-hearted guy.

Plus, there’s the whole ICEMAN-POLARIS-HAVOK love triangle that’s begun to take heat in X-MEN over the last few issues…

Trevor --Staying with the original five, what’s going on with Cyclops? How can a man that spent so many years trying to create a relationship with Jean Grey move on so quickly after her death? What is in the future for Cyclops that the fans can look forward too?

Mike Marts --Scott Summers has quite possibly endured more than any other X-Man ever has—Jean Grey included. He’s seen the love of his life die—twice. He has seen rosters change, teammates perish, his mentor abandon him…and all the while, he’s been able to lead the X-Men through every battle, always carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is—give the guy a break! He’s been through so much, so let’s all be a little content with the fact that he’s finally found some happiness and stability in his life. And if that means resting in the arms of the White Queen, one of the X-Men’s oldest adversaries, so be it!

Trevor --Talking about Scott and Jean brings up an excellent time for a question that poster (JoshuaChayne) wrote at our forum.

Joss Whedon has said before, in reference to the Scott and Emma relationship, that every man should fall for the wrong woman at least once. In another interview John Cassaday, again in reference to Scott and Emma, said the real question was why Scott sees Jean in every woman he is with. Will we be seeing any Scott/Emma centered stories so that we can understand their relationship better?

Mike Marts --You bet. ASTONSIHING X-MEN #13-18 should carry some interesting Scott/Emma moments along with an outstanding storyline. Look for Joss Whedon and John Cassaday to both return to ASTONISHING just after the turn of the year.

Trevor --Of late, Rogue, has been placed under stress, her relationship with Gambit is being questioned, not only by herself, but Remy as well. What’s in store for both Gambit and Rogue and why have they begun to question their relationship, when they have spent years fighting against their critics?

Mike Marts --There’s no better place to answer this question than in the four part X-MEN storyline taking place right now—“Bizarre Love Triangle”. When writer Pete Milligan first approached me about doing this storyline last year, I was extremely nervous at first. I mean, hadn’t Remy and Rogue’s relationship gone as far as it could possibly go? But then Pete started revealing all the multi-faceted story and character levels he had planned and I was hooked. If you haven’t been checking X-MEN out, now’s the time!

Trevor --Psylocke is a character that was brought back from the dead by a, as of yet, unknown circumstance. Along with her return brings back the question of how she will interact with team’s new dynamics. What’s in store for the fans of Psylocke and can we expect to ever know the true reason behind her return?

Mike Marts --Look for hints on Psylocke’s resurrection in this summer’s UNCANNY X-MEN House of M tie-in (#462-465). This is a story Chris Claremont has building to for a few years now—and believe me, the payoff is incredible. We’ve only seen the opening act in this story thus far.

Trevor --Of course we have Colossus’ mini series coming out in September, but that can’t tell his entire story. What has solitary confinement done to Peter and what can his fans expect to see from both the Bloodlines story and beyond?

Mike Marts --Expect to see Peter’s character continue to develop post-resurrection in ASTONSHSING X-MEN early next year. Meanwhile, in COLOSSUS: BLOODLINE this September, you can bank on some unexpected FAMILY issues to come to the forefront and wreak havoc in Peter Rasputin’s life.

Trevor --Xavier, has a tremendous battle ahead of him against Danger in Astonishing, he also has a confrontation against the Maximoffs with-in the HoM. How will his life be changed and can we expect to see Xavier back with the X-Men after HoM, if not can the fans know what his future holds?

Mike Marts --Hmm, that’s a bit of a loaded question…will his life be changed after his confrontations with Wanda and Magneto in House of M? Like it’s never been changed before? Can we expect to see him back with the X-Men after HoM…? Umm…do you think we’ll even see him back at all?

Trevor --The three X-Involved titles that are coming out next Thursday is EXILES #66, HOUSE OF M #3, UNCANNY X-MEN #462 can you tell the fans why they should pick these titles up?

Mike Marts --EXILES #66 kicks off my favorite reality-hopping story of the last few years (and you thought “Timebreakers” was insane!). “Destroy all Monsters” is a story for the ages delivered by Tony “Tonan” Bedard and “Jumping” Jim Calafiore. Both HOUSE OF M #3 and UNCANNY X-MEN #462 deliver house of M style goodness that SHOULD NOT be missed!