Mondays With Marts: June 20th, 2005

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Trevor -- What are the titles that you currently edit? What are the titles that both Sean and Nick currently edit?

Mike Marts -- Currently I edit ASTONISHING X-MEN, UNCANNY X-MEN, X-MEN, EXILES, NEW X-MEN, HELLIONS, NIGHTCRAWLER, KITTY PRYDE, COLOSSUS and probably a few other titles I can’t remember at this time. ;-)


Trevor -- Xavier and Magneto are both brought to the forefront in the House of M mini that is currently out. What are your thoughts on these two characters past friendships and battles? What makes these friends fight one another year after year?

Mike Marts -- The unique dynamic between Professor Xavier and Magneto is what’s kept the X-books ticking and made the X-MEN as successful as they’ve been for as long as they’ve been around.

At the core, these two friends are very similar—both recognizing that mutants as a race must take necessary steps in order to ensure their survival. But the difference between the two—and ultimately what sets them at odds—is how they take those steps. Xavier envisions a dream where both mutants and humans peacefully co-exist on the same planet. While Magneto, on the other hand, essentially distrusts the human race and takes a more Machiavellian approach—one where the survival of the mutant race is justified by whatever steps are taken along the way to secure their survival—no matter how nefarious those steps might be.

Trevor -- The Foxx is a character that Milligan has brought onto the scene as a foil between Rogue and Gambit. Will this character play a role in any future X-Issues?

Mike Marts -- If I told you, I’d be spilling something big…but yes, consider Foxx to be playing an important role in issues to come.

Trevor -- Can we expect to see her as a student for the foreseeable future?

Mike Marts -- Not if Rogue has anything to say about it!

Trevor -- Speaking about students; how will the dynamics change when Kyle and Yost take over the reigns with the New X-Men? Can we expect the squads to stay the same (other than X-23 of course)? If there will be changes, can you let the fans in on what those changes may pertain?

Mike Marts -- Expect to see some minor changes here and there…but for the most part, Chris and Craig open things up with the same cast of characters. The big difference will be that the HOUSE OF M event will have just transpired, which…well, let’s just say that things at the X-Mansion will never be the same!

Trevor -- At the end of “Bizarre Love Triangle”, a desperate character seeks sanctuary at the mansion. What will their interaction with the X-Men be like? Can we expect to see them take a predominant role with-in the team’s dynamics?

Mike Marts -- Expect this character to shake up the Mansion and all who live there. And yes, this character will take a predominant role in the books over the next year or so.

Trevor -- What’s going on with Alpha Flight? Will we be seeing any of the “all new, all different” team or can we truly consider the old Alpha Flight back and in action?

Mike Marts -- There are currently no plans for either the classic old Alpha Flight team or Sasquatch’s All-New, All-Different squad from last year.

Trevor -- X-Men arch-villains like Cassandra Nova, Apocalypse, and the Shadow King have been missing in action for quiet a while. Will we be seeing either one of these three in the near future? Could you give us timetable on when they’ll be back and in what capacity?

Mike Marts -- You only want one? :) Stay tuned, True Believers.

Trevor -- “New” Excalibur will be coming after the House of M is over. What’s going to draw X-fans to this issue? What makes Marvel think that a book staring B & C level characters will gross more sales than, say, Rogue or Gambit?

Mike Marts -- NEW EXCALIBUR is EXACTLY what the fans have been asking for since we debuted the previous Excalibur series last year—a mutant team book starring Captain Britain set in England. So we decided to give the fans what they wanted. Brian Braddock, Nocturne, Pete Wisdom, Dazzler and Juggernaut all star in this title that launches directly out of HOUSE OF M.

And don’t let Juggernaut hear you say he’s a “B-level” character!

Trevor -- With the X-Men movie in pre-production, how much is the Hollywood side of the “X” going to be affecting the comic side? What are your thoughts on the changes that have occurred, in the past, when the other two X-movies came out?

Mike Marts -- X-Movie time is always a fun (and challenging) experience. I was involved in both of the first two movie’s tie-ins, so I expect the third will be somewhat similar. We’ll most likely have the standard movie adaptation, plus some relevant character one-shots revolving around those X-guys and girls that make their debut in the third movie.

Trevor -- Nightcrawler #7, Rogue #12, Ultimate X-Men #60, and Wolverine: Soultaker #5 are the titles coming out this Wednesday. Can you give the fans some of your thoughts on these upcoming issues?

Mike Marts -- NIGHTCRAWLER #7 sees the return of the monthly series as Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Darick Robertson take a special look into Kurt Wagner’s origin! ULTIMATE X-MEN #60—Brian K. Vaughan at his best! SOULTAKER #5—the conclusion to the exciting limited series by Akira Yoshida and Shin Nagasawa!