Mondays With Marts: June 1st, 2005

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5th January 2006

Trevor -- Akira Yoshida has been given a large amount of the X-Universe’s minis, as of late. What is it about Yoshida that you and the other editors at Marvel see in him to give him such a large part in X-Continuity?

Marts, Michael --Besides being a spectacular writer, Akira is also a lifelong fan of the X-Men—and it shows in his work. Despite growing up half a world away (Japan), Akira possesses a complete understanding of the dynamic of the X-books and what makes them tick. Writers with five times the clout have attempted to tackle Marvel’s merry mutants and not achieved half the success that Akira has in capturing the soul and essence of what the X-Men are truly about.

Trevor -- Akira has a new mini series coming out entitled, X-Men: Kitty Pryde – Shadow & Flame. What can our readers find out about the story behind this upcoming title?

Marts, Michael -- KITTY PRYDE – SHADOW & FLAME is an absolute favorite of mine. The Shadow stands for Kitty (“Shadowcat”) and the Flame stands for Lockheed (Kitty’s pet dragon)…add those two ingredients along with artist Paul Smith, the man who invented Lockheed and was perhaps the best penciler to ever draw Kitty, and you have a recipe for success. Dig in!

Trevor -- Can we expect to see guest appearances by other X-Men in this series and if so who?

Marts, Michael --Expect to see one or two at the beginning and end of the series, but for the most part, this is Kitty’s story.

Trevor -- A long forgotten villain in Kitty’s life is coming back. What will be her reaction to his/her arrival?

Marts, Michael --Shock, fear, anxiety…joy? A little bit of everything, actually.

Trevor -- Lockheed has been a constant companion to Kitty since they first met way back in Uncanny X-Men #166 where he saved her from some killer Brood. It seems, at least by what the solicits for issue #3 state, it is his turn to be saved by Kitty. What is Lockheed’s role in this mini?

Marts, Michael --You hit the nail on the head—this time around, it’s Lockheed who gets into most of the trouble. And it’s up to Kitty to save his hide. Literally.

Trevor -- Will the Cuckoos connection to the Weapon Plus program (first hinted by Morrison at the end of his NXM run) be dealt with in the upcoming Weapon X mini?
[requested by ghost237]

Marts, Michael --We won’t be addressing the Cuckoos lineage in WEAPON X: DAYS OF FUTURE NOW … but I guarantee you, we will be learning more about these girls in early 2006.

Trevor -- It seems as though resurrection explanations are being delayed and not told at the moment of the resurrection, like Magneto and Psylocke. While other rebirth stories, like Colossus, have a great resurrection story that leaves few questions unanswered. What was the reasoning behind Magneto and Psylocke's rebirth stories not being told, while Colossus' was? Also, whose idea was it to not tell the rebirth stories, at the beginning, the editors or the creator?
[requested by Magnetolives2]

Marts, Michael -- It really just boils down to the story behind the particular rebirth…some can be told right then and there, others take time and stretch out over several months for a reason. Take Psylocke, for example—the story of her rebirth is one which we’ll be learning about little by little over the course of the next year—and when we find out the reasons behind her resurrection…well, I guess I don’t want to give away too much, but trust me when I say that the story has far-reaching repercussions.

Trevor -- I heard a rumor that the 616 version of Mimic is possibly going to join this new X-Team. Is there any basis for this?
[requested by Gibbering Mute]

Marts, Michael --Not true.

Trevor -- Do you have any future plans for Nocturne, she just made her return to the 616 universe and then she went away.
[requested by DreBermudez]

Marts, Michael -- See UNCANNY X-MEN #460 an #461, on sale this month.

Trevor -- What is your plans for Cyclops after House of M? Will he get more shine and strut his stuff as the head-honcho of the X-Teams?
[requested by blackcyclops]

Marts, Michael --Expect to see Cyclops continue his role as senior X-Men and faculty member in all of the X-books in 2005-2006, but especially in ASTONISHING X-MEN.

Trevor -- How is the decision made to choose which characters go on which title?
[requested by Nightw01f]

Marts, Michael -- It’s generally a discussion which goes back and forth with the writer and the editor, then back and forth again, then back and forth again…sometimes the artist weighs in…sometimes the editor in chief does, too.